Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 10 TE

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 14 TE

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 10 TE Edition!

As our weekend starts to take shape it is always nice to have a plan. Planning itself might take a little effort but the plan itself doesn’t need to exert any. Lots of us have regular and normal day jobs. Hopefully whatever it is that you do lends itself to a little rest this weekend.

Earlier this week in the opening of Bottom of the Barrel QBs I had mentioned a few thoughts that I wanted to spread throughout this week’s editions. At first, it seemed like a great idea! Even our best-laid plans go wrong. Which is just fine. Something I used to struggle with but have learned to let go over time.

While I look into the future there are few people, places, and things that I can see. Some long-term goals I would like to achieve. How can we keep moving while being strong and successful with such big ideas? It sounds so simple, but it can simply be used as motivation. Do not lose focus or stray from your end result.

As the main slate of Week 10 is soon to kick off do not look back with any bad feelings or regret. Just a collection of learning experiences with even bigger and better plans ahead! The tight-end position has always been thin. As time ticks by and we get deeper into the regular season we have to take a few risks. A few nasty and dirty calculated risks. If there was ever a time to trust me it is now.

Here are eight tight ends, including Mark Andrews, that I am rolling with in Bottom of the Barrel for Week 10. To be fair I have already looked at Week 11 of the NFL schedule. So I tell you with the utmost sincerity, good luck this week, and enjoy Week 10!

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Mark Andrews Ravens vs. Browns(5th)


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Mark has played well this season. Shoot, the entire Baltimore Ravens team looks to be setting up for a run at the Super Bowl. It just so happens Mark seems to be Lamar's right-hand man. If this was a James Bond movie and the Ravens were looking to take over the world, then Lamar Jackson would be the maniac leader and Mark Andrews would be like Jaws or Oddjob.

Back to real life, the Ravens did Beat the Browns in Week 4 handily 28-3. While Mark tailed 80 yards and 2 touchdowns on just 5 targets! Both teams have grown up a little bit since then. While the Ravens rule the AFC North the Browns have become nasty on defense. It’s a nice storyline headed into Week 10, but Baltimore is just too good and so is Mark.

Andrews should see 7-8 targets, 5-6 receptions, 60 yards, and a touchdown.

Trey McBride Cardinals vs. Falcons(24th)


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McBride has been laying low it seems. Sounds weird I know but follow me here. Trey has been talked about as a top-10 tight end in dynasty circles for over a year now. Like it or not, that’s how grim the position currently is.

So, why Trey McBride? The Cardinals 2023-24 season is done. It is shot as they sit at 1-8 looking forward to the NFL Draft. On a positive note, all signs point to Kyler Murray finally being back under center. While we shouldn’t expect him to be a running fool the idea that he will be is what I am after! Let’s not forget what Kyler is and what he can do. It’s enough to keep the Falcons sort of honest on the defensive side of things.

That honesty is what will lend way to McBride in the middle of the field. This kid should show out on Sunday. He has his way in all the intermediate routes he can handle. Trey has yet to have that break-out kind of game. I am expecting that on Sunday, in Arizona.

McBride has seen 19 targets over the last two games! Again, we should be expecting a big-time performance from the 2nd year kid out of Colorado State! Along the lines of 7-8 targets, 5-6 receptions, 65-70 yards, and a pair of touchdown catches!

Gerald Everett Chargers vs. Lions(27th)


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On the live Friday night broadcast, I did mention both Evertt and Donald Parham Jr. for Week 10. Simply stated I’d prefer whichever guy was cheaper. Come to find out it’s Gerald on FanDuel while Parham is cheap on DraftKings at only $3,200.

Still the highest over/under projected point total in Week 10. Justin Herbet laid an egg last week and as much as the Lions have changed on defense this year the Chargers should still be able to make it to 21, or more, points. What are the chances one of those touchdowns is caught by Gerald? He’s worth the risk given his price tag, opposing defense, and game totals.

I have Evertt around 4-5 targets, 3-4 receptions, 35-40 yards, and one touchdown.

Irv Smith Jr. Bengals vs. Texans(32nd)


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Last time I checked there are only 32 teams in the National Football League. Meaning, the Houston Texans are the absolute worst against defending opposing TEs! That was cool. I haven’t used that classic old gem in a long time!

Jokes aside, Cincinnati should get up early leaving the Texans playing catch-up. Houston is what we call leaky against opposing tight ends. Leaving Irv as a nice big target for Joe Burrow in between the numbers. Tee Higgins has already been deemed inactive and superstar WR Ja’Marr Chase is not 100%.

Kind of too good to be true. “Which always turns out to be bad!” said my late grandfather. Well grandfather, you never got the chance to play daily fantasy football! Look for Smith Jr. to see 4-5 targets, 3-4 catches, 30-35 yards, and a touchdown.

Juwan Johnson Saints at Vikings(18th)


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The Saints offense has shown flashes this year! The Vikings have suddenly grown a pair without Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson. As a big-time NFC North, it has been impressive. Unfortunately, for Minnesota, their luck comes to an end this week. As I have New Orleans winning around 24-17.

On the flip side, no player on this Saints offense is safe if, and when, they decide to let Taysom Hill run wild. Understandable given the shock and awe it creates. Juwan scored his first touchdown of the season last week. The TE position is so thin that I will use it as a selling point in Week 10!

So, Juwan Johnson scored last week, and I think he will do it again on Sunday. Are you in or out? I have Juwan around 4-5 targets, 3-4 receptions, 30-35 yards, and a touchdown!

Chig Okonkwo Titans at Buccaneers(22nd)


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Chig or McBride? McBride or Chig? Want to get a sweat going on Sunday? Roster both in your DFS entries! The grand ole double tight end stack. The oft-successful but still an option move in DFS formats.

The argument with Chig is so thin that a stiff breeze could knock it over. Welcome to Week 10 of the NFL season! With rookie QB Will Levis under center anything is possible. That is the beauty of not only football but all professional sports. A high-end rookie gives everyone optimism and a vote of confidence like none other.

Okonkwo has yet to top 35 yards in any game or score a touchdown, but he could easily do both this week. I have him for 5-6 targets, 3-4 receptions, 35-40 yards, and one touchdown.

Daniel Bellinger Giants at Cowboys(14th)


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If you have been around the game long enough, you know how strange it is to see such a massive point spread in a professional football game. The New York Giants are getting 17 points! In days new wave NFL even the last-place teams are at least competitive. Double-digit point spreads like this are based on previous games and success rate and quite frankly,  for the first few weeks of the college football season.

Unfortunately, the Giants have been hit with that nasty combination of awful injuries and inconsistency on both sides of the ball. It’s a season-ending type of thing yet there are still 7-8 weeks left in the regular season. Now what?

The Cowboys should be able to win this game. DFS aside I am going to take New York plus the points. As this game gets out of hand early the Giants cannot just quit, stop playing, and go home. However, if they decide to combat the Cowboys I would imagine Tommy DeVito will look toward what makes him most comfortable. Mainly, running backs and tight ends. No scientific reasoning here, just a simple thought.

Belli should see 4-5 targets, 3-4 receptions, 25-30 yards, and a touchdown.

Connor Heyward Steelers vs. Packers(11th)


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Hey, don’t look at me like that! What did you expect when you clicked this article to read it? We are in Week 10 of the regular season. This is the main slate, and anything goes because anything is possible! We are looking for two or three catches for 25 or more yards.

At first glance, earlier this week, to be honest, I loved this game from a high point total. Upon closer inspection not so much. Kenny Pickett vs. Jordan Love doesn’t screen primetime. So why on earth would we target anyone from this game?

If the price is right, why not? Once again, we do not need much. Once again, given how dirt-cheap Heyward is, it makes sense. All we need is 2-3 targets for him to pay off.


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