Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 11 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 11 QB Edition!

There comes a time when we must change with the times or be left behind. Pretty heavy statement but what does it mean? There are always a few truths and realizations we notice but stuff them down. Brush them aside and keep moving.

How long can you live that way? Everyone is different and it depends on the situation. This is where our consciousness comes in. Living in chaos used to be my normal day-to-day life. Once I got my act together a normal 9-5 day seemed lame. It took me some time to train my brain with the idea of peace and quiet.

In the meantime, we suppress all our troubles and worries in favor of that action and chaos. When all is said and done what are we left with? You are left alone with just yourself. No matter what we do or where we go, every night we are stuck in our bodies. We are fighting a little war in our minds.

It’s not all bad and it is easily turned around. With some honesty and open-mindedness, we can flip anything over! Much like all the hard work we put into Week 10 of the NFL season. Time to toss it aside and get rolling on Week 11! As tough as it sounds, we need to dig deeper and work harder for Week 11 of the NFL slate. We have crossed the line. There is no turning back now.

If you are looking for some action, follow me. Chaos will soon follow! The Bottom of the Barrel Week 11 Quarterback edition is here!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 11 QB

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Josh Allen Bills vs. Jets(8th)


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Oh boy. When is it time to panic in Buffalo? After Monday’s loss, at home, against the Denver Broncos, the Bills Mafia was not happy. It looked like equal parts anger and dread. I am not here to give you a long-term outlook on Josh and the Buffalo Bills. Just a simple and straightforward idea for Week 11.

On the one hand, we have the Jets. On the other hand, we have a Bills team on the brink of desperation. Of the two which one would you rather get behind? The Jets have a better defense and secondary than the Broncos, right?

Was Monday Night Football one of those outlier games where the opposing offense played right into the defense’s hand? It sure looked like it. I have no ill will against Josh Allen or the Bills. However, I will say there is no way in hell to use him this week. You could entertain the idea of Buffalo coming out swinging with nothing to lose. Not the motto I want to use with a $9,000 QB on FanDuel.

Brock Purdy 49ers vs. Buccaneers(28th)


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Brock completed 19 of 26 passes for 296 yards and three touchdowns in Week 10. Shockingly enough not one of them was to Christian McCaffrey! Purdy tossed a beautiful 13-yard back-of-the-endzone touchdown pass to Brandon Aiyuk in the first quarter. Purdy threw a 66-yard score to George Kittle as he ran free the final 20-30 yards. Lastly, Kyle Juszczyk snagged a 22-yard touchdown in the fourth. That pesky Kyle J!

What is most impressive is that Brock and the 49ers broke through their 3-game losing streak and laid waste to a good Jacksonville Jaguars team. If San Francisco goes a run here to end the season that is the game, we look back at as starting it all!

In Week 11 the 49ers, and Brock Purdy, should be pushing the pedal to the metal. It is unique what one win can do for a team. The flight home is lighter. This week’s meetings and practices should be a little more fun. Do not mistake fun for soft. When the San Francisco 49ers offense comes together and starts to hum then watch out. McCaffrey, Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle, and Purdy can do some damage.

It is still early in the week, but I feel comfortable saying that Tampa Bay is walking into a buzzsaw on Sunday. I have Purdy around 20-21 completions, 275-280 passing yards, and two touchdown passes. On top of 3-4 carries for another 10-12 yards.

Jordan Love Packers vs. Chargers(31st)


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Having an odd idea or strange take and running with it can be equal parts beneficial and tiresome. Case in point, the Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers games in Week 10. I was so sure this game was going to be an under-type of affair. Was set at a total of 39 early last week. It would be up over with a 23-19 Pittsburgh winning final.

During the length of this game, Jordan Love attempted 40 passes! He has only thrown forty, or more, passes two other times this season. Weeks 3 and 8 found slightly similar results. As I mentioned in the opening of Bottom of the Barrel, we have crossed a line. So have a handful of football teams.

The Green Bay Packers are currently 3-6. While their Playoff hopes are grim there are still games to be played. In Week 11 the Packers have the luxury of hosting a Los Angeles Chargers team who might just be toasted. Tired to say the least.

Look for Jordan Love to complete 21-22 passes, 245-250 yards, and two touchdown passes. While taking off 3-4 times for an additional 15-20 yards.

Trevor Lawrence Jaguars vs. Titans(12th)


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Break out the torches and pitchforks! We are headed to Jacksonville to take down Trevor Lawrence! I am completely kidding but that is what it seemed like on Sunday after the 49ers wailed on the Jaguars at home.

Lest we forget the high-end defense of the San Francisco 49ers. Let’s also not toss aside the preseason Super Bowl hype for the 49ers. If I am not mistaken the Jacksonville Jaguars also have the same hopes and dreams. It was just a bad game. No more and no less. Trevor only completed 17 of 29 passing attempts for just 185 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. The Jags are still 6-3 and while it stings to lose like that at home it has no real bearing on their Playoff dreams.

If it helps, and I hate doing this, but Baker Mayfield just carved up the Titans last week. After a few solid practices and some film study, Trevor shouldn't have an issue doing the same in Week 11.

Confidence is key as T-Law should complete 23-24 passes for 265-270 yards with 2 total touchdown passes. Let’s not forget the 5-6 scrambles he should attempt for another 25-30 yards.

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Geno Smith Seahawks at Rams(18th)


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Who would’ve thought that all Geno needed was a game against the Washington Commanders to find that extra gear? That little step we saw him take last year. Well, aside from Bottom of the Barrel last week who would’ve thought? Overall, the Seattle Seahawks needed that other gear from Geno. For us daily fantasy football players it does not matter when but for how long.

As much as I preach looking ahead and leaving the past behind us, I do dip into history a touch. It helps me tell the whole story! Week 1 of the NFL season is a very distant memory, but this Los Angeles Rams team did shut Geno down. That was a lifetime ago! As Seattle keeps pace with the 49ers in the NFC West, I do firmly believe the best games of Geno’s career are ahead of him.

In Week 11 Geno Smith should complete 22-23 passes, around 275 yards, and two touchdown passes.

Matthew Stafford Rams vs. Seahawks(21st)


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There is something I have been meaning to ask all of you. It has always been tough to know how people see me. Or how other people think of me. At first, it can seem like an ego thing, but I promise you it is not. If I am open enough to all of you then folks can relate. Or honest enough to where people trust my opinions or share their own. All this writing and broadcasting has never been about me. It is about connecting with all of you and sharing enough information to figure out the DFS puzzle!

Chris, who cares? I only said that to ask you this question. When I say Matthew Stafford what is your first thought? When I hear his name, I think of an old Western movie for some odd reason. He is always around. Never truly down and out. The perfect character for an old-fashioned revenge movie. Yet, his journey is complete. Stafford and the Rams have already won a Super Bowl. So, what is next? It is the climb back to the top. It is always about that.

Matt sprained the UCL tendon in his right thumb in Week 8 and sat out of Week 9 as the Rams lost to the Green Bay Packers. After their bye in Week 10, I’d imagine Stafford would be back to right the ship. It is going to be a tough climb. Sam Howell put up 312 yards with 3 touchdown passes against the Seahawks last week. Imagine what Stafford will do!

Matthew should be able to complete 19-20 passes, 245-250 yards, and two touchdown passes.

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