Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 QB edition!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 QB

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Week 15 of the NFL season is here. It officially kicks off on Thursday in Las Vegas. More times than not the ebbs and flow of the NFL season is directly correlated to the popularity of DFS. During the first few weeks of the season, the popularity of DFS is at an all-time high. Folks filled with angst and the idea of winning a million dollars.

Around Week 4 or 5 of the NFL season, DFS is then placed on the back burner in favor of the fantasy football seasonal format. Then, without fail, around Weeks 14-15, there is another massive rush back into daily fantasy sports. The reasoning is as easy as it gets.

When people start realizing their seasonal teams are done for or they are eliminated from playoff contention they hop right back into DFS. While some may see it as a bad thing, I think the exact opposite! There will be more money tossed around, the bigger contests will be watered down. Making it a little easier to strike green in our contests!

The layout of the quarterback landscape in Week 15 is wonderful! Some of the plum matchups are traps. While some of the bad matchups are fantastic and eye-opening to those of us who can see it.

Let me be your eyes for Week 15. Here we are! Bottom of the Barrel QBs for Week 15!

Josh Allen Bills vs. Cowboys(11th)


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Josh Allen did just enough to beat the Chiefs in Kansas City on Sunday. Granted there was that whole tirade from Patrick Mahomes. Which was very interesting and picked up by almost every media outlet in the country! On social media, there was a flurry of hate for Patrick. Being called a cry bay was the most popular. See, even in defeat Mahomes and the Chiefs are still the most popular. He is still the golden child. It is a shame because the Bills played their asses off!

Now, in week 15 the Bills battle the Cowboys. Dallas is rolling right now. They have swapped spots with the Eagles in the NFC Playoff picture. In comparison, the Bills are one of six teams with the same record of 7-6. It is an unbelievable thing!

For a reason, Josh Allen is the most expensive quarterback on both FanDuel and DraftKings. While the Cowboys defense is relentless their secondary can be beaten. My words are exactly taken from the Sunday Night Football video, “The Dallas secondary is fantastic, but they do take risks and can be burned!” A QB of Allen’s stature will have his share of success in this game. Can his supporting cast do the same?

Kyler Murray Cardinals vs. 49ers(5th)


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The Cardinals had their bye in Week 14. Now they step foot onto the field against arguably the best team in the league. Fun fact, San Francisco has already clinched a spot in the playoffs. The first team to punch their ticket to the dance.

Back to Kyler and the Cards. They are currently 3-10 and I hate to use the term “going through the motions” seeing how every snap counts on the field. In no way do I think the 49ers let their foot off the gas rather than the Cardinals just go through the motions.

It is an odd time of the NFL season. A handful of teams are already done and eliminated from any postseason action. Seeing how you can’t just forfeit a game or not show up, what does a 3-10 team do, at home, against a powerhouse Super Bowl contender? You show up and fight. Each snap and rep could prove beneficial not to mention real-life jobs and incomes are at stake.

Plus, in an odd way is Kyler Murray auditioning for a long-term job as the Cardinals quarterback. Seems ridiculous seeing how he’s under contract until 2028. A 230.5 million dollar deal at $46.1 a season. Kyler will be just fine for not only this week, but the rest of the week, and throughout the length of his contract. Once he starts to feel more comfortable with his knee and other movements the rushing yardage and touchdowns will come.

Matthew Stafford Rams vs. Commanders(32nd)


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As predicted the wild and crafty veteran was at it again last week in Baltimore. The Rams almost beat the Ravens in their city! Matthew completed 23-of-41 passes for 294 yards and three touchdowns!

Now the Rams are back at Sofi against an NFC team that goes nowhere. The Commanders can still pack a punch on offense, but their defense is a shell of what it used to be after they sold off some high-end pieces.

Stafford has always been that guy who given half a chance is going to take it. As this offense starts to get healthy and cruise they will go on a run. Last week’s loss was just a bump in the road and not that meaningful given the Ravens are an AFC team.

Matthew Stafford is about to go on one more historic run. Trust me, when I tell you betting against Stafford is a sucker’s game. Betting on him is where the money is at!

Joe Flacco Browns vs. Bears(22nd)


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Flacco heads back to the practice squad! Just a procedural move as he played well for the Browns when called upon. Joe has always been a winner! In his two games as the Browns QB, he has completed 49 of 89 passes for 565 yards, five touchdowns, and only two interceptions while losing only one fumble.

In Week 15 Cleveland rubbles with the Bears who will be riding high after demolishing Detroit 28-13. Per head coach Kevin Stefanski Joe Flacco will be the Browns' starting quarterback for the rest of the season. That is good news for us sports bettors and DFS players! Another two touchdown passes are coming!

Desmond Ridder Falcons at Panthers(3rd)


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Once again, the Atlanta Falcons have a fun and exciting team. Led by Desmond Ridder! Last week Desmond completed 26 of his 40 passes for 347 yards, one touchdown pass and another on the ground. While the Panther's DvP number is at 3, they are a lot less scary once the game gets rolling. The Falcons and Buccaneers will probably be swapping in and out of the lead of the South until the season is over.

However, in Week 15 his price tag is beyond low given the offensive weapons around him that are starting to perk up! Like Drake London and Kyle Pitts. While it is common to stack up against the bad teams this late in the season, I can see folks shying away from this one. Ridder isn’t exactly a household name, and the Panthers aren’t as down and out as you think.

Look for Ridder to one-up what he did last week. Meaning, two passing touchdowns and another score on the ground!

Baker Mayfield Buccaneers at Packers(8th)


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Back-to-back weeks for Baker in Bottom of the Barrel. Last week was a doozy for Mr. Mayfield. In true Baker fashion, he didn’t do much at the start of this game. Then, when pressed upon, he came through with flying colors!

Mayfield came through in a big way with two touchdown passes and no turnovers! Tampa beat Atlanta to regain control of the NFC South. Oh, I almost forgot Baker Mayfield found the endzone on a one-yard rushing touchdown!

Now the Bucs head to Green Bay who just lost to the Giants on Monday Night Football. This game has all the makings of a nasty hard-fought battle. As long as Baker has the luxury of Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, and Rachaad White at his disposal I am going to keep mentioning him in this article. It would be impossible for me to project another three-touchdown game, but I can do two touchdowns. So will Baker Mayfield.

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