Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 11 RB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 16 RB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 11 RB Edition!

Welcome to the Week 11 running backs edition of Bottom of the Barrel! There is a lot to cover and even more to discuss! In the quarterback portion of the article, I touched on stuffing our ideas down and keeping silent when we struggle. Or even not acting as our troubles slowly lurk and build up. That is awful advice. We all need at least one person in our lives we can, without doubt, share anything with.

Well, as the week starts to unfold, I must ask that you reach out to a friend. Just one person. Even if it is a text to check in and say hello. More so for your well-being than anyone else’s. It might sound selfish at first, but that is okay. If we are to stay healthy, we cannot allow our secrets to make us sick.

The day-to-day involvement of covering football is enough to exhaust anyone. That is why I have made the decision to cut the opening short of this article. Enough with all my long-winded openings. Let’s get right to the running action! There are a dozen players mentioned in this article. All with their own little edge I have found. May this article find you well as I had some major fun preparing it for you!

Christian McCaffrey 49ers vs. Buccaneers(2nd)


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At what point does a player's price tag throw a wrench into our overall plans and results? In an odd roundabout way, it’s both a compliment and a hindrance. Looking at this match-up I just cannot pull the trigger on CMC in Week 11.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been tough on opposing running backs. In contrast, they have been Swiss cheese against wide receivers. In my mind, I have an idea of how this game is going to go. Maybe I will be wrong. Maybe I will be right. All I know is I run with most of my thoughts, and it’s gotten me here!

We should expect another lights-out performance from CMC but given how expensive he is it might just be a wash. Once the San Francisco 49ers get moving and realize they can have anything they want through the air that might be the preferred option. Again, McCaffrey should gain around 125, or more, all-purpose yards and score a touchdown but even that’s not enough.

Breece Hall Jets at Bills(22nd)


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I had this unsettling feeling once I was done with my Bottom of the Barrel notes for all the running backs. It didn’t feel right, and I had this unsettled feeling about them. The feeling is hard to explain. All the ideas, time, and thoughts that go into the physical portion of writing players' names down is one thing. When I sit back and look at my notebook is another.

Most of the time an RB, on FanDuel, that starts with a seven-thousand-dollar price tag is immediately eliminated. Yet, the fact CMC is at ten thousand messes with the average! Brian Robinson Jr., Breece Hall, Aaron Jones, and Tony Pollard are all RBs in that low 7K tier. While Tony is even $6,900 against an awful Carolina Panthers team.

The running backs portion of my notes did not look right, and I had this overwhelming feeling to add Breece and Aaron Jones without a second of hesitation. I couldn’t care less about Hall's volatility. It might hold back some folks but not me. The Jets and Bills both lost last week. Both teams are still clinging to playoff hopes. I do believe this game will be an all-out war and I want it in. Once the Jets started to target him in space the talent took over. Do not glance over Hall in Week 11.

Breece Hall should be good for 13-14 carries, 60-65 yards, and a touchdown. While also retrieving 3-4 passes and another 30-35 yards.

Aaron Jones Packers vs. Chargers(27th)


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It is nothing personal against AJ Dillon, but I have always been a big Aaron Jones fan. It now seems like the Packers are too as he has become the priority back once again. Last week Jones had six targets and finished with seven more touches. What a great time for the Packers to decide they should lean on Aaron Jones.

The Detroit Lions gashed the Chargers in Week 10 both on the ground and in the air. While I wouldn’t say Green Bay is as talented as the Chargers overall, they still have what it takes to keep up with the Bolts. This could be a big-time spot for Jordan Love to step up and let everyone know he is the future at QB for the Packers.

In the meantime, while the Love story is being told Aaron Jones should get a few chapters to himself. A chance to reignite the fire that made him such an outstandingly dependable running back the last few years.

Expect Aaron Jones to handle around 13-14 carries, 65-70 yards, and a score. While seeing 6-7 targets, catching 4-5 passes for an additional 30-35 yards.

Jerome Ford Browns vs. Steelers(23rd)


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It is tough to find a running back like Jerome Ford at this stage of the season. Ford isn’t mentioned among the topbacks in the league right now. Ford also isn’t just tossed on a scrap heap and glossed over at this point of the season. Jerome Ford isn’t even mentioned at all far as I can understand. Until right now. As we inch closer to the Main slate of Week 11 Ford should be in your notes and in your entries.

Once Nick Chubb went down everyone just eliminated the Browns running game. Kareem Hunt was a sneaky addition in seasonal formats for a week or two. Folks tossed around his name in DFS format for a week or two. Then it all stopped. Jerome carried the ball 17 times for 107 yards last week in Baltimore. Ford is only the second RB to rush for 100, or more, yards against the Ravens this season. Hunt will still get work and see his allotment of touches for Ford is the guy we want moving forward.

While last week’s game against the Green Bay Packers wasn’t all that exciting the Steelers still allowed around 6.91 yards per carry to Jones, Dillon, and Love. After what the Browns pulled off last week in Baltimore, we should expect them to come out hot!

Let’s expect Ford to see 16-17 carries, 60-65 yards, and a touchdown. While he catches 2-3 passes for another 15-20 yards.

Rachaad White Buccaneers at 49ers(8th)


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Speaking about just getting it done regardless of match-up I must mention Rachaad White. White rushed 20 times for only 51 yards, but he caught two passes for 47 yards, including taking a screen pass to the endzone for a 46-yard touchdown.

Years ago, probably five or more, the term “bell cow” was used to describe RBs like Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch, and the still-active Derrick Henry. It is a word, and thought, that is seemingly fading away. As more and more teams adopt the good ole one-two punch combo at the running back position a player like Rachaad White gives us old heads a little excitement!

On a personal note, I have been looking for a way to use the phrase, “old heads” for some time now. Back to football and Week 11 now! The San Francisco 49ers are no slouch on defense. They have bolstered their defensive line with the addition of Chase Young in recent weeks. Last week the 49ers DST only allowed 59 total scrimmage yards on 17 carries from four different Jaguars.

I am willing to throw all that information out in favor of a true bell-cow RB. I am also willing to take the risk with Rachaad on Sunday. That’s the whole idea behind a running back like him. No matter the results he will pound and pound the football and sooner or later, if the skill is there, he will break it wide open. Not once but maybe twice. So, while DFS players brush him off simply based on the opposing defense we should double down on White and trust the workload and talent.

I am projecting 18-19 carries for Rachaad in Week 11. Every yard he gains will be tough but let’s expect 75-80 yards and a touchdown. Toss in 4-5 receptions for another 40-45 yards.

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Devin Singletary Texans vs. Cardinals(30th)


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One man's trash is another man's treasure. Last Week Devin had a career game. He rushed 30 times for 150 yards and one touchdown while also catching one pass for 11 yards! Wow! I’d love to say it happened out of nowhere, but he was mentioned in last week’s Bottom of the Barrel. I am not one to brag or boast as I never expected him to carry the ball 30 times. Let alone gain 150 yards but nonetheless, it was a fantastic performance. So, the big question here is, “Can he do it again in Week 11 against the Arizona Cardinals?”

Without being overdramatic the answer is, yes! Unfortunately, teammate Dameon Pierce is still not practicing. Well, as of Wednesday the 15th, he has yet to practice. Given the soft match-up this week it is ok to expect another big haul from Devin. While we should temper our expectations a little bit the idea of 100 yards and a touchdown is well within reach.

We should count on 14-15 carries, 70-75 yards, and a touchdown for Devin in Week 11. To go along with 1-2 receptions for 10-12 yards.

Jaylen Warren Steelers at Browns(7th)


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At this point of the NFL season, especially Week 10 and beyond, I am looking for equal parts volume and some heart. Jaylen carried the ball 15 times for 101 yards and a touchdown in Week 10. Warren also caught two of four targets for nine yards.

Color me shocked but both Warren and Najee Harris can coexist! Harris had almost the same stat line minus some rushing yards but added two more catches. Without even looking into I can say with the utmost confidence both running backs will be heavily involved moving forward. This exact blurb could’ve belonged to Najee had he not been out of Bottom of the Barrel’s salary restrictions!

The Cleveland Brown's defense is more than formidable but 30+ rushing attempts between two equally talented RBs might be the key to we need to break the Cleveland DST. I am expecting 13-14 carries, 60-65 yards, 3-4 receptions, and another 15-20 yards. Might be completely stupid to start both Pittsburgh RBs or it could be genius depending on the results!

James Cook Bills vs. Jets(20th)


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Dear 6-pound 8-ounce baby Jesus, please keep James Cook safe, happy, healthy, and fumble-free in Week 11. That was such a strange occurrence on Monday night. Social media was very nasty during that time. Bills head coach Sean McDermott took some big-time heat as folks were coming out of the woodwork bashing him.

Once back in the game, Cook looked angry. James obviously took it personally as he tore off several big chunk runs in the second quarter. His longest was 42 yards on Buffalo's final possession of the game. He also fumbled a second time as he ran right up the middle of the field, and it bounced off the field and right back into his arms without missing a stride. The Buffalo Bills are on the edge of a disaster as they cannot afford to lose too many more games and still expect to make the postseason.

Shockingly enough I am not a football coach. I do not spend my free time studying a playbook and creating my own plays. However, I will say the Bills would benefit by using James Cook more often. The same could be said for Stefon Diggs. They better get it figured out quickly or their season is over. With that in mind, here is what I have come up with for Cook in Week 11 against the New York Jets.

James should see 14-15 carries, 65-70 yards, and a touchdown. On top of 2-3 receptions for 15 or 20 more yards.

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