Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 4 RB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 16 RB

Here we are at the RB edition of the 2023 NFL DFS Week 4 Bottom of the Barrel. If you missed it make sure you go back and read about this week's Quarterbacks.

As we move on to running back for this week, I don’t want you to think I am in any harm, or I am in danger. My dark cloud, my shadow that I’ve unknowingly befriended isn’t as serious as maybe I lead you to believe. It’s a stressful work environment that puts me in an anxious mood and I know I can handle it. I go to battle with it every day.

When I lay my head on my pillow every night, I know that I have one that day. That’s all I’m trying to do just make the next right decision and win the day. I don’t know what tomorrow brings or the next day next week or next month it would be too much for me as a man to handle. The burden would be so massive my back would break my back would crack.

So, I’m only concerned about right now. Which bodes well for all that I do. Including daily fantasy sports! If we can lay our heads down at night with a clear conscience, then to me, we have won the day.

It may come across as selfish when we keep our heads down and work hard. That’s why setting healthy boundaries is never a bad idea. Or making your intentions clear from the start works too! It’s always been about the small little personal battles that test us every day.

As the time ticks away, I have started to value my piece of mind. It’s about being at peace these days. That’s like having a little slice of heaven at home.

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 4 RB

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Christian McCaffrey 49ers vs. Cardinals(25th)


CMC is the most expensive overall player on Fanduel at $9,700. On DraftKings, he's bumped down to second. Tied with Tyreek Hill actually as Justin Jefferson is the most expensive player, overall, on DK at $9,200. If we look closer, to me, this is an odd thing but Justin Jefferson is the 5th overall most expensive player on FD.

Embed from Getty Images

Chris, what the hell? What's with this player pricing and ranking discussion all about? Truthfully, I am just writing and working this all out on the fly myself! What is the difference in price tags? Could be something as simple as the way each site scoring format goes? Could be or we could make it juicier and say the two main DFS sites know something we don't. They are in cahoots with the NFL and the Las Vegas odd makers.

Whew! More than likely it's just the difference in scoring formats. CMC should be well over 150 total all-purpose yards and find the endzone at least once. That is his floor actually so I get it.

Dameon Pierce Texans vs. Steelers(28th)


By all means this is a terrible call. So why bother mentioning Pierce here? Let me sell you on the idea of him this week not what he's done the past three weeks. If you're ready to listen then I am ready to sell! Pierce rushed 14 times for 31 yards and a touchdown last week. He also caught all three of his targets for another 28 yards. That touchdown was his saving grace.

In Week 1 he averaged 3.45 yards per carry. In Week 2 only 2.07 yards per carry. Last Sunday, Week 3 was not much better with 2.21 yards a carry. Now he also has Devin Singletary breathing down his neck. Singletary gained 10 more yards on five fewer carries last week. Geeze. Maybe I am in over my head here with this one.

Most folks are fascinated with the projected timeshare heading into this week. Let me be clear. In my personal opinion, Dameon Pierce is the far superior back from a talent perspective. Yet, Devin has still been able to be effective. I have no smoking gun or stat to give you that would sell you on Pierce. Just the trust between us and my gut feeling.

I have Dam Pierce at 14-15 carries, 65-70 yards, 2-3 receptions, 20 yards, and a touchdown. A healthy 4.5 to 4.6 yards per carry!

Jaylen Warren Steelers @ Texans(27th)


Jaylen Warren rushed for 29 yards on eight carries Sunday night. He also caught three of his four targets for an additional 23 yards. Heading into Week 3 we all thought Jaylen was going to have a larger role in the offense. I wouldn't take what he did as a disappointment. More so something to look forward to this week. The Texans shouldn't offer must resistance.

Give me Warren to get 6-7 carries, 30-35 yards, 4-5 receptions, another 30-35 yards, and a touchdown!

Kenneth Gainwell Eagles vs. Commanders(17th)


D'Andre Swift's epic efficiency has seemingly relegated Gainwell back to a secondary role. The only issue I have here is the fact folks continue to take shots at the Lions organization for letting Swift go. I don't want to get into it because it's not as simple as Detroit selling off Swift for proverbial peanuts. There was then the 2023 NFL Draft where Detroit hit a few home runs with their selections. Which were provided by Philadelphia.

Sorry for that just needed to say that. Let's get back to Kenny Gainwell and his Week 4 prospects. Kenny rushed for 43 yards on 14 carries and caught 1-of-2 targets for five yards. There is going to be some sort of adjustment coming soon. Would I love to see Swift stay healthy and play in every game and provide the Eagles with this kind of talent? Without a single doubt! The chances of that happening are unlikely and that is why there will be an adjustment.

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In the meantime, Kenny Gainwell will continue to be counted on to handle his regular workload. In Week 4 I have Gainwell for 8-9 carries, 35-40 yards, 2-3 receptions, with another 15-20 yards. Given his price tag and some sort of lower expectations, I love Gainwell this week.

Joshua Kelley Chargers vs. Raiders(26th)


C'mon already! Kelley has literally shown us nothing to warrant a spot in any of our Week 4 entries. So what gives? At this point, it is a pride thing for me. I have mentioned Josh now, in each week of the season, here at Bottom of the Barrel. He has literally made me look foolish every week. I mean, it hasn't been bad but it hasn't been great! So now where do we go?

Austin Ekeler could be back this week but I'd rather plan as if he's not. Not being rude to him just want to cover my bases on Kelley. As it stands now I have Joshua at 10-11 carries, 45-50 yards, a reception or two for 10 yards, and one touchdown. If he doesn't show me anything favorable this week I might have to ban Josh from Bottom of the Barrel altogether.

Khalil Herbert Bears vs. Broncos(32nd)


This game has a chance to be filled with all kinds of stacking goodness. Well, why? Based on what? Two things actually! One, the Broncos gave up 70 points to the Dolphins last week. Second, the Bears let the Chiefs score 41 points on them last week. So as these two teams get together why can't they each score 30+ points? The defenses certainly could allow that!

Herbert rushed seven times for 31 yards and caught both of his targets for four yards last week. He has also been splitting backfield touches with rookie RB Roschon Johnson. Which for this week is actually perfect seeing how I love the idea of using both in tandem! So plan on that!

On Sunday I will project Herbs for 13-14 carries, 65-70 yards, 2-3 receptions, and another 15-20 yards. He should also score a touchdown!

Javonte Williams Broncos @ Bears(31st)


Oof! Well, not too much to be done as the opposing team scores 70 points. That really sucks the fun out and also keeps you on the sideline as the other team's offense is constantly on the field. So, finally, when it's your turn to play offense not much you can do from a gameflow perspective.

Embed from Getty Images

That should all change this week against the Bears. J-Will is another piece of my favorite stack puzzle this week. My projections this week give Javonte 14-15 carries, 65-70 yards, 3-4 receptions, another 25 yards, and a touchdown.

Let's give Javonte a rushing touchdown and Perine a reception touchdown. Fair enough?

Ezekiel Elliott Patriots @ Cowboys(3rd)


Revenge game. Plain and simple. We could leave it at that but that wouldn't be fun. Bill Belichick knows what the deal is this week. He is also a spiteful vengeful man himself. So I am assuming Zeke sees an uptick in work this week. Of course, the Patriots want to win and the Pats coaching staff is smart enough to somehow work Zeke into that winning game plan.

After Zeke's outstanding performance against the Jets, it leads me to believe he gets more work than usual. I have Elliott around 10-11 carries, 45-50 yards, 2-3 catches, another 10-15 yards, and a touchdown.

Cam Akers Vikings @ Panthers(30th)


Hopefully, you're aware the Rams traded Cam to the Vikings prior to Week 3. Letting him suit up last week would've been too soon but he could be an option this week. Using Cam Akers this week in DFS formats was the reason why Bottom of the Barrel was made! Let's not expect a ton of work here. More so just keeping him on your radars for the following weeks!

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