Beer and Baseball Stadiums – NL West Edition

by Josh Mantel
Beer and Baseball - NL West Edition

Week three of Beer and Baseball Stadiums - NL West Edition, is up to bat. This will be my favorite edition yet. You know why, because not only we hit Coors field (favorite "bad" beer) we also hit my home state of Arizona!

If you didn't check out the NL East Edition or NL Central Edition of Beer and Baseball Stadiums, there are some great beers that cannot be missed.

This week will be great because we'll discuss stadiums that I have physically been to and beers that I regularly drink. The NL-West holds a near and dear place in my heart. Whether it's what we hope what we see at Dodger Stadium with Mookie Betts or the lack of production from Manny Machado at Petco Park, this will be fun!

Keep in mind you might not be able to find some of these beers at the stadium (damn exclusive rights).

The Masked Drinker is here again this week with another plethora of beers that will have you feeling good on a summer afternoon. This week we have another drinking consultant who not only loves beer, but sells it for a living. Her close circle of friends calls her the Queen of Beers.

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Beer and Baseball Stadiums - NL West Edition

San Francisco Giants

This might be one of the best stadiums that I have ever been too. McCovey Cove and all the kayakers beyond right field make for an awesome experience at that ballpark. One of the reasons why it is such a great experience is the beer. Anchor Brewing is so dedicated, they have their Los Gigantes Mexican Style Lager in two stadiums. Two, you may ask? Well, they have it at Oracle Park in downtown San Francisco but also in Old Town Scottsdale. Yes, the Giants play their Spring Training ball in Old Town Scottsdale so Anchor Brewing decided to bring a little of the bay area to Scottsdale. Of all the spring training facilities Scottsdale Stadium is the second most visited (comment down below what is number one).

Oracle Park is one of the most interesting baseball stadiums in the country. Not only is McCovey Cove just on the outside of the right field but left field also houses a huge coke bottle with a slide. It's crazy to think that the stadium has two defining landmarks. IN terms of the playing field, right field jets in at an extreme angle making it a nightmare for any right fielder. What is also unique about Oracle Park is a large amount of craft beer selection available. If you are a craft beer connoisseur this is the stadiums for you to visit.

Fantasy Outlook

From Buster Posey to Mike Yastrzemski, the Giants roster is just as unique as their craft beer selection. In 2019, Oracle Park ranked dead last in the number of runs produced per nine innings. This you may chalk up as to the aging Giants lineup. However, I believe that the wind from the bay also pushes balls that would be home runs in other parks into fly ball outs. The Giants do not have many home run hitters in their lineup For the 2020 season. My advice to you is once baseball gets going at Oracle Park go for the beer, not for the runs. Even though this guy was the first one to hit one into the cove.

Colorado Rockies

Coors Field, what more is there to say? The Masked Drinker refuses to let us take the easy way out when it comes to beer. So, with that being said we have a beer that any baseball fan would enjoy in Right Field Red from Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field. You heard that right, there is a brewery located at Coors Field. Right Field Red is a beer you can only drink at Coors Field. Another interesting fact about Sandlot Brewery is that Blue Moon was created here. Having their brewery located in a ballpark creates some unique challenges and opportunities for the guys at Sandlot Brewery. Having to brew their beer in the basement of Coors Field is a cool atmosphere. If you are ever in Denver, go to Coors to enjoy beer and baseball.

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Fantasy Outlook

We went from the best pitching ballpark to the best hitters ballpark in the same division. Coors Field ranked first in runs per nine innings in 2019. Colorado has been known for years to be a place where pitchers hate (hence why you never see free-agent pitchers go here). Last year the Rockies pitching staff was second to last in total earned runs, though in 2018 they had a player place in the top five in the Cy Young (Kyle Freeland). They also had arguably one of the better pitchers when it comes to stuff in the National League last year (German Marquez).

Arizona Diamondbacks

Good old Chase Field. One of the few stadiums being considered for the 2020 MLB season and my home ballpark. Located in downtown Phoenix and directly adjacent to where the Phoenix Suns and Mercury play. This stadium is also known to be great for beer and great for home runs. One of the best breweries in town is Huss Brewing and one of the best beers they offer is available at Chase Field, Orange Blossom. One of the most popular beers on a hot summer day makes for a great drink while at the ballpark. Orange Blossom has a light citrusy taste with a hint of vanilla. Huss is always releasing new beers and looking to expand their fanbase. Check out their website to see all of the tasty assortment of beers that they have.

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Fantasy Outlook

With the emergence of Ketel Marte, the Diamondbacks are competing for a Wild Card spot in the tough NL West. Just like Orange Blossom, Christian Walker is will blossom out of his struggles from previous seasons and carve a permanent role at first base. The belief is that Chase Field a home run friendly park. This seems to not be the case because Chase Field ranked 20th in 2019 in home runs per nine innings. Expect that number to go up this year with more power in the line-up with the additions Starling Marte and Kole Calhoun.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger Stadium is located on a hill in the Elysian Park neighborhood. The stadium is one of the largest in the MLB. A "short" twelve-minute drive from the stadium is Golden Road Brewing. One of the most popular beers is Tart Mango Cart. The light wheat ale screams L.A. vibes and is popular among Californians.

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With L.A. being one of the largest cities in the country. It only makes sense that Dodger Stadium has the largest capacity at 56,000 seats. This gives the Dodgers a true home-field advantage. While serving 56,000 fans you also have to give them great beer choices. While you can enjoy Tart Mango Cart from Golden Road Brewing. You can also enjoy another craft beer from Golden Road in Dodger Blonde. This beer is exclusively selling at Dodger Stadium.

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Fantasy Outlook

The Dodgers are a true World Series favorite this season. With a loaded lineup in Mookie Betts, last year's MVP Cody Bellinger, and Corey Seager to name a few. The Dodgers can expect to score plenty of runs even though Dodger stadium ranked 24th in runs per nine innings. The perfectly symmetrical look of the stadium gives you an image of exactly what Hollywood and the Dodgers are...perfect.

San Diego Padres

Another great stadium located in a metropolitan downtown is Petco Park. One of the iconic looks of Petco is down left field. The Western Metal Supply Company building is now used as a unique viewpoint for fans to catch a game. Padres games are not the only things that are great about the San Diego area but also Ballast Point Brewing Company. One of their favorite most popular beers is Mango Even Keel. This citrusy IPA will tickle your taste buds while also being hoppy at the same time.

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Fantasy Outlook

With Manny Machado at third base and Fernando Tatis Jr. at shortstop, there are plenty of hops on the left side of the infield (best segway I could do). The offense will have a breakout year at Petco Park. Which seems to be counter-intuitive because Petco ranks near the bottom in hits per nine innings. With the call-up of Mackenzie Gore and year two of Chris Paddack, expect them to dominate for the next few years in San Diego.
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That wraps up our tour of stadiums in the National League. I hope you enjoyed reading along. Comment down below on which was your favorite and what beers I should have highlighted more. In the next week, we will highlight the AL East and how historic some of those stadiums are and some great brews.

“Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same.”

-Hugh Hood-

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