Beer and Baseball Stadiums – NL East Edition

by Josh Mantel
Beer and Baseball Stadiums - NL East

Beer and Baseball, two things we love to talk about here at Fantasy Six Pack.  Every stadium in Major League Baseball is not only unique in its look but also in the beer! Every area of the country as a unique flavor that you can not only taste but feel. Below we look Beer and Baseball Stadiums - NL East.

We write some bomb ass baseball content here at Fantasy Six Pack such as 2020 Fantasy Baseball ADP Battles and The Overvalued Players in Fantasy and I figured, let's do a six-part series talking about unique beers from the region the stadium is located in and how the beer matches the stadium.

This week we are going to talk about the NL East and how guys like Jacob deGrom and Ronald Acuna Jr. are just like the beers that are local to their stadium.

Keep in mind you might not be able to find some of these beers at the stadium (damn exclusive rights).  Before we go on our tour I want to give a shout-out to The Masked Drinker who is the knower of all, when it comes to great beers.

Beer and Baseball Stadiums - NL East

New York Mets

The Mets play in Queens at Citi Field, which was opened in 2009. One of the great local beers that they serve at the stadium is Queens Lager. Where a catchy song and crisp and hoppy taste will make you feel good by the fourth inning. Just like Queens Lager in its unique taste, the Mets have some unique pitching talent that has any Mets fan also feeling good through the fourth inning.

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With great starting pitching in Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, and Marcus Stroman (okay, I know the last one is a stretch) the Mets starters always put their team in a position to win.  Just like most lagers being heavy to drink, the ball is heavy here. Citi Field in 2019 ranked as #26th on the list of runs given up.

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Fantasy Outlook

Even though the Mets had the top HR hitter last year in Pete Alonso, I am still under the impression that this is a pitchers park and, in 2021, pitchers should be started when they are on the bump in Citi Field with a Queens Lager in your hand enjoy a great pitchers duel.

Philadelphia Phillies

Many say that Matt Klentak is an evil genius in Philly. Putting together an exciting lineup of Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, and Didi Gregorius among others at Citizens Bank Park.

Another great site in the city of brotherly love is Evil Genius Brewery and their Purple Monkey Dishwasher. This is a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Porter that will liven up the taste buds with 6.7% ABV. Check out their website for all of their great brews. Sadly, it doesn't look like this beer is in the park so you will just have to explore the city.

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Fantasy Outlook

The Phillies lineup is as loaded as a dishwasher after Thanksgiving. The team finished top 10 in average runs per nine innings last season, so expect to the Fightin' Phils to keep the pace up once they move back into their stadium.

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Washington Nationals

What an interesting name for a beer based in D. C., "The Corruption". This an India Pale Ale brewed by DC Brau located right on the border between Maryland and D.C.

The Corruption is a great beer you drink while you are at Nationals Park watching Max Scherzer strike out the side. This beer has a grittier taste that coincides with the hardworking players from the Nationals. Both work hard to get the end result to either, A: get you drunk or B: outsmart the Houston Astros and their cheating to win the World Series.

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Fantasy Outlook

Surprisingly, Nationals Park gave up the second-most home runs last year. This is also interesting because the field dimensions are about average when it comes to Major League Parks (336-402-335).

If you look further into the co-aces for the Nats, Strausberg gave up 14 of his 24 total home runs at Nationals Park. While Scherzer gave up 11 of his 17 home runs at home. Many factors play into good pitchers still pitching well in a hitters ballpark. Heck, they both could have indulged themselves in a few Corruptions before they pitched.

Atlanta Braves

"Welcome to Atlanta where the players, play and they brew great beer almost every day". This a great rap song by the world-famous rapper Jermaine Dupri. You know what else rappers are known for? That's right, weed.

Which is also where 420 Extra Pale Ale at SweetWater Brewing Company is. (I get this was all a stretch but thanks for humoring me). Sadly, it doesn't look like SunTrust Park serves it so you will have to go to the brewery to try the brew.

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The beer tastes "herby, floral, and fresh" according to their website which is exactly the best way to describe their young players of Acuna, Albies, and Soroka. All fresh faces just starting to make their impact at SunTrust Park.

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Fantasy Outlook

With the future looking bright in the ATL and the stadium being on the younger side (Opened in 2017). SunTrust Park is in the middle of the pack when it comes to average runs per nine innings given up. If teams eventually move back to their stadiums expect this lineup to be a Gangster's Paradise.

Miami Marlins

The Masked Drinker strikes again! With a great recommendation for a local Miami beer in Hops 4 Teacher from J. Wakefield Brewing. This Citrus and Juicy Pale Ale is very much like the Miami is colorful and filled with flavor.

Just like the name of the beer all of the young Marlin's player are looking at their teacher, Derek Jeter.  J. Wakefield Brewing Company is only ten minutes away from Marlins Park and this is a great place to grab a beer before a Marlins Game. Let's face it though, no one these days is going to see the Marlins.

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Fantasy Outlook

There isn't really a player on the Marlins for you to draft in Fantasy, Miami ranked in the bottom three in home runs per nine innings at Marlins Stadium. The reason for this could be because they don't really have any home run hitters there (it was Starling Castro with 22 who is now a National). It could also be because their pitching prospects have fared much better than their hitting prospects (looking at you Lewis Brinson).

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If you have tried any of the beers mentioned would love to hear your feedback in the comments down below on which ones you liked or didn't like. If you have a beer in mind that you think I should mention at your favorite stadium tweet at me @MantelJosh and I will look at mentioning it in an upcoming article.

Next week we are looking at the NL Central so expect to see some good beers from Milwaulkee and St. Louis among others. I leave you with these last words from Homer Simpson...

"Ah, beer. The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems."

-- Homer Simpson, cartoon character & role model


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