Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 WR

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 WR

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 WR Edition!

Humans are creatures of habit. Repetition is so ingrained in the human mind that some will perform tasks without even realizing it. Therapy and psychology can be used for many specific reasons. The idea of therapy is to inevitably train your brain and change certain behaviors. Imagine removing your brain and throwing it into the washing machine.

A large portion of fantasy football is a risk. On the other end, there is a reward. How often has your fantasy life intersected with your real life? Some people try to keep the two separate. While others revel in the glory of both! It’s the balance of the two that makes us connect. It’s the balance of the two that provides us with the reward.

With so many of us building relationships and friendships, we take certain risks. Sharing our strengths and weaknesses. Or asking for help from a stranger. Personally, it all starts with being kind to each other. Along with being creative and trying new things together. I mean, shoot, some of us have shared our deepest darkest secrets. So to toss around a few fun creative ideas is nothing!

I just want to tell you to get out of your comfort zone occasionally. Doing the same thing repeatedly yields the same results. Comfortable goals with no risks are just, simple-minded achievements. Completing any goal or task should be celebrated! Don't take this the wrong way. We are all different and we all have different ideas, opinions, wants, and needs. All I am saying is that when we take a chance and get uncomfortable that’s when the growth happens! Take that leap of faith!

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Let's leap right into this week's crop of NFL wide receivers for Week 5 in Bottom of the Barrel!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 5 WR

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Tyreek Hill Dolphins vs. Giants(15th)


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Tyreek Hill was only able to gain 72-yard all-purpose yards last week. What a massive loser! What a major disappointment! Jokes aside, that's how out of control our expectations are for Tyreek Hill on a week-to-to basis. As it stands now Hill is the most expensive WR on FanDuel. However, it's Justin Jefferson on DraftKings at $9,400.

This week, for Tyreek, should be a much different story! The New York Giants' secondary is young and still working things out on the fly. Well, they are in for a rude awakening on Sunday with Tyreek! Double-digit targets await Hill, 7-8 receptions, well over 100 yards receiving, and at least one touchdown. Shoot, I don't think it's crazy to predict 2, or more, trips to the endzone for Tyreek in Week 5. Fade at your own risk!

DeAndre Hopkins Titans @ Colts(24th)


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DeAndre Hopkins snagged four of his six targets in Week 4 for 63 receiving yards. Over the last few weeks, I have heard some rumblings about D-Hop falling off or getting too old to be of assistance to our DFS entries. C'mon now. We both know that is straight bullshit. Personally speaking, I think he just joined the wrong team.

Remember last month when he made it known he was upset with the teams who had passed up on him? He's the only one to blame for that one. As far as Week 5 is concerned there will be plenty of opportunities for him to show out and turn back the hands of time! I have Hopkins around 8-9 targets, 5-6 receptions, 70-75 yards, and a touchdown! D-Hop has fallen off my ass. PFT.

Isaiah Hodgins Giants @ Dolphins(23rd)


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There are so many Giants wide receivers in play this week. Even in the Monday Night Football DFS video, I recorded it was this open-ended guessing game. So why Hodgins this week? Well, first off I don't see the Dolphins sacking Daniel Jones 11 times like Seattle did last week. Second, through the first four weeks of the season, Isaiah has registered eight catches for 88 yards and one touchdown on 12 targets.

With Jones being able to move around a little more against the Dolphins I expect him to spread the ball around more often. Given the high 47.5 over/under and team-implied point totals in this one, Hodgins should be on the positive side of things. Not asking for the world here but 4-5 targets, 3-4 receptions, and 40-45 yards is a reasonable expectation.

Allen Lazard Jets @ Broncos(26th)


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I need to apologize to Allen Lazard, Zach Wilson, and you. Why? Well in the Sunday Night Football video, I was a tad harsh on both of them. Think I said something along the lines of, "Wilson has no loyalty to Allen Lazard here seeing how he was an Aaron Rodgers disciple." Yet, Wilson did connect with Allen in the 3rd quarter for a touchdown. So, I am sorry. I was wrong.

Let's start on the right foot here in Week 5, please. I am truly hoping what we saw from Zach on Sunday night is a sign of things to come. Positive things to come. Given the match-up and the opposing team, Wilson and the Jets have a chance to reset their season and get things moving in the right direction. I'm no Cris Collingsworth fan but he did mention the term "confidence" about 500 times. If Zach can start gaining that and hitting his open receivers this article will look a lot different next week.

Give me Lazard 5-6 targets, 4-5 receptions, 55-60 yards, and another touchdown catch!

Zay Flowers Ravens @ Steelers(30th)


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Zay caught three of his four targets for 56 yards in Week 4, with most of those yards coming from a 43-yard reception in the second quarter. After that, the game flow completely took Flowers out of things. Not to mention Lamar Jackson is, without a doubt, Baltimore's best player and they are quite bullish and/or selfish in the way they use him.

Yet, this week it's the Steelers against the Ravens. Two teams that absolutely hate each other. Jackson will not be able to do it all in this one. So, what's next? Why not let Lamar stand in the pocket and make his own decisions? If that were to be the case then I love Zay's chances to absolutely smash his value on all DFS formats.

I have Flowers around 7-8 targets, 5-6 catches, 65-70 yards, and a touchdown. Not just any touchdown but like a 45+ yard touchdown catch!

Darius Slayton Giants @Dolphins(23rd)


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There are so many Giants wide receivers in play this week. Even in the Monday Night Football DFS video, I recorded it was this open-ended guessing game. So why Slayton this week? Well, first off I don't see the Dolphins sacking Daniel Jones 11 times like Seattle did last week. Second, Slayton is a playmaker when given the chance. Please dear Lord let the Giants put Slayton in a position to make a few plays!

I'm sick of hearing the term thrive associated with the Giants. Let Danny Jones earn his paycheck and let him do what you pay him to do, feed his wide receivers. I have Darius around 4-5 targets 3-4 catches, and about 45-50 yards.

Jordan Addison Vikings vs. Chiefs(10th)


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Don't freak out here. I know the rookie didn't catch a pass last week but Kirk Cousins only threw the ball 19 times against Carolina in Week 4. It was the Vikes' first win of the season. The Panthers are a bad team. Minnesota is going to have a tougher time in Week 5 against Kansas City. Do they win? I hope not but they will throw. Kirk will probably attempt 45 passes or so. How else can they keep pace with the Chiefs?

Meaning, that Addison will be just fine. I actually like the fact Jordan didn't have a reception last week. The DFS pricing algorithms completely suppressed his cost and he should absolutely demolish it with what he does on the field Sunday. I'm thinking 6-7 targets, 4-5 catches, 55-60 yards and a touchdown.

Michael Wilson Cardinals vs. Bengals(14th)


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I absolutely love this kid! Mike has been a very efficient receiver this season, catching 14 of 16 targets including seven in Week 4 with two touchdowns! It was a beautiful thing thing! Not saying that'll be the case Sunday against the Bengals but I do see a few holes in their secondary for him to get through.

With Dobbs under center, the next step for him to take would be to support more of his skilled position players. Michael Wilson, to me, is a real gem and it would be in their best interest to get him more involved. I'd rather be early on it in my weekly entries than late. Meaning, that I am loading up up Wilson this week in my personal DFS lines.

The Bengals aren't the Bengals right now. Joe Burrow isn't himself right now. The Cardinals need to take it to them this week. Aside from running James Connor ragged they need to look Wilson's way more than they have originally planned.

Once again, I am going to be ambitious with my personal projections for him this week. Let's say 6-7 targets, 4-5 catches, 55-60 yards, and another touchdown reception. Which would blow his price tag out of the water. I know you've trusted me before. Please trust me this time!

Skyy Moore Chiefs @ Vikings(32nd)


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What Skyy Moore has done this season, or not done actually, has been shocking. Most writers this week have said things like, "Moore still has time to turn his season around." Or, "It's now or never for Skyy to get it going!" I mean, geez chill out it's only been four weeks. The newest quarter of the football season starts this week. So, in my estimation, Skyy Moore is going to go wild against the Vikings. They are dead last at defending opposing WRs.

Of course, Travis Kelce is going to steal the spotlight by gathering 100 yards and finding the endzone but I think Skyy More does him one better by scoring two touchdowns! How you like them apples!

There are 10 other interesting WRs for Week 5 I want you to see!

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