Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 6 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 6 QB Edition!

Over the years I have noticed that my Bottom of the Barrel article is just a list of cheap plays who went over their projections last week. So, are we chasing points or is Bottom of the Barrel just a glorified waiver wire article?

Look, if the shoe fits, then let’s run with it! We are a long way from figuring out anything outlet-alone player stability. That may never come! It rarely does, except for the players mentioned in this article. The studs normally start to hit their averages a few weeks into the season. However, I pride myself on the outlandish nature of the players mentioned here. Players who may only shine for one week! That is the week we want them in our DFS entries!

Sometimes life doesn’t break our way. We can be doing the best we possibly can and still get the short end of the stick. Some folks don’t care when Bottom of the Barrel is published. You’ll just say, “Where is it?” Or “I’d like to read it!” For that I am thankful.

So far so good and I hope you keep on enjoying Bottom of the Barrel. I also hope it helps you to never leave anything unsaid. What is the worst that could happen? Someone calls you a dummy. In the best case, most of my blurbs are fun and entertaining, and folks forget they are reading a daily fantasy sports article. To me, that is the best compliment. Normally, it goes like this, “Hey Chris I don’t even know what DFS is, but I just read Bottom of the Barrel and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

I am my own biggest critic. Sometimes illogically tough on myself. In recent weeks I have willingly and purposefully felt rushed and overwhelmed. Then I wear all that stress like a badge of honor. I have my mother to thank for that. Which, don’t get me wrong, isn’t a bad thing. It has created several good characters defining building blocks. Yet, at some point, we need to check ourselves. We need to put our foot down and stop with all this unwarranted foolishness!

That time has come for me, and my friends. I am doing too much for no real good reason. A change needs to be made and I am here to make that change. Most of, if not all of it, will go unnoticed by you the reader but I still say thank you for the continued support!

We should probably talk about my favorite Bottom of the Barrel quarterbacks for Week 6 of the NFL season. So, let’s go and do that.

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 6 QB

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Jalen Hurts Eagles @ Jets(13th)


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Jalen completed 25-of-38 passing attempts for 303 yards, and one touchdown. Hurts also added 72 yards and a touchdown on the ground. It's a beautiful stat line in my opinion but I have also read folks greedily wanting more. Also adding that it was a mediocre type of game from the star QB. I get it. It's the old give someone an inch they take a mile adage. Jalen Hurts, and the Eagles, are so good folks now just assume a win, 300 passing yards, 3 touchdown passes, 100 rushing yards, and two more touchdowns on the ground are a given.

Realistically, Hurts is a set-it-and-forget-it type of fantasy player. That goes without saying. That is also the reason he's the most expensive quarterback on the Fanduel Main slate for Week 6. While only behind Josh Allen(DK-$8,300), on DraftKings. Let's be thankful for what we do get from Mr. Hurts on a weekly basis!

Trevor Lawrence Jaguars vs. Colts(22nd)


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Lawrence completed 25-of-37 passes for 315 yards and a touchdown last week as the Jags shockingly beat Buffalo in London! Trevor also scampered around for 31 yards on the ground. The kid was in a big spot and came through against Josh Allen. Not looking to sweep his mistakes under the rug but he did fumble the football three times! Two of them were lost to the Bills. Personally, I don't think it's any cause for concern.

As we look ahead to Sunday this matchup with the Colts will be no walk in the park. Indianapolis picked off Ryan Tannehill late in the 4th to end the game. The Colt's hopeful franchise QB Anthony Richardson hurt his shoulder and now it's Minshew Mania time, again. In an odd sick way, I like Trevor's outlook more given the opposing QB. We all know Gardner likes to push the pace of play, take risks, and fire the football downfield.

The over/under in this game currently sits at 45.5 total points. Out of the 15 total games this week there are only five games with higher implied point totals. Meaning, the sportsbook folks are expecting fireworks. So who am I to deny you of that as well? I have T-Law around 22-23 completions, 250+ passing yards, and two touchdown passes. Let's add in another 25-30 yards on the ground as he takes off with the ball 5 to 6 times.

Matthew Stafford Rams vs. Cardinals(29th)


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Yes! Yes! Yes! Now we are talking! Cooper Kupp is back and it looks as though that tough gritty shit-talking Matthew Stafford is back as well. Stafford completed 21 of his 37 passing attempts for 222 yards and two touchdowns. Fun fact, this was the first time all year Stafford has thrown for more than just one touchdown. Is it too early to get amped up and excited and shout, "STAFFORD IS BACK BABY!" Heck no, I am already there and I ask you to join me.

The Cardinals gave up 34 points to the Bengals last week. It seems as if they let Joe Burrow find himself again as he went off for 317 passing yards and 3 touchdown passes. It's not at all weird to expect Stafford to do the same exact thing on Sunday. The beautiful part about using Matthew in our DFS entries this week is we can stack him with the likes of Puka and Tutu and avoid the over-the-top ownership on Cooper Kupp while still reaping the benefits of every pass he completes!

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Brock Purdy 49ers @ Browns(3rd)


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This is just great. Phenomenal really! Brock completed 17 of his 24 passing attempts for 252 yards and four touchdowns! The 49ers laid waste to the Cowboys. In what was supposed to be this awesomely exciting game San Francisco dropped a bomb right on top of the Cowboy's heads. Thoroughly embarrassing them.

Since Sunday night the media has picked this up and just went to the moon with it! "Brock Purdy should be in the MVP conversation now!" One ESPN commentator said. Then Dallas defensive stud, Micah Parsons, went on this revenge-seeking rant about some shirt George Kittle was wearing under his jersey.  I'm not saying this one loss has sent the Cowboys into this tailspin abyss but he has established San Francisco as the best team in the NFL, currently.

Brock and the 49ers should once again roll right over the Browns. Maybe, on the off chance, we could ask Doctor Strange to run 500 million game simulations the Browns win once or twice but not this Sunday. Give me Purdy to complete 21-22 passes, hang 250-260 yards, toss two touchdown passes, and maybe even find the endzone, again, on the ground!

Sam Howell Commanders vs. Falcons(14th)


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Geeze. Sam Howell went nuts last week against Chicago. Granted they lost but in DFS terms that is irrelevant. Sam completed 37 of 51 passes for 388 yards and two touchdowns! Fifty-one passing attempts! Remember back in Week 3 when Andy Dalton attempted 58 passes? To be fair, in today's new age or new-look NFL you would think fifty passing attempts a game would be more common but they are not. I am way off track, sorry.

When we get back to Sam, this week, against the Falcons could yield similar results. Yet, Vegas and the sharps have slapped such low game totals and smaller team-implied point totals. rarely, if ever, do I question the sportsbooks but what are they seeing that I am not? I don't like that. It actually bugs me. You can clearly see that Atlanta is strong against opposing WRs from a "DvP" perspective but they've been burned two games in a row. So, in my mind, with these Washington wide receivers, they will get toasted again.

I am expecting Howell to complete 24-25 passes, 275-280 yards, and two touchdown passes. Realistically, I'm a fan of the Falcons offense which makes me love Sam Howell and the Commanders even more! Just a back-and-forth affair that is fantastic for us Bottom of the Barrel readers!

C.J. Stroud Texans vs. Saints(6th)


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C.J. has been fantastic as the Texans rookie quarterback to start his career! Stroud has passed for at least 245 yards and one touchdown in each of his last four games. For a rookie quarterback, I'd say that steady flow of consistency keeps me coming back! It has also kept his price tag at a nice even spot. Oh, this thought just hit me. It seems as if I just described a perfect cash quarterback!

In Weeks 2, 3, and 4 Stroud tossed two touchdowns in each game. In Week 5 only the one score. In my warped DFS mind, I can conjure a situation where he starts a new streak by throwing three touchdown passes! The Saints are allowing 310.8 all-purpose yards a game. While only allowing 15.2 points per game. So basically, a two-touchdown is a game average. New Orleans is strong against defending running backs, and tight ends but middle of the road against wide receivers. Nico Collins and Tank Dell have been outstanding so far this year. Also mentioned in Bottom of the Barrel several times!

At first glance, I am thinking of a 28-27 type of final score here. Meaning, C.J. Stroud should be responsible for three total touchdowns!

Geno Smith Seahawks @ Bengals(15th)


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Geno tweaked his knee back in Week 4. Then Seattle had their bye week so all signs point to a fully healthy Geno Smith in Week 6. The fact Joe Burrow and the Bengals woke up last week interests me even more for Geno and the Seahawks. The over/under on this one is also on the higher side too at 45.5. Meaning, we will be getting plenty of action!

As the Seahawks keep pace with the Bengals I have Geno around 25-26 completions, 275-280 yards, and two touchdown passes. More than likely on the very low-owned side too. A tweaked knee and bye-week can make folks forget real quick!

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