Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 RB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 16 RB

Before I jump into the 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 edition of the Bottom of the Barrel for RB I want to say something.

My late father, Ron, was a good man. He taught me many things. Have good manners, be prompt, and work hard. He was supportive of me as a small child, a teenager, and as a man. He let me make my own mistakes. He was always there to help and lend some wisdom when I screwed up badly. When things were going well, he would humble me. Most importantly, he was the first one to tell me how proud he was of me regardless of if my situation was good or bad.

What resonated the most was the way he and my mother, Lisa, would let me figure it all out on my own. Well, maybe a helping hand or two, but it was always my ass in the jackpot. My father succumbed to colon cancer a few years back and as time ticks away I have noticed most of what I do, or how I act, is a product of both him and my mother. Just saying that out loud strikes a chord and I realize how lucky I have been in my life.

As we look ahead to Week 2 of the NFL’s main slate stop and realize a few things. One, be happy with what you currently have around you. Two, things could always be worse. Third, and lastly, time is going by at warp speed so let’s enjoy all these fun little moments. It’ll be Week 10 in a flash as we’re looking around like, “Huh, where has the time gone?”

*Note the number inside the parenthesis is the defense rank versus that position

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 RB

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Christian McCaffrey, 49ers @ Rams (9th)


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The best back in the game is the most expensive back in the game. Rightfully so given his true full power. Anytime he touches the ball he can take it all the way. All the way meaning an 80-yard touchdown. CMC is never a bad idea to anchor your DFS lines.

James Cook, Bills vs. Raiders (23rd)


Overall, the Bills need to bounce back in a big way. Normally that would start with Josh Allen flinging the ball all over the field. However, I personally think it starts with the Bills getting their running game rolling against Vegas this week.

So, let’s give Cook 14-15 rushing attempts, 70-75 yards, and a few receptions for another 25 yards. A very productive day for Cook and the Bills lies ahead.

James Conner, ARZ vs. NYG(26th)


JC had 12 carries for 62 rushing yards, adding five more receptions for eight yards. I love the fact that James was involved in the passing game. We also hold our breath during that kind of designed play given Connor's vast injury history. However, that is all behind him now. A full healthy season awaits!

The entire world watched the Giants get absolutely destroyed last Sunday night by Dallas. Professional football players are used to winning and losing. Yet, such a nasty final score must’ve affected the Giants. That’s what I am preying on this week with James Connor.

I’m saying 15 carries, 70 yards, 4 receptions, and 25 more yards. Add in a touchdown and that’s a beautiful stat line and outstanding value for the crafty vet!

David Montgomery, Lions vs. Seahawks (29th)


Picture this, an entire stadium filled with people wearing ski masks literally looking to rob you of a win. Holding you up for yardage, points, and your soul. Got it? Well, that’s what is going to happen at Ford Field this Sunday.

The Lion's offensive line is their strength, and it is what got them to win in Arrowhead last week. Seattle’s defensive front does not scare me. Is an inkling the Seahawks will come to town and upset the Lions in their home opener? Sure, but it has quickly faded away.

I am projecting more power football from Dan this week and D-Mont will be the beneficiary. We’re looking at 16-17 carries, 70-75 yards, and a few catches for 10 yards. David is a very good bet to find the endzone too.

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Rachaad White, Buccaneers vs. Bears (31st)


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The Packers dismantled the Bears last week and I am expecting the Bucs to do the same. Chicago lets Aaron Jones average 4.6 yards per carry. Chicago also let Patrick Taylor average 4.4 yards per carry. So, what do you think Rachaad White is going to do? I will tell you! Around 17-18 carries, 80-85 yards, 3 receptions, and another 20 yards. Oh boy, Chicago Bears Twitter be in shambles Sunday evening.

Dameon Pierce, Texans vs. Colts (24th)


Dameon only collected 38 yards on 11 carries with two receptions for a measly nine yards in Week 1 against a tough Baltimore defense. All bets are off though this week as the Texans host the Colts. I would expect Houston to make it a point to shove Pierce down the Colts throats on Sunday.

To the tune of 17-18 carries, 70-75 yards, 2-3 receptions for an additional 20 yards. Predicting touchdowns is probably harder than hitting a 99mph fastball but Dameon finding the endzone in this one is a sure thing. Maybe twice!

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