Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 RB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 16 RB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 RB Edition!

It’s no secret how much I am into daily fantasy sports. It’s also no secret how much I love to broadcast. Building relationships and friendships is also high on my priority list. Keeping with the honesty that we’ve shared several seasons it would be a lie if I told you things have been all sunshine and rainbows lately. To pull the curtain back a little more, let me be frank, I want to bring the absolute best content on the planet to you! If you want to check out the Bottom of the Barrel QB article for Week 5 just click the blue link!

When does it end? When do we reach our breaking point? The NFL seasonal grind affects us and wears us down. It can manifest itself in different ways. What we do to combat the stress and anxiety of it all is what defines us. I have a habit of trying to be wise or express my thoughts conversationally. I also write each article the same. As if only 10 people are going to read it. Or as if it’ll reach a million people. Does that make me egotistical or supremely optimistic? Either way, that’s what makes me, me.

Let’s shift gears and chat about Week 5 of the NFL season! This week is the start of the fantasy football writer’s purge. Meaning, content creators will just give up. They will just stop writing. They will stop broadcasting. It has become too much for them. Honestly, I can respect that.

As a man who pours his entire heart and soul into every article I write, every video I make, and every guest spot I attend I fully understand. Once that fire stops burning it is over for you. Wish I had this secret book or special advice to give to those people. In all honesty, I want us all to make it. There is room for all of us at the top. Such is life. Lastly, I will say this, the odds are certainly against us.

If you are struggling to keep pace with your content message me. If you are feeling overwhelmed message me. If you’re struggling mentally call me. This is me, Christopher DeBacker talking to you. It’s OK, I promise! We all need a little help sometimes. It’s not corny and it’s not embarrassing. It’s the toughest and strongest thing you can do. Asking for help does not make you a wimp. Asking for help makes you human.

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 RB

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Derrick Henry Titans @ Colts(20th)


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The King is back! Derrick rushed for over a hundred yards for the first time this season! On 22 rushing attempts for 122 yards and a touchdown in Week 4. It was a vintage King Henry performance! I highly recommend you go back and watch the highlight reel!

On DraftKings Saquon Barkley is the highest-priced RB followed by the rookie in Atlanta Bijan Robinson. My point here is to make you aware of the highest-priced players at each spot in relation to the players I am suggesting in Bottom of the Barrel! Let us move on. let's get to the good stuff!

Breece Hall Jets @ Broncos(32nd)


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A split in touches for Hall in this New York backfield limits his appeal, kind of. Given this week's opponent, Denver, I'd be fine with 13-14 carries from Breece. Limiting his appeal is such a lame concept given the player and projected opponent. What Jets beat writer can honestly say they are fading Hall this week based on limited appeal? Get the heck out of here!

Long as Zach Wilson keeps progressing like he did Monday night Breece will run wild Sunday in Denver! I'm going with 12-13 carries, 70-75 yards, and a touchdown. In addition to 2-3 catches for another 20-25 yards and another touchdown! Do not fade Breece Hall this week.

Miles Sanders Panthers @ Lions(6th)


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The Detroit Lion's defensive line should just feast on the Panther offensive line. Not good so far. Yet, Bryce Young should be able to get the ball to Miles quickly in this one. Sanders is a playmaker. That's what he does. Get the flipping ball in his hands and let him shine.

Once again, I do not care who wins the game. I care that Miles Sanders does well and he will. I have him for 12-13 carries, 55-60 yards, and a touchdown on the ground. When we get to the receptions he should see 4-5 of those. Miles will catch four passes, hang 40-45 yards in the air, and score again on a reception.

Rhamondre Stevenson Patriots vs. Saints(8th)


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Rhamondre has struggled in two straight games now. Again, that was then, and this is now. I do not care. The Saints are only allowing 3.6 yards a carry to opposing running backs. Yet, they haven't faced a stud-wrecking ball running back like Rhamondre Stevenson yet this year. So, throw that data out the window!

Personally, I think Stevenson runs wild in this one. The Saints also don't know what QB they will be facing. Mac Jones? Bailey Zappe? So, I trust Bill Belichick to formulate a game plan that is all about Rhamondre. We should fashion our DFS entries the same way!

Give me Stevenson to carry the ball 17-18 times, rush for close to 100 yards, and score a touchdown. I also think he catches 3 or 4 passes for an additional 25-30 yards. Don't gloss over Stevenson in Week 5.

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Jahmyr Gibbs Lions vs. Panthers(29th)


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Don't let social media dictate your moods or reason why you like or dislike a professional ball player. We all know fantasy football owners are freaking out about Gibbs's usage, or lack thereof. Why can't it be that the Lions coaching staff is trying to hold this supernova of a player and still working on ways to use him? That's what you won't find on Twitter, positivity and problem-solving.

No offense to the Panthers but I think the Lions run away with this one and in turn, they use Gibbs in many different ways. Use this game to see what works and what doesn't. I know that sounds awful but it was first thought. I have Jahmyr around 9-10 carries, 45-50 yards, 4-5 receptions, another 35-40 yards, and a touchdown. The dream scenario would be Gibbs scoring twice. He is just too cheap not to roster. What do we have to lose? Everything actually!

Dalvin Cook Jets @ Broncos(32nd)


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Whatever Breece Hall doesn't get done on Sunday Dalvin Cook will. Looking back at the Bronco's past few games they've given up 28 points to Chicago. 70 points to the Dolphins. Washington put up 35 points. In Week 1 Vegas scored 17 points. So if we add those up and divide by four, the Broncos are giving up, on average, 37.5 points a game. Wowza. So, just from a simple math point of view, the Jets should be able to score 30 points without issue.

I could see Dalvin attempting 11-12 carries. He should have no issue getting to 50-60 yards. If we're lucky he will catch a pass, or two, for another 15 yards. Somewhere in between he will score a touchdown. Stack up Cook and Hall for all I care and just watch the points just add up!

Tyler Allgeier Falcons vs. Texans(24th)


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After his Week 1 blowout he's fallen off a little. Granted Atlanta is 2-2 but their rookie 1st round pick has seen more targets and touches. Rightfully so given the talent Bijan possesses. When it comes to Tyler his workload has dropped tremendously over the last two games, averaging just 7.0 carries per game for 14.0 yards. It is ok. Everything is going to be fine. Look at the Falcons opponent in Week 5, Houston. Both backs will be heavily involved!

I have Allgeier to get back on the train here in Week 5! Around a dozen carries 50-60 yards, and a reception or two for another 15 yards. Oh! I almost forgot! Tyler will score a touchdown this week too!

Jaleel McLaughin Broncos vs. Jets(21st)


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When Javonte went down Jaleel assumed lead back duties. He showed well. Personally, I think the seasonal folks are the ones who will be screwed if he falls flat on his face. I'd prefer Perine but I wouldn't fault you for playing McLaughlin in a DFS format. Heck, I'm going to use him. Just in case. Well, Chris what? Just in case? Yes, in DFS formats it's a one-and-done thing. I could live with myself if he fails in my DFS lines. It's you seasonal folks who spent a ton of dough to add him that would be screwed.

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