Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 6 WR

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 WR

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 6 WR Edition!

Superstition is a wild thing! I think it goes hand in hand with my routine. When it comes to Bottom of the Barrel, I have followed the same timeline for years in terms of notes & research. On Tuesdays, the day I publish, I wear the same socks & use the same pen.

On the surface, it would seem a little obsessive-compulsive. I can assure you that it’s not. After all these years, for me, it’s a way to keep confidence! It is also about repetition. Doing the same thing repeatedly can become mundane and we lose interest. Regardless of if it involves love or passion.

Confidence is key to anything that we do. Also, the drive and inspiration to complete tasks. So, any fun silly activity we can do on the side is always a good move!

Digging deep every week has never been more important! I am not an archeologist, but in a way, my DFS content has become just as important!

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Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 6 RB!

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Tyreek Hill Dolphins vs. Panthers(7th)


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Hard way to phrase this one silly thought I have but with Justin Jefferson now on injured reserve in Minnesota does that make Tyreek Hill the league's most explosive player? Or was Tyreek Hill always the league's most explosive player? He was always the league's most explosive player. His floor alone isn't even really a floor. Easily found but his highest output total this season was in Week 1 and he had 51.50 points per Sleeper App. His lowest was in Week 4 at 14.45.

Not much else to say here with Tyreek. He is the most expensive player across the board for a reason. Looking at 10+ targets, 7-8 receptions, 100+ yards, and of course one touchdown reception.

Tyler Boyd Bengals vs. Seahawks(31st)


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The biggest benefactor of the Tee Higgins rib injury would be Ja'Marr Chase. The beautiful thing about this Cincinnati offense is the fact there is a clear pecking order! Realistically, like a flow chart! With Joe Burrow close to full health then this offense should be outstanding again, before long.

After Ja'Marr Chase gets him I'd say it's Joe Mixon then we could toss in Tyler Boyd. Tyler has had back-to-back games with 7 targets. So, I see no reason why he doesn't see that same volume, plus more! I'm going to project 7-8 targets, 6-7 receptions, and around 55-60 yards. The over/under in this game is on the higher side at 40. So, by that assessment alone each team is projected to score 20 points. Let's stretch that to 21 a pop. Three touchdowns for each team. Boyd should surely find the endzone on Sunday, right?

DJ Chark Jr. Panthers at Dolphins(18th)


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Chark Jr. has been a boom-or-bust touchdown-dependent option to start the season for Carolina. DJ has also caught three, or more, passes and has scored in two of the first four games to begin the season. Check out these numbers, starting in Week 2 he finished with 3.50 fantasy points. In Week 3 he boomed big time with 19.60 fantasy points! In Week 4 he busted with 5.80 points. Then, in Week 5 boomed again with 15.20 points. So, there is a clear pattern here! Every other week boom. Then the next a bust. So based on all this data Week 6 will be a bust week.

Personally speaking, four weeks' worth of data can be used for a ton of good things. Yet, it is only four weeks. So, let's buck the trend this week! Given the matchup against the Dolphins, I'm expecting another boom. A big BOOM! Carolina @ Miami has the 3rd highest over/under at 47.5. So I am confident DJ Chark Jr. will BOOM this week with 6-7 targets, and 3-4 receptions, for about 65-70 yards. Given his 17.1 yds/c average, the boom will be there.

Darnell Mooney Bears vs. Vikings(29th)


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Not the best way to start a player blurb but Mooney missed out on all four of his targets last week. So that 0.0 hurts. Actually, it hurt. It's now done and over. As we turn our attention to Week 6 it's a grim battle in the NFC North. Both the Bears and Vikings are 1-4. Not much going on but as any of us can do, let us pluck a few positives!

How about Mooney's snap share percentages? Week 3 was 71%. Week 4 was 75%. Lastly, in Week 5 it was 78%! We played the pattern game with Chark Jr. and really nothing to follow here from 4% higher to 3% higher. As a betting man, I would say Mooney's snap share percentage will be around 83-85% in Week 6. Sweet! What will that get us?

First off, more coverage and an extra defensive back on DJ Moore. Second, with Justin Jefferson not playing for Minnesota I really think this weak Bears coaching staff is going to try and prove a point. Whether it's through the air with Just Fields' arm or on the ground with Justin Fields' legs. Either way let's pencil Mooney in at 5-6 targets, 4 or 5 receptions, and 65 yards.

Jahan Dotson Commanders at Atlanta(6th)


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Sam Howell can keep chucking the ball all over the field but it would be in his best interest to involve Dotson more, a lot more. Starting right now, in Week 6. I have mentioned it before and I will say it again this Commanders at Atlanta game is really doing something to me. I guess, in a way, I am able to tell all of you to trust my gut on this one.

Technically Dotson is just one target behind Terry McLaurin (31) for the team lead so far this season. In all honesty, Dotson has been one of the less efficient starting WRs in the league this year. I do get it though. There are four Commanders in that 14-to-18 percent target share range. Curtis Samuel has remained somewhat productive with his share and it is time Dotson breaks through with his!

Kendrick Bourne Patriots at Raiders(15th)


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Bourne led the Patriots in targets and receiving yards Sunday. Which means nothing as they lost 34-0 to the Saints. Here we are again, that was last week and this is now. I am really banking on Bill to make a change at QB ahead of this game. At first glance, every player in this article is written in my notebook. Then they make it here to print. Once I have a guy down in pen in my book it's as good as written in stone. For the first time in a long time, I almost deleted Kendrick Bourne from the article completely.

In my DFS world that would be tantamount to one big jinx. Who believes the guy or girl on social media saying, "Oh I knew he was going to score twice and catch ten balls I just didn't write it down!" Exactly! The boy who cried wolf act is never taken seriously. I think 5-6 targets, and 4-5 catches, for around 60 yards is acceptable. At Bourne's low price tag and almost nonexistent ownership percentage that would be a huge win. A touchdown? Well, Happy Halloween!

Elijah Moore Browns vs. 49ers(17th)


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This one is just weird. Get this. Moore caught two of four targets for 20 yards and ran once for minus-20 yards. So he finished with 0.0 yards. What? This was in Week 4 by the way without Deshaun Watson. The Browns were on bye in Week 5 so the hope is that Watson and this offense are ready to rock. I'm not an injury doctor consultant kind of guy but from what I read it looks as though Watson's bruised rotator cuff could take up to six weeks to heal. We're not there yet.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson looked outmatched by Baltimore in Week 4. The kid just needs some more time. The hope is that if Watson is a no-go, again in Week 6, Cleveland will give the starting gig to P.J. Walker. He's at least a decent backup QB and can hold it down in the meantime. Well, in that meantime it would seem P.J. would pepper his studs, Cooper and Moore.

The 49ers have a damn good front seven. Yet, if Elijah can camp out and make himself sparse in that intermediate area of the field now we're talking. I have Elijah at 7-8 targets, 4-5 catches, 60 yards, and a carry or two for an additional 10-15 yards. Going to be an odd game folks.

Josh Downs Colts at Jaguars(20th)


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Downs recorded six receptions on six targets for 97 yards last week. Downs led the Colts in receptions and yards, also career-high marks seeing how he is a rookie after all. The damage was done on three big splash plays of 38, 27, and 25 yards! I'd say he's earned a larger role moving forward. That's normally how it works in the NFL.

The Colts from the Titans to the Jaguars secondary and I love Downs chances at another big day. I'm thinking 7-8 targets, 5-6 receptions, 65-70 yards.

Allen Lazard Jets vs. Eagles(28th)


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I still feel stupid for what I said way back during that Sunday Night single-slate DFS video I made when the Chiefs played the Jets. Hopefully, you don't remember but here is what I said verbatim, "Zach Wilson has no loyalty to guys like Randal Cobb and Allen Lazard those were Aaron Rodgers guys!" Well, to be fair, since then Zach has picked up a little confidence and looking better and better each week. What will that do for Lazard in Week 6?

Allen has logged two or three catches in all five of the Jets games this season. Lazard's highest yardage total this year is 61 yards, and he has yet to catch more than three passes in a game. All good. That changes this week! Lazard going for 4-5 catches for 70-75 yards.

Trenton Irwin Bengals vs. Seahawks(31st)


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Scroll all the way up to the flow chart idea with the Bengals offense! Irwin is on it!

Tutu Atwell Rams vs. Cardinals(26th)


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It's ok to tell folks to go screw themselves. It is also ok to buck the system. All the big-name sites and folks who live and die by their personal rankings and projections all hate Tutu now that Cooper Kupp has come back around. Any numbskull could see that it only benefits the speedster. Less eyes on the kid. Less coverage for the kid. Is he going to become a PPR monster? No, he never was but he can put up mind-blowing statlines and fill up box scores in other ways.

How about 5-6 targets, 3-4 receptions, 75 yards, and a touchdown this week? If that does happen what do the rankers and projection folks say for Week 7? We shall see!

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