Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 WR

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 WR

Dang it. Sometimes life doesn’t break our way. We can be doing the best we possibly can and still get the crap end of the stick. I know most of you don’t care when Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 WR is published. You’ll just say, “Where is it?” Or “I’d like to read it!” For that I am thankful.

I am my own biggest critic. Sometimes illogically tough on myself. I have my father to thank for that. Which, don’t get me wrong, isn’t a bad thing. It has created several good characters defining building blocks.

I am sorry for the lateness of the articles this week. I had folks tell me to shorten the blurbs. Or don’t mention so many players. No harm in their advice but this article is my favorite thing I do in fantasy sports, across the board, without a doubt. Whether it’s a doubleheader Monday Night football thing that throws me off or a real-life work emergency this article will always be published.

Thank you for always reading this. It is my bread and butter. It is, in fact, my baby. To see it grow as it has makes me very happy. Brings me joy and humility as well. Thank you! Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 WR is coming at you!

*Note the number inside the parenthesis is the defense rank versus that position

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 2 WR

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Ja'Marr Chase, Bengals vs. Ravens(18th)


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Arguably the second-best wide-out in the game usually beats the dickens out of the Ravens. We know the narrative here. The Bengals got beat by the Browns while only scoring 3 points. I'd put all my chips on Joe Burrow and the Bengals coming in mad looking to prove a point. Many ways to prove that point but I'd put my money on them feeding Ja'Marr Chase.

Terry McLaurin, Commanders at Broncos(28th)


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Little apprehensive mentioning Terry here but I'd never forgive myself if he goes for 7 receptions, 125 yards, and 2 touchdowns.

Zay Jones, Jaguars vs. Chiefs(26th)


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In my mind, Kansas City feels like they can reset and they have to beat Jacksonville. That idea alone is dangerous when facing a very capable team like the Jaguars. Zay Jones will continue to run routes and Trevor Lawrence will continue making plays. I am hoping for 6-7 targets, 5-6 receptions, and 55-60 yards.

Nico Collins, Texans vs. Colts(29th)


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It is time to let Nico into our lives and in our fantasy rosters. If last week was any indication of what Mr. Collins can truly be then I want as much Nico as I can possibly handle! Historically the Colts beat up on the Texans. Which is of good use to Nico! Let's expect 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, and 55-60 yards. If Nico finds the endzone then his price tag only further affirms his outstanding value!

Jahan Dotson, Commanders @ Broncos(28th)


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Second, on the roster in targets and the most in routes ran last week, Dotson isn't that big of a secret anymore so here we are! We're looking at 7-8 targets, 4-5 receptions, 65-70 yards, and a touchdown!

Josh Reynolds, Lions vs. Seahawks(14th)


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Nothing Josh does jumps off the page. Will folks be buying his jersey and chanting his name? No way but he can still serve a purpose for our DFS entries! Last time out in Kansas City he caught four balls for 80 yards. Now, he will be at home in front of what will be a bunch of Detroiters wearing ski masks looking to straight-jack the Seahawks.

Treylon Burks, Titans vs. Chargers(32nd)


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Hard to mention any Titans this week. Against my better judgment, I am going to solely based on the DvP slapping us in the face. When is this kid going to break out? I cannot be the only one still holding him in this high regard like Chris Olave, Drake London, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Garrett Wilson. Sounds so stupid when you read it back. A healthy 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, 55-60 yards is where we're at with Burks.

Rashee Rice, Chiefs @ Jacksonville(15th)


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I knew it. I knew it. I flipping knew it. In week 1 game 1 on Thursday night in my single-game DFS video, I glossed right over Rice. I knew that was going to be a mistake. Sure, only 3 receptions for 29 yards but that touchdown is what did it. I can admit my faults and shortcomings and maybe I was a little rusty but I will not fail you again. The Chiefs wide receivers need a lot of work, and help. Yet, as long as Patrick Mahomes is your QB you will have a shot and why can't Pat make Rice a star?

Jayden Reed, Packers @ Falcons(3rd)


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The rookie did well last week against the Bears. Currently averaging 24 yards a catch. Granted that won't stick but who knows? If Christian Watson is inactive again all signs point to Romeo Romeo where art thou Romeo but Reed should see a taste too. Let's put a few bucks down on the rookie to score his first professional touchdown.

Injury Update

Other Interesting WRs for NFL DFS Week 2

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