Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 10 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 10 QB Edition!

When we have time to do anything we want, what is our first move? Let me phrase this in a better way. When we are forcibly taken out of the game what is the first move to make? Nothing. Yes, that is it. It’s ok.

Some of us do not know when to call it. To be fair continuously means, without interruptions or gaps. While continually means, repeated frequently in the same way. If you take each word separately, at face value, they are almost identical. What is the difference? Without interruptions compared to repeated frequently.

If you follow any routine, daily schedule, or calendar then you are extremely aware. The same could be said for any other adult on this planet. Do you ever wonder what the difference is between being successful and unsuccessful?

How far are you willing to go? Have you ever really tested yourself? I am always making things harder on myself than they need to be. I am sure you have done the same. So why would I do that here? In a simple daily fantasy sports article?

I am not going to. How about we play it cool, and I let loose throughout the week? Are you with me? Good! Glad to be back talking daily fantasy football!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 10 QB

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Justin Herbert Chargers vs. Lions(19th)


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Boy oh boy is this going to be a bonanza or what? For some odd reason when you say silly stuff like this, the opposite tends to happen. Granted, not everyone is as odd and superstitious as me. Follow me for a second but, instead of saying things out loud I will say them in my head followed by, “or knock on wood”. Where I will then tap on my head four times.

Look, it’s the whole thing here. I never said it was fun to be me. When we get back to football this game has every possible reason why it’s going to be a points galore bonanza. First off, the Lions at Chargers has the highest over/under of any other game on the Week 10 schedule. Texans at Bengals a close second at 48 even.

The Detroit Lions are fresh off their bye week, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time for them literally and figuratively. While the Chargers have won back-to-back games to make it back to .500 at 4-4.

So, the way I see things is a full-blown Blasta Masta-type offensive. Which can only rival a few things. Plus, if you understand that reference congratulations. You are at least 35 years old. Quickly, you will notice Lamar Jackson is a few hundred bucks($300) more than Herbert on DraftKings. Go right ahead. If you're into a hard-hitting, no room to run, and power bomb you into the ground opposing DST then by all means. This is DFS baby, one of the few, reasons it was created!

Sam Howell Commanders at Seahawks(18th)


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After an outstanding Week 9 that saw Howell toss for 325 yards and a touchdown, the Commanders organization backed in full. Even releasing a statement proclaiming that Sam is part of the future in Washington! Sam Howell should be relieved!

As we turn our attention to Week 10 and Seattle it’s an awesome match-up for the entire Washington offense as well as the Seahawks wide receivers! Back-to-back weeks with 300 passing yards.

In years past I would’ve been nervous about willingly using a starting QB on the road in Seattle. Now, I do not care. Especially, since this, in my intermediate opinion, Sam is making that second-year leap right before our very eyes!

I have Sam Howell for another outstanding week! Around 25-26 completions, 270-275 passing yards, and two touchdown passes. Let’s add in 4-5 carries for about 25 yards. If he keeps it up with not getting sacked 5 to 6 times a game then he can be our golden ticket for Week 10!

Taylor Heinicke Falcons at Cardinals(26th)


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So funny where daily fantasy sports can take you. Sure, winning a million dollars and disappearing in South America would be tops on that list. Yet here we are! Shoot, here I am talking about back-to-back, at one point, Washington starting QBs. It is a nasty week for the position.

Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa and Patrick Mahomes are three of the obvious studs on their respective bye weeks. Not like I need to give you a reason why or have a certain obligation to explain myself why. Oh, shoot. Can you imagine that? Wouldn’t be much of an article to write then.

Atlanta clearly has no flipping clue what the hell they are doing. It’s actually very clear and I am talking from the ownership all the way down to the little bitty assistance coaches. Do I care about them benching Desmond Ridder? No, I do not care. Just happens to be Taylor's shot and the talent that the Falcons possess at their skill positional players is off the charts, if used correctly.

Let’s project Heinicke at 19-20 completions, 240 yards, 4-5 carries, another 25 yards, and should be good for about two total touchdowns!

Geno Smith Seahawks vs. Commanders(32nd)


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No reason to freak out. Come to find out that the Baltimore Ravens are one of, if not, the best team in the league. They are just this powerful juggernaut of a team that swoops down and before you know it the entire game is lost. They remind me of that undead army of Kings from the last Lord of the Rings movie. When all hope is lost, they jump off the boat with Aragorn, and this lime-green mist just ends the whole thing. No reason to freak out.

There is no better match-up for a quarterback this week. Sure, we could cite sources and dig through numbers but in the end let’s just skip ahead to this part. This entire game is going to be awesome from an all-over perspective. No reason to freak out.

Let’s say 21-22 completed passes for Geno in this one. He should be able to rack up 250-260 yards and a pair of touchdown passes to go along with another score on the ground! No reason to freak out!

Jordan Love Packers at Steelers(7th)


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Jordan Love stunk last weekend. Do personal achievements really matter though as the Packers beat the Rams 20-3? Just so we are clear the matchup this week against the Steelers isn’t of the best quality. One of the reasons why it jumped out to me.

It’s the accuracy with Love that I am into. Can look up and down a million football rosters and not every QB has accuracy like this. Sure, do the top guys have it? Absolutely but they have other tools in their bag.

Feel free to comb back through what I may have said before but, without a doubt, the phrase, “Player A won’t lose you a week, but he won’t win you a week either!” is such dog shit. Great, then why bother? All my cards are on the table here this week with Jordan Love it’s going to be that second touchdown.

I have Love around 20-21 completions, 235-240 yards, 2 touchdown passes, and 3 to 4 carries for another 20 yards. Can't win or lose a week, right? Doesn't make sense!

Will Levis Titans at Buccaneers(30th)


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Dang. Do you think anybody in Nashville is bummed out for Ryan Tannehill? Classic cases of what acting like a big shot will teach you. He started to act a little bit too big for his britches. Now what, Ryan? The cannon-armed younger you have shown up and he’s just better.

Call me crazy but saying, “Hey coach, team, and Will I’m so glad you are here and if I can help in any way please just ask!”

Maybe, doubt it, but maybe the team wouldn’t have been looking for an excuse to toss him into the trash. Rarely do the sports writers and broadcasters talk about it? Out with the old and in with the new.

Will should have an absolute field day on Sunday against the Bucs. As professional DFS players and sports bettors rarely do we have the luxury of time. That wait-and-see approach has never been my type of thing. Somewhere nestled in between the Falcons in Week 8 and the Steelers in Week 9 lies a wonderful starting professional QB.

Let’s put him down for around 21-22 completed passes, 240 yards, and two touchdown passes. Anything he does on the ground is just gravy. Was nice knowing you, Ryan.

Derek Carr Saints at Vikings(22nd)


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Derek Carr completed 25-of-34 attempts for 211 yards and two touchdowns as the Saints beat the Bears and won 24-17 last Sunday. Derek's three-game streak of 300, or more, passing yards was laid to rest last week too. Oh well as they say battling the NFC North this weekend!

If I come to you and say, “Hey, look I have this move with Derek Carr this week!” we both know it’s not this wildly super imaginative show. Plus, as big a thorn in my side as this Vikings team has been over the years the last thing, I want is to catch heat cause Minnesota is blitz-happy.

With Love above I said if we can break through from one to two touchdowns it’s lovely. With Carr, it’s getting from that second score to a third. Derek has it in him this week. Right back onto the saddle. I have Carr around 23-24 completed passes, 250-260 yards, and three touchdowns!

Kenny Pickett Steelers vs. Packers(6th)


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If you are a real-life Steelers fan, then I think we’re good here. Kenny has shown some improvement and is your starting QB for the foreseeable future! You didn’t come here for that kind of crap scoop though. However, your head coach Mike Tomlin loves this kind of team! The defense can keep it close as long as the offense handles their business. A lot of good games to watch as they wind down then decided by a field goal.

These two teams here are just rock solid. Have been for a lot of years. Not really my favorite or go-to for any kind of big-time fantasy action. Regardless, the idea of Kenny being responsible for a pair of touchdowns at 2-3 percent ownership has my interest.

I have him around 20-21 completed passes, 220-225 passing yards, and two touchdowns. How they came about I have no idea! One and one? Are they both in the air? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s a numbers game at this point. I just like the odds based on where the money is already flowing and where else is expected to go!


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