Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 12 RB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 16 RB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 12 RB Edition!

This is one of the better weeks of the year for us football freaks. We get 3 games this Thursday on Thanksgiving as usual. Then, another new Amazon Black Friday game in the evening. Then, when when the football withdrawal starts to hit we get another big fix on Sunday.

No way around the inevitability of football over the next few days. So, we all have a few choices. Buckle up and fully immerse yourself in everything that is football. Meaning, daily fantasy sports, sportsbooks, fighting with family over a sports rivalry, or connecting with family over your favorite sports fandom.

The other option really stinks. I'm not too sure I even know what the other option is really like. How about I do my best to explain what I think it's like? We would have to be alone, without a television or phone. On second thought that doesn't too bad but the idea of football is just too much to pass. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. While it's all just getting started this is the first big holiday of the year. Be safe. Be happy and enjoy your surroundings!

Alvin Kamara Saints at Falcons(2nd)


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My first thought with Alvin was that six-touchdown game he had on Christmas. Why? Mainly because it's the holiday season! The match-up is a little dicey and this game is being played on Sunday, November 26th. Also, last season, when these two teams played in December, Alvin had 21 carries for 91 yards.

The fact Alvin is an outstanding pass-catching back makes him very desirable on most slates. While we are stuffing our faces and eating leftovers the Saints and Falcons will battle for first place in the NFC South! Wild right? This is a big-time game for both squads!

Look for Alvin Kamara to see 14-15 carries, 55-60 yards, 5-6 receptions, another 40 yards and a touchdown!

Rhamondre Stevenson Patriots at Giants(26th)


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Given the fact we have a smaller-than-normal Main slate this week, I was able to take a few liberties with the players mentioned in Bottom of the Barrel and their price tags. Normally, a player of Rhamondre's status is a little too expensive to make the cut. Come to find out I am able to make the decision for myself. Why, hello Rhamondre Stevenson and his beautiful match-up in Week 12!

Even with a back injury in Week 10, he was able to set seasonal high marks with carries(20) and rushing yardage(88). While the Patriots are seemingly crumbling before our very eyes there is no overlooking what Rhamondre can bring to the table in Week 12.

Fresh and rested after his bye week I am expecting 15-16 carries for 70-75 yards. In addition to 3-4 catches for 30 yards. Do not be shocked if Stevenson finds the endzone on multiple occasions Sunday.

Jerome Ford Browns at Broncos(32nd)


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This is a wonderful chance for the Browns to solidify themselves as a major player in the AFC Playoff picture. I am completely aware of Kareem Hunt and his ability as a running back. Hence the reason both are mentioned this week in Bottom of the Barrel.

Let’s quickly discuss Ford as Hunt will have his time once you scroll down. I also see no reason why we waste time digging into DvP or how much the Denver defense has improved over the last few weeks. While the Broncos have won four games in a row they can still be run through like a carwash. Last week the Vikings totaled 175 rush yards. While in Week 10 the Bills managed 192 rushing yards.

I am very comfortable utilizing both Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt on Sunday. As far as Mr. Ford is concerned let’s expect 14-15 carries, 70-75 yards, 2-3 catches, 20 more yards, and his sixth touchdown of the season.

Najee Harris Steelers at Bengals(19th)


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While I did consider Jaylen Warren for Bottom of the Barrel this week, I thought it best to lean on Najee Harris. Jaylen has come on strong the last few weeks. He has been awesome, to tell the truth. For most of those weeks, he has been mentioned right here in the article.

Yet, there comes a point when we must cut a player loose just based on the excitement and mild hysteria of it all. Next time you are free pop onto Twitter and search for him. It is mind-blowing how many folks are just now catching up while thinking Jaylen Warren is still some sneaking under-the-radar move. I’m not here to put you down or crash anyone’s party.

This game between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati is always on my short list of must-watch battles. These two teams despise each other. Even the people who live in each city hate each other. It won’t be the same without Joe Burrow, but I have a feeling Najee will be the star of the show.

We can count on 14-15 carries, 60-65 yards, and a touchdown. While he also catches 2-3 passes for 15-20 yards and another touchdown. Yes, Najee is due for a multi-touchdown game.

Isiah Pacheco Chiefs at Raiders(28th)


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Not too much to say about Isiah Pacheco’s immense rushing upside this week. Isiah goes from his second-best rushing performance of the season against an Eagles team who, at the time, was giving up the least rushing yards to opponents to the Las Vegas Raiders. I’d say things are about to open up wide for Pacheco and Kansas City.

The game totals and point spread alone should tell us all we need to know. The Chiefs are laying 9-10 points in a highly anticipated bounce-back game. The Raiders defense has also given up the sixth most rushing yards per game. This game should be all sunshine and rainbows for not only Pacheco but the rest of the Chiefs.

Expect 15-16 carries, 70-75 yards, and a touchdown from Isiah. On top of 2-3 receptions for an additional 20 yards. Do not overthink this one. Ownership percentages be damned you better believe Pacheco will be in every lineup I enter for Sunday.

Javonte Williams Broncos vs. Browns(11th)


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Sometimes it’s fun to look at DFS or seasonal fantasy football in other odd ways. Like in this case let’s say we need to form a fight club. Aside from Derrick Henry of course what other running backs would you align yourself with?

Obviously, I am going to say, Javonte Williams! I’d also like to add the man in the blurb above, Isiah Pacheco. These two running backs have me fired up for Week 12. It makes the lineup-building process so much easier when I have two 100% definite answers in the same position.

We have two things going for us if you want in on J-Will this week. One, the Browns are an unbelievably tough test. Meaning, the match-up alone will shave a certain amount of his ownership percentages. Two, the Broncos have found another gear and I believe it has something to do with Javonte’s higher usage the last weeks. The knee injury is history as he is running tough.

Give me Javonte to go for around 110 all-purpose yards on 17-18 carries and 2-3 receptions. While also scored his first rushing touchdown of the season.

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