A Beginner’s Journey: DFS Week 8 with Daily Fantasy Cafe

by Joe Bond
DFS Week 2 with Daily Fantasy Cafe
DFS Week 8

Credit: Daily Fantasy Cafe

Coming into this week I felt really good about things. In my season long leagues I thought I had made all the right moves. I picked up Mike Gillislee and Matt Asiata, I even had Devontae Booker stashed on a couple of teams. Things were looking up.

Then Week 8 played out and let me tell ya, Halloween played an early trick on me.

Let’s just say I’m the fortunate (being sarcastic here) owner of people like Mark Ingram. Who for some reason get benched after just three carries due to a fumble.

Look I get it if a player has had issues with fumbles throughout his career or he has fumbled multiple times in a game, but come on, why bench your starting guy for fumbling once?

There were more disasters, but I’ll spare you the misery.

Needless to say, my season long leagues did not go so well. Luckily Daily Fantasy Cafe gave me a reason try DFS this season and I have another way to salvage a bad week.

DFS Week 8 with Daily Fantasy Cafe

Every week I will try to build my own lineups using my own method and research. Then I will use the DFC tools and lineup optimizer to build a lineup.

I will submit both to DraftKings and then compare the two in an article each week.

It will be both a test for the DFC tools and to see how much I can learn throughout the year. Sort of a Beginner’s Journey Through DFS.

My Strategy Week 8

I submitted one lineup of my own. See it in the table below.

Position My Lineup
QB Aaron Rodgers
RB Devontae Booker
RB Spencer Ware
WR Devante Adams
WR Mike Evans
WR Will Fuller
TE Gary Barnidge
Flex Devonta Freeman
Defense Chiefs

My lineup this week started immediately with getting Devontae Booker into my lineup. With the C.J. Anderson injury, costing just $3,700 and playing the Chargers, this was a must play in cash games.

From there I like Mike Evans next.  I thought it was incredible that he was listed at $8,100 and had a cake matchup against the Raiders. I originally thought to go after Julio, but his price was $9,600. The price difference between the No. 1 and No. 2 receiver made it an easy choice to use Evans.

I loved Rodgers this week facing the Atlanta defense that had been gashed in the air. I originally wanted to pair him up with Ty Montgomery, but a late scratch to him made me have to switch to Devante Adams.

Using DFC’s Tools

Here is this week’s DFC Optimized Lineup.

Position DFC Optimal Lineup DFC w/Advanced Projections
QB Matt Ryan Matt Ryan
RB Devontae Booker Devontae Booker
RB David Johnson David Johnson
WR Mike Evans Mike Evans
WR Devante Adams Devante Adams
WR Julio Jones Michael Thomas
TE Gary Barnidge Gary Barnidge
Flex C.J. Fiedorowicz Ezekiel Elliot
Defense Chiefs Cardinals

I made two lineups with DFC this week as I have in the past few weeks.

The default optimal lineup was good for me except the use of two tight ends. I’m of the opinion that I’d rather use just one, save some money elsewhere and get a WR or RB into my flex.

DFC wanted to pay up for both Evans and Julio, so therefore they choose to go with two cheaper tight ends.

This isn’t the first-time DFC has done this either, but we’ll see how it goes.

The DFC lineup with Advanced projections was good too. I wasn’t so high on Thomas going against the Seattle defense, but if there is anybody who could beat them its Drew Brees.

I do believe one of these lineups and I honestly can’t remember now, had Ty Montgomery in it too, but again I had to late swap to Adams once the news broke out that Ty was going to miss the game.


It was a very strange week indeed, as I mentioned above. Very low scoring. I suppose that’s what you get when there are six teams on bye and you are starting a bunch of what would be NFL backups.

Still this week was successful. I cashed in all my 50/50 contests so I can’t complain too much.

I did take my own lineup, which did outscore all the DFC lineups (by just a couple of points), into another casual GPP. I just finished outside the money.

The two players that hurt me the most in my GPP lineup were Will Fuller and Spencer Ware.

I thought Fuller could do something against Detroit, especially since their secondary was obliterated by injuries. And Ware getting injured. Yup nothing you can do about that.

Either way I’ll take this week as it appears DFC and myself are improving each week. Off to Week 9 where we have another six teams on bye.



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