Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 QB Edition!

Have you ever had any hard feelings towards your peers and colleagues? Do you tend to be overly critical of those same people? Have you ever explored these emotions or why others act this way? I know it’s not exactly the definition of fun but has its merits!

Life is full of these “lightbulb” moments. Something clicks and you can see clearly. We need to realize that most humans, no matter what their limitations, have something to offer. Some good, however slight, can still help.

As social media continues to swell up and completely take over most of our time it’s a good move to stop and discuss the human nature of it all. Dealing with so many different personalities can be a troublesome task but can ultimately assist in understanding and adjusting our attitudes.

Social media has introduced us to some of the most insecure people around. Yet, oddly those same folks have a touch of narcissism. How can that be? It is a tad contradictory but let me explain. It's almost like being under the influence blacked out and waking up to hearing folks talk about what you were doing or saying. That's how out of touch it can get.

When you treat people with little to no respect, you’re going to create hate and bad attitudes. To play the victim while acting surprised and confused regarding why people are treating you this way is a bad sign. You have officially become disconnected.

My late father taught me a great deal about being a good man. Some people look at success in material possessions. While others look at success in the relationships they have built. Being kind, supportive, and open-minded are three important qualities we should strive for. Are we ready to talk about football now? Week 5 of the NFL season?

Let’s dig into Week 5, shall we?

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 QB

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Patrick Mahomes Chiefs @ Vikings(22nd)


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Pat Mahomes has thrown for multiple touchdowns in each of the Chiefs' first three games. For the season, he's averaging a solid 268 passing yards per game with seven touchdowns and only two interceptions. Uncharacteristically, he tossed two interceptions on Monday Night against the Jets. So what? No one is perfect.

The Vikings are 1-3 after winning last week but we don't need a crystal ball to see they shall soon be 1-4 after Mahomes and Kansas City do a number on them. Per usual, I am only mentioning Patrick Mahomes because he is the highest-priced player at the QB position. Do you know why? Just to put things into perspective as we scroll through the rest of the QBs in Bottom of the Barrel for Week 5.

For the heck of it let me give you my projections for Mahomes in Week 5. 24-25 competitions, 290-300 yards, 3 touchdown passes, and 25-30 yards on the ground. Certified stud status.

Daniel Jones Giants @ Dolphins(29th)


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I was way more excited about this play yesterday morning than I am now on Tuesday. The Seahawks did a number on the Giants Monday night. Has me rethinking the idea of Daniel Jones in Week 5. That would be weird if I thought that way! I'm not rethinking anything! Look at the match-up! The last two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions for the Dolphins!

In Week 3 they score 70 points! Then, last Sunday, against the Bills they gave up 48 points. Talk about it from one extreme to another! That is the most manic two-week span I have seen from a single team in quite some time! I do not know the Dolphins, head coach Mike McDaniel but now they host the Giants and I'd be willing to bet they want to hammer the Giants, at home. Which, to me, could be their downfall.

After all this nonsense I see an opening here with Daniel Jones. God only knows what is going on this morning on New York sports radio but I bet it is bad. Back to that idea of an opening, Daniel's ownership percentages are going to be ridiculously low and this NYG @ MIA over/under is at 50 total points! Tied for second-highest total in Week 5. That alone is enough to move my needle to roll with Danny Dimes!

Let's pencil Danny in for 24-25 completions, 245 passing yards, and 7-8 rushing attempts, for another 45 yards. As far as touchdowns are concerned I am going to say two total.

Jared Goff Lions vs. Panthers(6th)


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These Lions are licking their chops right now. Not the football team but an actual Lion somewhere, right now, in the wild is hunting a panther right now. The Detroit Lions football team is just chomping at the bit to attack this Carolina team.

This should come as no surprise given the direction of these two teams at the start of this 2023-24 season. Lions are 3-1 and the Panthers are 0-4. Do not even bother with telling me this is a trap game or that is a trap game. Personally, Detroit was humbled in Week 2, at home, against the Seahawks.

Last week, in Green Bay, Jared completed 19 of 28 passes for 210 yards with one touchdown. He wasn't asked to do much as the Lions ran all over the Packers. They tailed 211 yards on the ground With D-Mont leading the charge. Carolina is 29th overall against defended the run. Meaning, we could see almost the exact type of game plan in Week 5.

However, I cannot shake this feeling that the Detroit coaching staff gives Jared free reign in a way. You are the QB. You are our leader. Call it as you see it. So, who's to say Goff doesn't come out firing the football? Jameson William's suspension is over and he will be active this week. No disrespect to Carolina but I think the Lions use this opportunity to stretch the field with Goff's arm while feeding David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs.

C.J. Stroud Texans @ Falcons(16th)


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The time has come. We now need to start taking Stroud seriously as a legit professional QB and an even better asset in fantasy football formats, including DFS. C.J. Stroud completed 16 of 30 passes for 306 yards, and two touchdowns last week. He also did not turn the ball over. Beautiful!

The Falcon's defense poses no real threat to what Stroud can do this week in Atlanta. I feel comfortable saying C.J. should complete around 20-21 passes for 260 yards and two touchdowns. Oddly, I am looking at those two touchdown passes as his floor. I find him to be a threat on the ground as well, especially in the red zone. So, realistically, Stroud could toss 2-3 touchdown passes and score again on the ground.

As it stands now, Stroud is my favorite quarterback to play in multi-entry GPs. The floor is awesome and the ceiling could slate breaking! Who's coming with me?

Joe Burrow Bengals @ Cardinals(26th)


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What the heck are we supposed to do with Joe Burrow? In seasonal formats who cares, that's up to you. In daily fantasy sports formats and Bottom of the Barrel, we keep using the guy! As his price tag continues to nose-dive it only interests me more! Unless some weird magical October spell has happened that I'm not aware of Joe Burrow still knows how to be a professional quarterback.

What better way to right the right ship and start turning their season around than this weekend in Arizona? Not saying the Cards are this awful slouch of team but they do seem to be stuck in neutral. When we look at Joe, Chase, Mixon, Higgs, Boyd, and the rest of this offense what is missing? It's the big plays! Those wild 70-yard touchdown passes to Ja'Marr Chase! All that Bengals offensive excitement is gone and I don't think you can blame it all on Burrows calf. It seems to be a confidence issue.

Once again, I'm going to hitch my wagon to Burrow in Week 5 and all that comes with it. Quickly, I did read that Tee Higgins fractured a rib. Which is painful. Anyway, as you slice it I want in on Burrow this week. I have Joe to complete 24-25 passes for 275-280 yards and two touchdowns. If, by chance, Higgins is inactive that only further affirms my love for Joe. He will be forced to spread the ball around.

Matthew Stafford Rams vs. Eagles(24th)


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Having looked at Stafford's statistics so far this season I was surprised to see he hasn't had a multi-touchdown passing game yet this season. That is odd but it leads in perfectly to what I am about to say. Which I am sure you already know. This is the week Stafford passes for two, or more touchdowns! Why not?

The Eagles are undefeated and look strong. They look good. I am not saying the Rams beat Philadelphia just simply stating I love Stafford's prospects from a DFS point of view! The arm strength is still there. That fire is burning and his toughness can never be questioned!

I have Matthew to complete 23-24 passes, 290-300 yards, and two total touchdowns! Maybe even a little Tutu Atwell and Van Jefferson stack will be attached! Just need to wait for the Bottom of the Barrel WR article, soon!

Zach Wilson Jets @ Broncos(32nd)


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While the Jets did not beat the Chiefs on Monday Night Zach Wilson showed me something. What about you? What did you see? It looks as though he slowly getting more comfortable in the Jets offense game plan and their schemes. Mind you, this offense spent all summer planning as Aaron Rodgers was to be their QB. Not Wilson's fault but now he's stuck running an offense tailor-made for A-Rod. So kudos to him as he weaves through all the scrutiny and pressure.

Last night was probably the first time he felt comfy on the field. From call plays to making throws. It was a valiant effort and they fell short. Looking ahead to Week 5 the Broncos are just ripe for the picking. The Broncos made Fields look like an All-Pro! The kid tossed four touchdown passes! I have a feeling Wilson does well in this one and the Jets beat the Broncos in Denver! If Fields can throw four touchdowns on this Broncos DST why can't Zach Wilson?

I enjoyed watching Zach on Monday Night going head to head to Mahomes. So, in turn, it has me feeling generous and overly ambitious with his projections for Week 5. Plus, they are playing Denver! I see Wilson with 19-20 completions, 235-240 yards, and two touchdown passes! Not to mention a few first downs with his legs! Around 3-4 carries for 20-25 yards. It's time. Time to start utilizing this Jets offense!

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