Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 3 RB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 16 RB

Pain can manifest itself in many ways. Pain can motivate. Pain can paralyze us. Pain, if used correctly, can help us reach new heights. Emotional exhaustion, on the other hand, is like the Grim Reaper of all attitudes. I have always been big on personal perspectives. I have also bought into the adage, ‘Things will happen how they’re supposed to. With a bit of leg work, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

The idea of willingly being put into an uncomfortable situation in hopes of learning and growing is enough to make anyone cringe. As a man in active recovery, my biggest claim to fame was that I did very well with my back against the wall. Put me in an impossible spot and I would find my way out. I used to share this though at support group meetings. After sharing I thought I was the coolest. I was totally unaware of how foolish and disconnected I was. Fast forward to now and it makes me cringe. Even typing this out makes me embarrassed.

However, I am proud of the man I have become. That is the weird thing about being uncomfortable. We rarely know we’re in it until after we make it out. I’d like to think the lesson is not during but after. We are all responsible for our actions. Those actions always have consequences. The word consequence has always been linked to negativity. There are, in fact, positive consequences. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

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Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 3 RB

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Miles Sanders Panthers @ Seahawks(26th)


Miles is a personal favorite of mine at running back this week. However, I know what you're going to say. Miles Sanders hasn't scored a touchdown this season. He has accumulated 115 rushing yards on 32 total attempts. While catching seven balls for another 30 yards. All of these numbers and percentages are easily found but my gut feeling is something I do not question.

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The Seahawk's defense has been very kind to running backs, so far, this season. Seattle is allowing the seventh-most fantasy points per game to the RB position. Sanders is also a little banged up with a pectoral muscle issue but he has practiced, albeit limited, on Wednesday and Thursday. All signs are pointing up and all lights appear to be green when it comes to Miles Sanders this week.

Tyler Allgeier Falcons at Lions(15th)


So far so good for Tyler this year! Allgeier has 123 rushing yards, two touchdowns on 31 carries, and 19 receiving yards on three receptions. The Falcons fly into Detroit to battle the Lions who were just humbled at home last week. What I found both shocking and intriguing was Tyler's box score from Week 2. He scratched and clawed for 48 yards on 16 carries. That's only 3-yards per attempt. This leads me to believe that the Falcons will be patient and implement that same game plan in Detroit. Dig their heels into the turf and go to war in the trenches.

I would have no issue stacking up both Atlanta running backs, Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson, in the same entry this week against the Lions. I'm thinking 14-15 carries, 65 yards, and a touchdown for Allgeier this week. Given his modestly priced salary in all formats, I would make Tyler a priority in any and all entries this week.

Rhamondre Stevenson Patriots @ Jets(18th)


Last Sunday night Stevenson collected 50 rushing yards and a touchdown on 15 carries, while also adding 10 receiving yards on 3 receptions. In daily fantasy sports circles, we say consistency is king. The same could be said for those of us who provide content. If we can be counted on then everything else around us succeeds. Rhamondre has been consistently solid for our DFS lines and our seasonally formed fantasy football teams.

Stevenson's smash mouth type of running style should play very well in New York on Sunday. Plus, his projected volume alone puts him in my own upper echelon for running backs this week. I have Rhamondre around 15-16 carries, 65-70 yards, 2-3 receptions, 25-30 yards, and a touchdown. Please don't let the Jets defense scare you away from using Rhamondre this week.

Zack Moss Colts @ Ravens(5th)


Remember when I said consistency is king like two minutes ago? Well, so is volume! In fantasy sports at least. That is what we got from Moss last week and that is what we will get this week from him. However, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Last week Moss carried the ball 18 times for 88 yards and a touchdown. He also caught all 4 of his targets for another 19 yards.

As the Colts head into Baltimore to play the Ravens that could be offputting for a few people. Not me and certainly not you! If Indianapolis plays their cards right, and wins, it'll be on the back of Zach Moss. Meaning more volume awaits and I personally cannot wait! I have Moss at 15-16 carries, 75-80 yards, 2-3 receptions, and another 20 yards. While also finding the endzone.

Joshua Kelley Chargers @ Vikings(21st)


Ewww. Yucky. Yikes. No thanks. Just a few words I imagined you saying once you saw Kelley's name in Bottom of the Barrel this week. Please, just hear me out!

Embed from Getty Images

Josh was handed 13 carries, but only gained 39 yards on the ground. Which, if you're keeping score at home, is a measly three yards per carry. Ekeler is an outstanding pass-catching back that was not Kelley's strong suit in Week 2. One target and 0.0 receptions. Thats ok! If you trust me then I promise that you'll be let down!

Javonte Williams Broncos @ Dolphins(29th)


The Broncos head to Miami and with that comes an entire set of problems. That set of problems is Tua and the Miami offense. One way to combat the fast-and-fly duo of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle would be Javonte Williams. Bring the game to a screeching halt by effectively running the ball.

J-Will carried the ball 12 times for 44 yards. He also added 14 yards on two receptions, showing us all that he still has dual-threat capabilities. Which will need to be on full display Sunday if the Broncos have any shot at beating Miami. Once again, I do not care who wins or loses when it comes to DFS. I am only around to figure out which players can do the most to selfishly help our cause. Williams will need to remain elusive, capable, and productive in Week 3. I have full faith in that too.

The Miami defense has surrendered the fifth-most rushing yards per game to running backs so far in 2023. I have Javonte at 12-13 carries, 60-65 yards, 2-3 receptions for 25 yards and finally finding the endzone!

Dalvin Cook Jets vs. Patriots(24th)


When the Jets made this move I'll admit that it was a head scrather. Why add an aging veteran when you have a young up-and-coming studly combo at running back? Anyway, Breece Hall will start to command more attention and more work as the season goes on. That, in turn, will not make Dalvin Cook expendable but more so a desperation-type play in DFS formats. Which is music to my ears!

Historically the Patriots have beaten up the Jets, like really bad, over the years, Those days are long gone. Those days were over once TB12 split to Tampa Bay. Chris, what is your point here? New England is 0-2 and in big trouble. There are only two ways this game can go. One, it's this boring slow roller brought to you by Bill Belichick. Or second, the Jets blow them out. That's as honest and open as I can say it. If you believe in the blowout idea then Dalvin Cook makes for a great move in our entries.

How many times time have we seen Cook, in the past, just tear up exhausted and demoralized defenses? Being an NFC North guy I have seen that version of Cook more times than I care to admit. Dalvin should get 12-13 carries, 55-60 yards, 2-3 catches, 15-20 yards there, and a touchdown. Dalvin is a sneaky good play in Week 3.

Dameon Pierce Texans @ Jaguars(3rd)


Dameon was unable to get anything going in Week 2 against a shockingly stout Colts defense. Pierce rushed for 31 yards on 15 carries with only four receiving yards on two catches. Blah. Bleak. Uninspiring. By all means, this week doesn't look much better.

I have a quick personal issue I'd like to share with you. When I sit down and write my notes they are done so with a combination of factors. Actually, only three things. The first look at the Vegas odds, the opposing defenses, and my gut/heart. Rarely do I omit a player from my published work if I have him down in my notebook. Case in point, Dam Pierce. There is really nothing to like. I cannot find a way to spin this one to our advantage.

Yet, here we are. Pierce was written in my notebook Sunday night and I'd be sick if played well.

Isiah Pacheco Chiefs vs. Bears(28th)


Pacheco did not practice Wednesday but did return to the field Thursday in a limited manner. I like that. I am also in love with the match-up so fingers crossed Isiah feels well enough to make the start! Here is a fun little sidenote, the Bear's defense has given up, on average, 383 yards a game in two losses this season, fourth-most in the league. The Chiefs should have a field day, at home, on Sunday!

Embed from Getty Images

Let's give Pacheco 16-17 carries, 75-80 yards, 2-3 catches, another 15-20 yards, and a touchdown! Truth be told I like Isiah to score twice. If you want some action on that its +550 on the FanDuel Sportsbook.

Craig Reynolds Lions vs. Falcons(6th)


Utilizing Craig this week is only if, God forbid, David Mongomery is inactive. As of Thursday, September 22nd D-Mont is still not practicing after hurting his quad last week against Seattle. Montgomery was officially designated as a deep bone bruise. While the masses will flock to rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs, rightfully so, pivoting to Craig could prove beneficial in large entry GPPs.

Jerome Ford Browns vs. Titans(2nd)


Just absolutely devastating what happened to Nick Chubb. We wish him the best here at Fantasy Six Pack. Without sounding like a jerk the earth still spins and the sun still rises and sets. Meaning, we now need to plan ahead. In DFS formats it's about the here and now. So, right here and right now I am going to sneakily plug in Jerome Ford to a few of my entries.

I do not know who you listen to the most when it comes to start/sit fantasy advice. Or if you even have a favorite sports writer but I am here to tell you let all this fade Ford talk go in one ear and out the other. Tennessee, so far, through two games has allowed the fewest yards per carry to runningbacks. That's all well and good but I don't think it applies here seeing the volume of work Ford gets on Sunday.

Give me Jerome for 17-18 carries, 75-80 yards, and a catch or two for around 15 more yards. If this kid finds the endzone and jumps into the Dawg Pound we should be rolling by then!

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