Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Over the years I have noticed that Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 QB  is just a list of cheap plays that went over in Week 1 or a glorified waiver wire article. Or it feels like we're breaking that one fantasy sports rule, “Do not chase points!”

Look, if the shoe fits, then let’s run with it! We are a long way from football player stability. That may never come! Not for the players mentioned in this article. The studs typically start to hit their averages a few weeks into the season. However, I pride myself on the outlandish nature of the players mentioned here. Players who may only shine for one week!

Enjoy the article and I hope it helps you to never leave anything unsaid. What is the worst that could happen? Someone calls you a dummy. Best case most blurbs are fun, and folks forget they are reading a DFS article. To me, that is the best compliment. Goes typically like this, “Hey Chris I don’t even know what DFS is, but I just read Bottom of the Barrel and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

The NFL season is upon us, friends! Sit back, grab a pen, or piece of paper, and let’s dig in! Bottom of the Barrel Week 2 is here!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 QB

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Josh Allen, Bills vs. Raiders (27th)

(FD-$9,200) (DK-$7,900) (Y!-$39)

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Josh Allen is the most expensive quarterback on FanDuel this week. While on DraftKings it is Patrick Mahomes KC @ JAX(31st)(FD-$8,900)(DK-$8,300)(Y!-$39). Regardless, I only use the highest-priced player at each spot to put the rest of the picks into perspective.

Well, while we are here and before we dig into Bottom of the Barrel for Week 2 these two QBs need to be addressed. Look, in no should we be panicking or jumping ship. That would be ridiculous! Yet, Mahomes lost, at home, to Detroit! While Josh Allen lost, in New York to the Jets.

I am in no way this odd conspiracy theorist but arguably the two best QBs in the AFC lost to two teams that have been bad news for a long time. Makes you think. Where’s the script? Shoot would make writing these articles a lot easier!

Jared Goff, Lions vs. Seahawks (31st)

(FD-$7,300) (DK-$6,200) (Y!-$28)

Jared completed 22 of his 35 passing attempts, racking up 253 yards through the air and adding a touchdown to the box score. His performance in Arrowhead earned him a QB2 ranking for Week 1. So now everyone is looking at the Lions and what will they do next, at home, against Seattle. Stick around, I will tell you!

After a win like this one, there are a few things, it does to a team. Most of which don’t show up in box scores and personal statistics. It shows up in much more dangerous ways such as how the offense will attack Seattle. How rabid the defense will be while getting to Geno Smith.

Sunday, September 17th every possible person in the state of Michigan will pack into Ford Field and they will not hold back. I am expecting the Lions to do the same, on the strength of their hometown fans.

When it comes to Jared Goff in Week 2, I am also expecting big things. Let’s say 22-23 competitions, 240-245 yards, and two touchdown passes.

Jordan Love, Packers @ Falcons (13th)

(FD-$7,200) (DK-$5,500) (Y!-$26)

Embed from Getty Images

What a game this was from a personal perspective. Jordan Love completed 15 of 27 pass attempts for 245 yards and three touchdowns as the Packers annihilated the Bears 38-20.

Yet, as I always say, that was last week, and this is now. The Green Bay Packers offense looked dang good. Let’s pump the brakes for a second. Was this performance more based on the ineptitude of the Bears or the action of the new look Green Bay Packers? I think it’s a little in between the two.

Green Bay heads to Atlanta to battle the Falcons. If Jordan Love has truly arrived, then this game could be one heck of a back-and-forth. I’m counting on Love to complete 21-22 passes, 245 yards, two touchdowns, and another 15-20 yards on the ground.

Brock Purdy, 49ers @ Rams (32nd)

(FD-$7,100) (DK-$5,700) (Y!-$22)

“Let’s see what all the fuss is about with Brock in Week 1.” My exact words in last week’s Bottom of the Barrel and on the Sunday broadcast with Fantasy Six Pack. Well, we found out quickly and it was fantastic! Brock was an awesome center as he completed 19-of-29 pass attempts for 220 yards and two touchdowns while also rushing three times for 20 yards. What stuck out most was the fact he averaged 7.6 yards per passing attempt.

As the 49ers turn their attention to the Rams this coaching staff must be licking their chops! The Steeler's defense was supposed to be, at least better, than the Ram's defense. We will see how that works out! Using this logic why can’t Purdy and the 49ers hang another 30 points at So-Fi Stadium?

Grab a pen and paper as I give you my personal projections for Brock in Week 2! Purdy should complete 20-21 passes, 245 yards, and two more touchdown passes. If you’re like me you want every point possible so let’s add on 3-4 rushing attempts for an additional 10-12 yards.

Russell Wilson, Broncos vs. Commanders (24th)

(FD-$7,100) (DK-$5,800) (Y!-$24)

I wouldn’t call Wilson's Week 1 performance a bust, but it was underwhelming. He left us wanting more. That’s the entire reason why I just had to add him to The Bottom of the Barrel this week. Russell completed 27 of his 34 pass attempts but also threw a pair of touchdowns.

There are a few things I’d like to discuss here. Promise I will be quick. First, their stud WR Jerry Jeudy was inactive. Let’s be honest that hurt. Second, tight end Greg Dulcich was lost during the game as well. Wasn’t the best of conditions.

Call me crazy but I’d expect Russ Wilson and Sean Payton to bounce back in a big way on Sunday. I have Wilson around 20-21 completions, 235 passing yards, and one touchdown pass. However, on the ground, I could see these Commander edge rushers flushing him out of the pocket a few times leading to 4-5 carries and another touchdown on the ground!

Other Interesting Players for NFL DFS Week 2

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