Best sports betting apps: Which US bookies to bet with?


You’ll find very few who argue that betting through an app isn’t the best way to gamble. What they do quibble about is what app is best. Here we settle things with a look at the best sports betting apps.

Five major names that are worth your consideration

There are many betting apps available in the United States but a few standout from the crowd. Here we give you a quick lowdown of the names we’d recommend.

  1. Fanduel – Sign up here >>
  2. DraftKings – Sign up here >>
  3. Bet MGM – Sign up here >>
  4. William Hill – Sign up with USBETRF bonus code >>
  5. Bet365 – Sign up here >>

Fanduel: they lead the way in app betting

In their own right, Fanduel held a more than respectable reputation in the betting world. When they were bought out by the giants that are Paddy Power Betfair a couple of years ago they exploded. That acquisition coincided with the end of PASPA too, which obviously helped. The app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, had some teething issues initially but they’re long forgotten now. As it stands they are, probably, as the best app out there. Most apps tick the boxes of offering a good range of sports and betting markets but few can compete with the slick interface Fanduel use.

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DraftKings: the first but not quite the best

We’ve just touched on the PASPA and an app supported by a global giant. DraftKings are one bookie that are pushing for the number one spot. As a company they are still very much in their infancy given they were founded less than 10 years ago. They haven’t half come out swinging though. They were the first sportsbook to launch post the PAPSA being torn up. With sign up bonuses, ongoing offers and an easy to navigate interface at customers’ fingertips it is hardly a surprise they’re mixing it up.

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BetMGM: easy to use for the less tech-savvy

One of the most endearing qualities the BetMGM app, which is now into its fourth year, can offer is the fact it’s super simple to use; this means the most limited of user should be able to scope out the betting markets of their choice before betting. Some criticism that comes their way is linked to the odds with bettors feeling their pricing is somewhat of a scattergun approach. It’s all about personal preference though because it can mean there is value to be had if you know where – and how – to look for it.

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William Hill: a global name with a strong gambling game

Forget big betting names in the United States. William Hill are one of the biggest names in the world. Do they offer one of the best sports betting apps though? Well, it’s certainly adequate with simple steps to move between sports, place bets and deposit funds but it isn’t an app that provides much in the shape of groundbreaking technology. What they do do well though is sign up bonuses and ongoing offers to keep your interest peaked.

Bet365: a big brand offering a decent app

Like William Hill, Bet365 are another monster of sports betting even across the global gambling scene. Where their app is concerned, it stands up fairly well to the other four listed here. Their themes across apps and website are very consistent, which helps with both brand message and the user experience. Then it’s all about the important stuff; you’ll find all the major sports, good market depth within them and highly competitive odds.

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The questions you should ask yourself when choosing a betting app

Now, we’ve looked at some of the best sports betting apps available we move on to consider what specifics you should think about before pressing on.

The markets on offer

We cannot stress the importance of this enough; always ensure the markets you want to bet on are offered by the bookmaker you plan on using. This piece advice can be taken in two ways. Firstly, not all bookmakers will offer bets in every sport – particularly if you’re after something away from the mainstream. Secondly, within each sport, you’ll find a vast array of markets. Again, you’ll have markets that you want to bet on so make sure you can.

Special features

The reference of ‘special features’ might make this sound more exciting than it is because it’s far from riveting but, again, you don’t want to ignore these things. When we talk about special features we’re talking about things such as in-play betting, cash out and even through to the likes of live streaming. At best, they can lessen your betting experience and, at worst, they can ruin it entirely – of course, they can make it all that much better too if you choose wisely.

Welcome offers and promotions

When you know that you can bet on what you want to, the next major hurdle is tackling promotions. Like anything, there are plenty of ‘hooks’ out there designed to draw you in and, once in, there will be others to keep you engaged and spending. Promos can be fantastic for punters but they come with different terms and conditions, which can vary wildly between bookies. Always check the small print because the ‘best’ might not actually be all it seems.

App design

Deciding on the best sports betting apps isn’t something that is done without thought going into it and the app design is a huge part of the reason for that because it’s so subjective. Yes, genuine issues within an app will annoy everyone but layout, design and navigation options vary from person to person. Don’t be afraid tot form your own opinion and, most importantly, try and get an app that allows you to place bets without too much pain. A few seconds delay can cost you in fast moving markets.

Payment options

Finally, we come to the payment options available to users. It’s a fairly self explanatory section but you will want to do your research up front. For example, if you’re someone that only wants to use an e-wallet like Paypal then it’s not good going through the rigmarole of signing up for an app who don’t facilitate payments in that way.

Getting started on a sports betting app is easy

Do your research on the best sports betting apps

If you’re reading this then you’re already one step ahead of the majority because you’re conducting research about the best apps out there. Once you’ve settled on the bookie you want to use, you can set about downloading their app.

Head direct or go via a search engine

Although you can download all of these betting apps from your app store (or equivalent) it’s not usually the easiest route to take. We’d already recommend either heading direct to the bookmaker website and downloading from there or simply typing your requirement into a search engine e.g. “Fanduel sports betting app”.

Ensure you pick the right app

When we talk about picking the right app we don’t mean selecting a certain bookie. That’s been covered already. What we mean is ensuring you don’t attempt to download Android on an iOS device and vice versa. You’ll obviously realise very quickly if you attempt to do so but just take the two seconds to check before clicking through.

Sign up on opening the app

If you’re a new customer, most apps will allow you to register once you’ve downloaded the app. You’ll be prompted into this action on first opening the platform. Expect to be asked to create account information, personal details and bank details. Of course, depending on the state you live in, there could be extra hoops to jump through.

Don’t forget your promo code

The final step is to make sure you utilise any promotional code that might be available to you. Most bookmakers will offer some form of new customer bonus. You can usually enter this as part of the registration process.

A quickfire FAQ on betting apps

Why should I use a betting app? Betting apps have several benefits to them. The fact they are quicker to access and come with alerts are two of the major reasons though.

Can I use promo codes via an app? Yes. Most promotions will be eligible through the app. They do vary by offer though so check the small print.

Are all betting apps available on Android and iOS devices? No. Some bookmakers will only launch on one.

Do I need to sign up to a bookmaker prior to downloading their app? No, you can normally sign up within the app.

Is mobile sports betting legal? Yes mobile sports betting is legal within the United States but not in all states. Check the rules in your local area for further clarity.

What sort of deposit methods can I use within betting apps? The most common deposit methods are bank cards and e-wallets like Paypal. Bookies who offer these on their website will support them in their apps too.

Do I have to pay for a sports betting app? The best sports betting apps will always be free downloads. They want your longer term custom, not an initial payment.

What’s the most important aspect of a betting app? The most important element of a betting app depends on the punter. Some focus on service, some on promotions, others on odds. Start off by knowing what you want from your betting experience and build from there.

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