Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 TE

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 14 TE

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 TE Edition!

Let me be honest here, I have never been a fan of the tight end position. Not the actual men who play tight end, but the importance others place on the position. I get it, why let a few sour apples spoil the whole bunch?

As the season hums along each week’s projections, hot takes, and opinions fade. Some are proven true, and we rejoice! While most fail miserably and it is back to the drawing board! When it comes to fantasy football, we must learn to be flexible. We must be open to change. If we stand still the season passes us by. Our credibility and respect go out the window as well.

In all my years playing fantasy football I have never really paid too much attention to the tight end position. I normally punt tight ends in my DFS lines. In seasonal drafts, I fade completely until forced to draft one. I have gotten by well over the years! Like clockwork, each season there have always been several tight ends who were not taken in fantasy drafts that grow to be relevant. Whether it be through injuries, trades, or hard work. I have held on to the ideal of my entire fantasy football career.

We must be willing to change. We must be flexible. Travis Kelce, heard of him? He has made me rethink my entire stance on tight ends. To a certain extent! Any tight end that can creep into a comparable role of a top-10 wide receiver will do that. Is he the exception to the rule? Or is he caused to rethink the entire position?

If you missed my Bottom of the Barrel QB article or the RB write-up or the WR article just click the blue links! It'll take you right to them! If you have read them already no harm in doing so again, just to brush up for Week 5!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 TE

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Travis Kelce Chiefs @ Vikings(13th)


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Hate to use the Lord's name in vain but Jesus I am just so tired of all the Swift stuff. Even the fantasy football blurb writers are trying to be slick with their usage of the situation. Trust me, I am happy for him. I am in no way hating on Travis or his dating situation but I'm not a fan of being hit in the head repeatedly by a Swift hammer.

What is left to say now? The Vikings defense isn't equipped to handle this Chiefs offense. Not for a full 4 quarters at least. Kelce should be around 9-10 targets, 6-7 catches, 80+ yards, and his standard touchdown reception.

Tyler Higbee Rams vs. Eagles(31st)


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Now that Matthew Stafford is heating up and finding his form then that's great news for all of the Rams offensive skill positions. Including Tyler who just inked a new contract. The Eagles are good. The Eagles are undefeated. Yet, last I checked Jalen Hurts doesn't play defense. If he did I'd have to create another version of Bottom of the Barrel.

The Eagles linebackers are a mess. No ill will towards them and I'm not trying to be a jerk but they need to be firing on all cylinders to hold back Higbee, Tutu, Puca, and all the other Rams who make a living in that intermediate area of the field. I just don't see that happening.

Kyle Pitts Falcons vs. Texans(25th)


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What the hell are we supposed to do with Kyle Pitts? Can't just give up on him but I really don't know where it all went wrong. As strange as this sounds, yes Pitts is in Bottom of the Barrel this week, but honestly is he even worth playing in our DFS entries?

Kyle has just 11 catches for 121 yards and no touchdowns through four weeks for the season. Look at the opposing defense this week it really is now or never. I have Kyle around 3 or 4 catches for about 45 yards.

Zach Ertz Cardinals vs. Bengals(28th)


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Ertz has looked fantastic so far this year. Zach caught 6 of 10 targets for 53 yards in Week 4. Personally, I think he's looked more like a receiver this year. He has been working more downfield than ever before and his yards after the catch have been great.

I have no clue what is going on with the Bengals but the Cardinals are in a prime spot to steal one away from Cincy this week. That is exactly what they will do too! I have the Cards winning 24-14! While Ertz sees 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, and about 45-50 yards.

Jonnu Smith Falcons vs. Texans(25th)


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Jonnu enjoyed his time in London last week as he caught six passes for 95 yards. Granted the loss was ugly in Week 4 against Jacksonville but those six targets were anything but ugly! Mr. Smith has put up outstanding numbers over the last three weeks. Even still opposing defenses seem to be focusing in on Kyle Pitts. Leaving Jonnu in a great spot!

As I mentioned above with Kyle Pitts there's nothing left to say here. The Texans will once again focus all their time and efforts on Pitts while Jonnu catches 3 to 4 passes for 45 yards and a touchdown!

Hayden Hurst Panthers @ Lions(30th)


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The Panthers are not good. The Panthers are 0-4. Detroit Lions fans are absolutely nutty and Ford Field will be absolutely rocking on Sunday. Meaning, that Detroit should be able to score at will leaving the Panthers playing catchup. I do like Carolina's rookie QB and he will make mistakes but he will also force-feed any players in the flat or in that intermediate area of the field. That's exactly where Hurst likes to set up shop.

While the numbers say Hurst has been trending down for a while now I think he's got 35 yards and a touchdown reception in him this week!

Dalton Schultz Texans @ Falcons(26th)


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Dalton caught three passes for 42 yards and his first touchdown of the season in Week 4. Schultz has only seen six total targets combined in the last two weeks. So what? It's the Texans and the Falcons! If it matters I do think Houston wins and they score around 20-23 points. Look, Schultz is dirt cheap, across the board, and we only need 3-4 receptions for 30-40 yards to get value. Piece of cake! Oh, I also have Dalton finding the endzone again.

Tyler Conklin Jets @ Broncos(29th)


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Denver has been shredded by tight ends this year, so at least we have that matchup appeal going for us! Also, here we are again with Conklin being able to get it done when we, selfish DFS players, need it the most. I've said it several times this week already but I do love the Jets this week. I love Zach Wilson. I love Breece Hall. I love Allen Lazard. Now I love Tyler Conklin.

Chig Okonkwo Titans @ Colts(17th)


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Chig hasn’t totaled more than four targets in any of the first four games, and there’s no indication that will change this week in Indianapolis. So why in the hell am I wasting my time telling you about Chig Ok in Week 5? It's because he hasn’t totaled more than four targets in any of the first four games! Makes no sense right? Exactly! That cannot keep happening! So, as a superstitious man, I rolling with Chig in Week 5.

The over/under in this game is at 43 total points. I am going to bet the over as Tennessee wins 24-21 and I promise you Chig will catch a touchdown pass.


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