Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 3 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

As a daily fantasy sports player, there is no worry about the seasonal fantasy stuff! Sure, I have found that there is a direct correlation between DFS and waiver wire articles but that’s about it! The beauty of DFS is no injuries, suspensions, or COVID-IR spots. We can build and select players daily. Granted, the stress and anger are still there but so are the excitement and comradery! As we head into Week 3 of the NFL season do any of you feel as if your season is done already?

Fantasy football is supposed to be fun! In a perfect world, it brings us together. Yet we all know this is real life. Plans do not normally go as planned. We make plans and God laughs. It is what we do during the in-between that counts.
Does daily fantasy football anger you? It angers me! Yet we keep coming back for more. Why do you think that is? Is it the challenges and torment? Or is it the relationships we build?

How sick and tired are you when reading rankings, projections, scouting reports, busts, sell, buy, and breakout articles? Have we ever taken an honest look at our DFS entries and thought, “This lineup stinks! “No reason to lie! We all have! Including me! More times than I’d like to admit!

As we inch closer to Week 3 of the NFL season it is time to take an honest look at our process and how we’re building them. Time to really understand the idea of taking risks and chasing the upside, but we do not know what we do not know. That is where the Fantasy Six Pack comes in! Along with our Discord channels! We all know we can do better! We all know we can try harder!

A large portion of daily fantasy football is a risk. At the other end, there is a reward. How often has your fantasy life intersected with your real life? Some people try to keep the two separate. While others revel in the glory of both! It’s the balance of the two that makes us connect. It’s the balance of the two that provides the reward.

With so many of us building relationships and friendships, we take certain risks. Sharing our strengths and weaknesses with each other. Asking for help and being kind to each other. Along with being creative and trying new things together.

I just want to tell you to get out of your comfort zone occasionally. Doing the same thing repeatedly yields the same results. Comfortable goals with no risks are just that, with little to no reward. When we take a chance and get uncomfortable that’s when the growth happens!

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Let's get into Bottom of the Barrel for Week 3 of the NFL season! There are a few gems to be plucked from the scrap heap if you are willing and able! Lets get after it!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 3 QB

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Patrick Mahomes Chiefs at Bears(24th)


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Kansas City got it done and rebounded nicely after their Week 1 loss. The term “rebounded nicely” was more than fair given the fact that KC only scored 17 points. Yet Mahomes was still able to rack up 305 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, and another 30 yards on the ground. So, when I say nice, I was specifically talking about Patrick.

I shudder to think what Andy Reid has planned for the Chicago Bear Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead. As a Lions fan, it’s exciting to think ahead. If you’re a Bears fan I probably wouldn’t watch.

As we inch closer to fall and Halloween this was my first thought. Patrick Mahomes walks into Arrowhead like Michael Myers and completely slaughters the Bears. Mahomes is going to treat Justin Fields like his Laurie Strode and will lay waste to anyone who gets in his way.

Kirk Cousins Vikings vs. Chargers(30th)


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Mr. Kirk Cousins. The true definition of an NFL quarterback if I’ve seen one. He keeps his head down and works hard, and the results follow. Last Thursday night he completed 31 of 44 pass attempts for an enormous 364 yards and four touchdowns! Even after all that the Vikings didn’t win. Wild!

Moving on, in Week 3, Kirk and the Minnesota Vikings will battle Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers. Two things I absolutely love about this game! One, the Chargers lost in Week 2, in overtime, to the Titans. Two, Justin Herbert tossed 41 passes, completing 27 of them for 305 yards and 2 touchdowns.

In conclusion, this game should be promoted as Kirk vs. Justin. Both signal callers are fully capable of shooting it out to the tune of a 35-31 type final. Meaning, that the Cousins should have no issue hanging another multi-touchdown 300+ passing-yard game. Kirk is one of my personal favorites at the position this week.

Jared Goff Lions vs. Falcons(32nd)


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Well, last week was a massive disappointment for those of us who poured into Ford Field. Yet, as I always say, that was then, and this is now. In all seriousness Goff was great! He played well. The Lions quarterback completed 28 of his 35 passing attempts for 323 yards and three touchdowns. What more could we have asked from him?

However, Week 3 isn’t expected to be a cakewalk from a real-life game standpoint. Fro

m a daily fantasy sports perspective that is a completely different story! We should not be shocked to see an almost identical stat line from the Detroit QB. Personally, I have Jared around 22-23 completions, 250 passing yards, and a pair of touchdown passes.

With Lions number one running back, David Montgomery considered day-to-day that that would mean more Jahmyr Gibbs. This isn’t a bad thing, at all, for both the Lions offense and Jared Goff. There is a real chance Jared goes off, at home, to make up for last week’s disappointment by throwing four touchdowns.

Derek Carr Saints @ Packers(21st)


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Dang. The Saints are 2-0! Derek Carr only completed 21 of his 36 attempts for a humble 228 yards but failed to find the endzone through both air and ground. Which is fine by me! Most folks look at that as a drag. I think it just means he makes up for it this week against the cheese heads. To what extent? I have an idea! What to hear it? Of course, you do!

Let’s count on 21-22 completions, 270 passing yards, and two touchdown passes! The Pack ranks 21st against opposing QBs. Mix in the way Jordan Love has been playing and we are looking at an old-fashioned shootout! By week's end, I might consider a full game of this one!

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C.J. Stroud Texans at Jaguars(28th)


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C.J. Stroud, only 21 years old, completed 30 of his 47 attempts, stacking up an inspiring 384 passing yards with 2 touchdowns, all without throwing a single interception! On Sunday Houston heads to Jacksonville and I expect C.J. to take another step forward in his development this weekend.

Will the Texans win? Truth be told, who cares? Always about those fantasy points! I have Stroud around 23-24 completions, 250 passing yards, and 4-5 rushing attempts for 15-20 yards. Including a pair of touchdown passes. Maybe three if T-Law decisions hang a bunch of points. The best thing we can hope for here is a shootout. Would asking for overtime be too?

Bryce Young Panthers @ Seahawks(21st)


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We shouldn’t fear the Seahawk's defense, AT ALL! Seattle let the Lions rack up 411 yards, 316 passing yards, and 316 rushing yards. Did you know when the Lions were up 14-7 mid-second quarter the Lions were favored to win by about 87.3%?? Was all downhill from there! If Goff can hang 232 yards and toss 3 touchdowns on the Sea Chickens then why can't Bryce?

Carolina won last week on the strength of Young's athleticism. If Jared Goff can torch the Seahawks, then this should be a cakewalk for Young.! Start with confidence!

Dak Prescott Cowboys vs. Cardinals(28th)


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Dak completed 31 of 38 passes for 255 yards and two touchdowns last week! Shockingly enough both TDs were his tight ends! Jake Ferguson and Luke Schoonmaker! Furthermore, Dak played extremely well last week against a stout Jets defense.

As Week 3 approaches I see no issues for the Cowboys and Prescott to hang 30+ points on the Cardinals in Arizona. On the flip side, the Cards are no slouch! After two weeks of play, Arizona is averaging 22 points a game. See what I am getting at?

Upon further inspection I like Dallas to win big. Dak Prescott should headline your DFS builds this weekend. Start with him and branch out from there.

Jordan Love Packers vs. Saints(2nd)


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I know it has only been two weeks, but I am certain that Jordan Love has arrived. Jordan completed 14 of 25 passing attempts, accumulating only 151 yards but three touchdowns! Love also took off and tailed 23 rushing yards. Furthermore, Jordan Love needs to be on our DFS radar most weeks.

However, this week is certainly a tough task against the Saints but that only whets my appetite! Why would a nasty DvP match-up give me such strong feelings? It is all about ownership percentages people. I’ve made no secret of how I pick and choose my favorite players and games. It’s all about the Vegas odds!

The over has hit in seven of the last Packer's ten games. Green Bay is also 7-3 against the spread in their last ten games. Once again, win or lose, do not ignore Jordan Love's potential this week.

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