Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 1 WR

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 WR

With social media being such an important part of our everyday life the idea of being socially awkward has almost been eliminated. At least in my opinion. Folks can now make a living by using their social anxieties to their advantage!

Full disclosure, that top paragraph was written on Thursday afternoon, while I was at work in an odd frame of mind. Now, I sit before you on Friday a few hours removed from the Detroit Lions winning in Kansas City. Look, is it unprofessional to use my personal feelings for my favorite team to change my mood and the way I want to write this article? I don’t really care because I am going to do it anyway!

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Looking at all the wide receivers to choose from in Week 1 could make your head spin! Sit back and relax! Once again, I have done the work for you. With the NFL season already underway let’s get loose and enjoy this. Here is what I have for my Bottom of the Barrel wide receivers. Guys to help our entries pop!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 1 WR

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Justin Jefferson MIN vs. TB(25th)


The best wide receiver in the game gets a beautiful matchup to kick off the season! On paper, Tampa Bay's secondary isn’t the greatest. Does the opposing defense even really matter? I picture that scene from Space Jam where the monsters morph into these massively hideous creatures to smash Michael Jordan and his team. Yet, it didn’t matter to the outcome of the game.

Christian Kirk JAX @ IN(11th)


Jacksonville’s big free agent acquisition last year lived up to the hype as he was a staple in the passing back. It helps when Trevor Lawrence is your quarterback! Is there a chance T-Law will find another gear this season and put himself into that upper echelon of professional QBs? Heck, he could be there now, but I feel like he can be better. If he can be better than every offensive skill position player around him will rise.

Kirk should once again be a target hog but could also take a backseat to Calvin Ridley. Which, if I may say, isn’t a bad thing! The way Kirk operates on the field can only make him more appealing with less coverage! Let’s give Kirk 7-8 targets, 4-5 receptions, and 55-60 yards. It's not half bad given his salary.

Chris Godwin TB @ MIN(31st)


Chris Godwin has always been criminally underrated. Even with Tom Brady as the Bucs quarterback. Now, it’s Baker Mayfield and we’re all gritting our teeth and putting on a smiley face for the sake of Godwin’s value. In all honesty, I see no reason to jump ship now, especially in Week 1.

Is there a chance Baker will resurrect his career in Tampa Bay? Highly unlikely but can he do enough in Week 1 to make Godwin’s value skyrocket? Sure, anything is possible. I have Chris around 8-9 targets, 6-7 receptions, and 75-80 yards. The kicker, he scores a touchdown!

Tyler Lockett SEA vs. LAR(15th)


I have said, on more than one occasion, I try and tell a story week-to-week with my DFS content. When I sat down with my pen and paper and added Tyler to the Bottom of the Barrel notes, I hadn’t even put two and two together yet. Meaning, Chris Godwin is criminally underrated. Tyler Lockett is also underrated and for what? His smaller size? It's all crap, man. This guy continues to stuff box scores and make us DFS players happy.

The only issue with Tyler, in past seasons, was the idea that he’d explode a few weeks a season. Those weeks he’d make us a ton of dough. The only problem is the fact we would never know which weeks those would be! With Geno Smith finally on solid ground with the Seahawks I think Tyler also settles in and becomes more consistent. Starting as early as Week 1!

I have Tyler Lockett at 7-8 targets, 5-6 receptions, 65-70 yards, and a touchdown.

Amari Cooper CLE vs. CIN(14th)


Coop had a team-high 131 targets last year. Which was the 11th-highest target share in the league last season. Pretty nice target share for a Browns wide receiver linked to a QB coming back to the league after a nasty battle. All that aside, Amari should once be a high priority in this Cleveland offense. The only difference, DeShaun Watson is one year removed from his scandal.

Nice to see the battle for Ohio this early in the season. Too bad both teams couldn’t lose, and they just removed Ohio from the map altogether. My differences with Ohio aside, I have Cooper around 8-9 targets, 6-7 receptions, and 75-80 yards. Productive first week!

Other Interesting Players for NFL DFS Week 1

Each week I will be giving out my main plays up top, but will then be giving out some other players that caught my eye. For Week 1 this will be completely free! If you want access to these for the rest of the season be sure to sign up to be an All-Access Member.

Brandon Aiyuk SF @ PIT(17th)


The strength of this 49ers team is their defense. No shock there but it does take a little stress off the offensive side of the ball. I am sure they still want to run with full efficiency and score points. C’mon, we’d be stupid to think otherwise.

Aiyuk could be a top fantasy WR option on many other NFL teams, but the 49ers have put together a top-notch offense to complement their defense! So, my point here is the fact most weeks Aiyuk will be an afterthought. Unless you are in the know and read Bottom of the Barrel! Let's pencil in 5-6 targets, 4-5 receptions, and 55-60 total yards for Brandon this week.

Christian Watson GB @ CHI(21st)


I’m not petty by any means but I hope Chicago gets wrecked most weeks. So, why not start in Week 1 as the Packers head to the Windy City? Let’s rewind the clocks back to exactly one year ago. In game 1 of the season last year, Watson dropped an absolute bunny of touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers. After that, he steadily climbed our WR rankings and was basically a must-start! If I’m not mistaken, he had one, maybe two, three total touchdown games last year?

Well, times have changed, and it’s Jordan Love's team to run now. I love the idea of Love to Watson repeatedly this year! We should feel good about 7-8 targets, 4-5 receptions, 70 yards, and a touchdown reception!

Drake London ATL vs. CAR(30th)


Adding Drake to the Bottom of the Barrel Week 1 was seriously one of the easiest decisions I made this week. Carolina isn’t going anywhere while the Falcons offense will be even more young and excited this year! I see Drake around 7-8 targets, 5-6 receptions, 65-70 yards, and a touchdown. Would make for a nice little Ridder to London stack!

Courtland Sutton DEN vs. LV(19th)


From what I’ve seen across other websites and other folk’s articles they do not care for Sutton, at all this week. The light bulb in my brain goes off, I smile like the Grinch, and add Sutton to the Bottom of the Barrel for Week 1! What is so scary about the Raiders secondary? I don’t see it. Not in Week 1 at least. With Sean Payton leading the offense mixed with a hopeful revival of Russ Wilson make me see dollar signs!

Courtland Sutton should see 7-8 targets, 4-5 receptions, and 65-70 yards. Should be lovely. Do not fade the Broncos offense this week!

George Pickens PIT vs. SF(28th)


Mr. George Pickens what do we have here? I will tell you! Is this a plum matchup against an iffy 49ers secondary? Or will it be a still test against the 49ers’ secondary? Granted these DvP numbers aren’t the best given it's only Week 1.

All that aside, I’d expect Kenny Pickett to come out hot wanting to put any doubts to rest. To do that his best bet would be using Najee Harris and targeting Pickens as much as possible! How about 7-8 targets, 4-5 receptions, and 60 yards? The yardage is a bit tricky seeing how athletic this kid is. How about we roster him in our DFS entries and find out together?

Jordan Addison MIN vs. TB(25th)


I am interested to see how this Vikings team distributes the football now that Dalvin Cook is gone. Obviously, Justin Jefferson is by far and away the team’s best asset. What about the pecking order under JJ? By all accounts, this rookie Jordan Addison should be a close second to Justin. Once again, just like Pickens let's roster the kid and let it play out in real time!

Hate to start slow or dismiss what could be but I have Jordan around 5-6 targets, 3-4 receptions, and 40-45 yards.

Marvin Mims Jr. DEN vs. LV(19th)


I absolutely love the idea of Marvin Mims Jr. this week, and beyond. I hate that it’s currently at the expense of Jerry Jeudy but we need to pivot and do what is best for us! You could easily scroll up to Courtland Sutton's blurb and the same would ring true for Mims Jr. The only difference will be the ownership percentage. I would be shocked if Marvin is over 1.8% owned in the big GPP.

There you have it. That’s the way. That’s the cheat code for raking in cash. Marvin should see about 4-5 targets, 3-4 receptions, and 40-45 yards. With room for growth!

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