Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 11 WR

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 WR

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 11 WR Edition!

There is a lot to discuss at the wide receiver position for Week 11. So, let’s get right to it. The wonderful thing about WRs in DFS is the fact we can always mix-and-match and/or stack up two guys from the same team without any doubt. There is also a lot to like this week for the WR position.

If you missed this week’s Bottom of the Barrel at the quarterback position or at the running back spot do not worry! Can always catch up by clicking the position you’re into!

Tyreek Hill Dolphins vs. Raiders(7th)


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Every time I have an odd feeling about a team, player, or an overall game I like to explore every facet available. While Tyreek Hill remains one of the better overall offensive weapons in the league, he has been very quiet the last few weeks.

The Dolphins had their bye week last Sunday and in Week 9 the Chiefs somehow kept him from finding the endzone! How confident are we that Tyreek and Tua Tagovailoa will be looking to not only reestablish themselves as one of the better teams in the league but also get back into the headlines? Let’s not kid around here these players are at the height of all physical abilities but their egos need to be fed too.

Miami will put a hurting on the Raiders this Sunday.  We should expect, at minimum, 30 points from the Dolphins. While Tyreek catches 7-8 passes for 110 yards and a touchdown. He is the most expensive WR on the Main slate for a reason. Do not let the Vegas DvP fool you here.

Romeo Doubs Packers vs. Chargers(28th)


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For some odd reason, I have taken it upon myself to proclaim this game a do-or-die situation for Jordan Love. At first, it seemed ridiculous to think such a thing. Upon closer inspection maybe it’s not as crazy as we think.

The Green Bay Packers currently sit at 3-6 overall and 3rd in the NFC North. While the 2023 season was a toss-up before the season started it has now started to take shape with the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings dominating the North, so far. So, why not the Packers? I don’t want to say it is all because of J. Love but the kid keeps throwing interceptions in big spots. The opposite of what a franchise-leading QB should do. To be more specific Love threw two killer interceptions in the fourth quarter last Sunday with a chance to tie or take the lead. He now has five interceptions in those specific scenarios this year. It is without doubt the most in the NFL.

Forgive me for going off on a large tangent. It’s all still a very small piece of the pie with Green Bay. When we focus back on Week 11 Jordan and the Packers have a real shot at getting back into the win column. The Charger’s secondary is as soft as I can ever remember it being. This is the time to show us what you’re made of Jordan. In doing so, I feel Romeo is part of the success. Plus, Doubs has an uncanny knack for finding the endzone!

What I find amazing is that Romeo has scored six touchdowns on just 33 catches! Look for more of the same this week as Doubs catches 4-5 passes for 40-45 yards and a touchdown!

Jayden Reed Packers vs. Chargers(28th)


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Once again to be clear I am not a professional football coach, but I think Jayden Reed should be used more in this offense. In Week 8 Jayden was part of 78% of the offensive snaps. In Week 9 a measly 39% and in Week 10 51%. Yet, Jayden snagged a beautiful 35-yard touchdown in the second quarter. While adding another big 46-yard snag. Along the same lines as Romeo, the rookie, Jayden Reed, has caught 27 total passes and four touchdowns. It is mind-blowing to me that this Packers coaching staff is just so nonchalant about Reed and even Romeo.

Jordan Love, Romeo, and Reed will press the issue in Week 11. Plus, the home crowd at Lambeau Field will not stand for it. For the sake of time let us skip ahead to the rookie's Week 11 projections!

Jayden Reed should see 4-5 targets and catch around 3-4 passes. Look for about 35-40 total yards and another touchdown. The Packer's trifecta of Love, Romeo, and Reed has almost reached its boiling point.

Noah Brown Texans vs. Cardinals(17th)


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Holy smokes! Have you seen what Noah Brown has done over the last two weeks? It was incredible! If you read Bottom of the Barrel as often as I think you do, then you are aware of Noah! As silly as it sounds this 27-year-old WR has made Texans history! With his second straight game of at least 150 yards, Noah Brown joins DeAndre Hopkins (2018 and 2015) and Andre Johnson (2012 and 2009) as the only players in Texans history to do it in back-to-back games. While that is all fine and dandy how we can use this information for Week 11?

Unfortunately, Noah has not practiced yet this week. Well, as of Thursday, November 11th. It appears he’s dealing with a sore knee. Let us carry on and approach this week as if he practices Friday and can suit up on Sunday. Also, a quick reminder Nico Collins looks to be back and active in Week 11 as well. That doesn't bother me, and it shouldn’t bother Noah.

Tough to project 150, or more, receiving yards so I will keep a level head. Look for Noah to see 4-5 targets, 4-5 receptions, and 55-60 yards. A better play in my eyes on DraftKings over FanDuel simply based on his price tag.

Curtis Samuel Commanders vs. Giants(30th)


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Here we are again. Another week another mention of a Washington Commanders wide receiver. This time around it is Curtis Samuel. Curtis is still dealing with a toe injury that has been bothering him for several weeks now. Samuel's toe injury caused him to miss Week 9. While he was questionable all week heading into Week 10. He did play last week but he only caught two passes for 6-yards.

Week 11 is a whole different story as the Commanders host the lowly New York Giants. Who is this year's punching bag? The Cowboys hammered them last week. Now it is Washington's turn. Their starting quarterback Sam Howell played so well that his price tag was bumped up so high he didn’t cut Bottom of the Barrel! It’s fun to see. Not that anyone cares but Sam Howell has graduated from Bottom of the Barrel!

Let’s give Curtis around 5-6 targets and 4-5 receptions this week. To go along with 45-50 yards and a touchdown. Hopefully, he gets over this toe issue sooner rather than later and gets back to seeing a carry, or two, each week!

Elijah Moore Browns vs. Steelers(27th)


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Is it just me or has the football community completely forgotten about Elijah? In all honesty, I have not, and I promise you that! I have just kept an eye on him waiting for the right time to drop his name. Looks like last week was that time. The lack of success prior to last week’s box score is what stands up. On top of the fact Deshaun Watson is having surgery and he’s done for the year. Just when things were looking up for the Cleveland Browns offense it came crashing back down.

The Browns are going back to their 5th-round rookie selection Dorian Thompson-Robinson at quarterback this week. So, anything goes, to be honest. If ever there was a time for Elijah to break out or keep a little of last week’s mojo rolling it’s in Week 11.

Moore was sent seven targets on 38 routes last week against Baltimore. He also scored his first touchdown as a Brown. The lack of success he’s had so far in the NFL is troubling but again, anything goes. Oh, and he is still only 23 years old!

Let's count on 5-6 targets, 4-5 catches, and 45-50 yards from Elijah Moore this week.

Darnell Mooney Bears at Lions(22nd)


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The move in this game is clearly D.J. Moore but he is obviously too expensive for Bottom of the Barrel. On a positive note, the Bears should be getting Justin Fields back under center. That will open the field up a tad bit more for Chicago.

While we could argue it’s going to be a challenge for the Bears in Detroit on Sunday that is the exact reason why I am looking towards Mooney. All those old Lions teams are so ingrained into my DNA that it is tough to let me be at peace and enjoy watching them play. More times than not the secondary option from the opposing team just tears them apart. In this sense that would be Darnell Mooney! Sound logical advice I know but it has happened year after year after year here in Detroit.

Once I calmed down and started thinking straight, I was okay with Mooney being targeted 4-5 times and catching 3-4 passes for around 40-45 yards. If he finds the endzone this could be a sweet play!

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