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Beer and Baseball Stadiums – AL West Edition


Here we have it, the final stop on our Beer and Baseball Stadiums Series here at Fantasy Six Pack. This week we will tour down the west coast and hop over to Texas to cover our final two stops.

Go and check out the AL East and AL Central selections for a host of great beer choices. Hopefully, you have tried a few of the beers featured, and if so, comment down below if you liked them!

Seattle does not have a great baseball team, however, it is well known for its beers. Anaheim will share with us a beer that is as smooth as Mike Trout‘s defense. We can’t forget Houston, where the beer there packs a punch just like Jose Altuve.

Once again a big shout out to the Masked Drinker and another special collaborator this week my good friend Vito who had some brilliant takes on beer in Seattle and Houston.  So, put on that beer helmet and load it up! The AL West is going to be as fun as roping cattle on a Texas summer evening.

Beer and Baseball Stadiums – AL West Edition

Seattle Mariners

The Pacific Northwest, known for its amazing views, the space needle, and the World Famous Public Market. Seattle is truly a sports fan and beer drinker’s paradise and there are plenty of great ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of what Seattle has to offer.

There is no better way to enjoy these experiences than drinking a Curveball blonde ale from the Pyramid Brewing company. Not only is Curveball a fitting name for a beer the brewery is right across the way from T-Mobile Park. With over 17 local beers offered only at the home of the Mariners, it is a great destination to enjoy unique craft beers.

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Fantasy Outlook

For the strength of the beer selection available at T-Mobile Park, the product on the field leaves much to be desired. With Dee Gordon starting to slow down on the basepaths the Mariners are looking at their younger guys to bring the team back to relevancy. Players like Shed Long (arguably the best name in baseball), J.P. Crawford, and Kyle Lewis are primed to put the Mariners in a position for success.  With one of the worst ballparks for average since it’s opening in 1999, Mariner’s hitters are either feast or famine when it comes to getting on base.

Oakland Athletics

Ring Central Colesium, have you heard of it? Neither had I until I did a little research for this article. With the many changes over the years, it is most commonly known as the Oakland Coliseum. Another interesting factoid about one of the oldest ballparks in baseball is that it was also home to the Oakland Raiders. Well, as you know the Raiders moved to Las Vegas. Now there are no longer any teams in MLB that share a stadium with another big four sports team. One of the great breweries in the Oakland area is Novel brewing Company. With their great selection of beers to choose from you can’t go wrong. My personal favorite is the Dust Jacket Hazy IPA this strong (6.8% ABV) and flavorful beer is great for a hot summer day.

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Fantasy Outlook

With it’s well known endless amount of foul territory, Ring Central Colesium is always an adventure for any player who is not familiar with the park. In most stadiums, a foul ball that is 5 rows back, is a routine foul out here. The A’s are not the most recognizable team in the MLB however, they do have two big power hitters. Khris Davis is the better-known hitter, but he doesn’t play defense. So the best hitter/player on the A’s is actually Matt Chapman. Let me tell you this man has light-tower power.

Los Angeles Angels

We now head south down to the Pacific Coast Highway and back to L.A. (more Anaheim) where the best player in baseball and arguably the best ever calls home. We will talk more about Trout and the other Angels later on. Now, we are more concerned about what great beer you can drink at Angels Stadium.  One of the biggest contributors to great beer selections at Angels Stadium is Santa Monica Brew Works. Some of the beers offered by the brewery are 310 California Blonde and IPA. The company is also doing great things for the community right now.

Angels Stadium is also one of the oldest stadiums in MLB (the AL-West needs to get their act together with all of these old stadiums). It also has some picturesque views of rocks and waterfalls in center field. What also makes this ballpark unique is the vast difference between centerfield and both left-center and right-center. Left-center is 370′ and right-center is 380′. This is interesting because true center jets out to 408′ causing a ton of havoc for center fielders. Luckily the Angels have the best in the game playing that position.

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Fantasy Outlook

Besides Trout, this team is stacked with some good players all over the field. The team looks like a California Blonde on paper but goes down like an IPA on the field. This year will be different with Shohei Ohtani back to full health. They also signed one of the bigger free agents on the market this past offseason in Anthony Rendon. The Angels do look in a good position to be successful in the proposed shortened MLB season. It gives plenty of rest to their older players (looking at you Albert Pujols) and also gives Ohtani some solid rest in the proposed expanded roster.

Texas Rangers

We now head over to the great state of Texas and stop in Arlington (a suburb of Dallas) at Globe Life Field. Which coincidently is right next to Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium (where the Dallas Cowboys play). Finally, we have an AL-West team that is looking to improve its stadium and reward the loyal fans who come watch the Rangers play. Sadly, we have yet to see a game in this stadium (or concert for that matter) because this is the opening year for Globe Life Field.

What we are able to enjoy is the great beer that Dallas has to offer and one of the greatest spots to enjoy this beer is in Deep Ellum (it’s where I had my Bar Mitzvah, of course it’s cool). Unlike at the aforementioned Bar Mitzvah, I was not able to drink one of the refreshing beers from Deep Ellum Brewing Company. Deep Ellum is known in Dallas for staying true to its local roots and the creativity that comes with their beer cans. One of the coolest cans and names for one of there is beers double rye IPA Dream Crusher. Do you know who else crushes dreams and plays nearby?

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Fantasy Outlook

That’s right, the behemoth of the man he is, Joey Gallo. Gallo is the embodiment of Texas itself, standing a 6’5″ frame with 235 pounds of pure muscle. This man crushes the dreams of any opposing pitcher who is looking to get a fastball by him. His power stroke is seen by many however few can match it. It doesn’t matter the dimensions of the outfield at Globe Life Field because Gallo can hit the ball over the fence. Because the Rangers have yet to play a game at Globe Life Field we don’t know what the stats will look like. What we do know that is a cool throwback to Rangers greats, is the dimensions are in honor of their legacy.

Houston Astros

We are now at our final stop of the beer and baseball tour and we have landed in Houston. Home of my good friend Vito, who played an integral role in helping relay a beer to me that Astros fans love. The beer that he suggested is actually pretty cool. The teamed partnered with Karbach Brewing with an awesome beer name, the Crawford Bock. Not only is an ode to Minute Maid Park’s Crawford Boxes but the design on the can is reminiscent of the Astros rainbow uniforms.

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Fantasy Outlook

The Astros have one of the best lineups from top to bottom. With Alex Bregman, Carlos Correra, and Jose Altuve all in your infield, the team is in good shape. This has shown with their AL West dominance over the past few years. Even with the recent issues of cheating, this will not slow the Astros down from being one of the best teams in the AL. With young guys like Kyle Tucker and Yordan Alvarez already called up to the major league roster this team is primed to be good for many years to come.

Beer and Baseball are passions of mine, I am glad you are able to take this journey with me. The exploration of good beer and great baseball is a perfect match. If you want to talk beer or baseball with me follow me on twitter @MantelJosh. I am always looking to try a new beer at different stadiums every time I travel. I would love to hear more about what beers you like (and don’t) in the comments below. Until next time my friends, peace, love, and beer.

“Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams.”

Babe Ruth

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