Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 7 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 7 QB Edition!

Being kind, humble, and caring enough that we can see all the changes in our attitudes is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Making sure our needs are met first can look selfish. Rightfully so, given the hustle and bustle of being an adult, it’s enough to cause major stress and anxiety. Do me one favor if I may ask. Try and spend each day setting boundaries and realistic expectations for yourself. A happier and healthier lifestyle is the best way to be! Stop suffering by worrying all the time. in the name

If I listed out the following: stress, worry, anxiety, and over-thinking which one gets to you the most? It’s OK to say all the above. Truth be told they all get to me too. Personally speaking, it’s not about how we react to them, it’s how we handle them. Explaining how would take days. So instead, I will extend myself to you. If at any time you need help, I am available for you. A phone call, a text, a Facetime, and in another way you see fit. We do not need to suffer in silence. We do not need to suffer alone. We do not need to suffer at all.

Let’s get back to the fun stuff! Over the years I have noticed that the strategy week-to-week with daily fantasy sports is ever-changing. We will never see the same week twice. Furthermore, the most often question asked of me is about attacking each slate. Do I stick with the same process while using an identical method each week? Simply put, no. The foundation in which we research is the only thing that should remain intact week-to-week.

In all honesty, I normally take a day or two to process each new week’s schedule. Writing down every thought, every idea, and possible way to grab an edge. After turning my attention to Week 7 of the NFL season a few weird ideas have surfaced. I will share with all of you as each Bottom of the Barrel is published this week!

As we turn our attention to Week 7 it’s time to start suspending belief. Anything can happen. Anything goes. Over the years I have learned if your method is weird and the entry you have created looks awful then you’re on the right path. The injury bug has started to rear its ugly head so now I have an obligation to all of you. A responsibility I do not take lightly!

Let’s get after it this week! Let me dig in and do the work for you! First up is the quarterback position. It’s time, friends. Here it is Bottom of the Barrel for Week 7!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 7 QB

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Patrick Mahomes II Chiefs vs. Chargers(31st)


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Finally! We get Pat back atop the mountain! Mahomes completed 30-of-40 passes for 306 yards with a touchdown and an interception. It's been a weird season so far. He hasn't been that in-your-face fully dominant QB yet in 2023. Of course, the Chiefs are awesome at 5-1 and he's the lead conductor but we've gotten spoiled! Case in point, my last few words. I am not kidding what I say we all just expect him to toss 3 touchdowns and 300 yards every single game. You know that's true too!

It is all good though any way you slice it. Mahomes should have no issue straight slicing and dicing right through this Chargers defense on Sunday. We can safely expect 23-24 completions, 300+ yards, and 3 touchdown passes.

Jordan Love Packers at Broncos(30th)


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Jordan admittedly has a higher price tag than I am comfortable with here at Bottom of the Barrel but with the big-time bye weeks coming around we need to adjust to the times.  Last we saw the Pack and Love it was bad news in Las Vegas as they lost 17-13 in Week 5. Most of those headlines included terms like "implodes" or "smacked around" when realistically it was just a bad night. No more and no less. Plus, Green Bay had the benefit of their Week 5 bye to rest and right the ship.

You couldn't script a better fresh-off-the-bye week get-right game than what the Packers have in front of them here in Week 7. The Broncos are 30th overall at defending opposing QBs. Love is a solid play this week, one of my favorites actually. Jordan should have no problems completing 19-20 passes, hanging 250+ yards, and tossing three touchdown passes.

Jared Goff Lions at Ravens(1st)


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This play here will take some big stones. I mean what else would you say? The Ravens are a great team but so are the Lions. It looks as if Detroit is also the underdog for the first time since Week 1 at Arrowhead. At this exact moment in time, Jared Goff has taken his game to another level. Jared completed 30-of-44 passes for 353 yards and two touchdowns in the Lion's 20-6 win over the Buccaneers in Tampa. That alone goes to show you Goff, and the Lions just don't care. Dan has even said in his press conferences, "We will play anybody anywhere." It's just that Detroit grit I guess.

The Baltimore defense has held teams to an average of only 168.6 passing yards per game this season. Yet, their last three opponents have been the Steelers, Browns, and Colts. Three teams not exactly lighting up scoreboards. Not trying to be passive-aggressive or take anything away from the Raven's defense but this Lions team is a different breed. It does stink that the Lions will be without David Montgomery and rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs but Brad, Dan, and Jared will come up with something. Their passing offense is still intact with the likes of Amon-Ra and rookie phenom tight end Sam LaPorta.

I'm expecting Goff to be attempting close to 40 passes in this one. Let's call it 25-26 completions, 260 yards, and 2 total touchdown passes. Who knows, maybe he finds nothing on the ground?

Brock Purdy 49ers at Vikings(24th)


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Sports are fun. Sports are great. I like sports. Specifically professional football. Do you know where the most fun is had? No, it's not on the field or even in the stands! It's on social media! One bad game and it's all over for Brock Purdy. Well, on social media at least. Time to move on, right? Dammit! Can't believe they traded Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys. Sure could use him right about now. Well, that's what Twitter thinks.

What is also interesting to me is the fact these same people who have said, Deebo, CMC, Kittle, and Aiyuk have been used in the best possible way by Brock! He's been awesome at spreading the ball around and letting the stars shine!

So, after Deebo Samuel and CMC go down, the loss is placed solely on Brock's shoulders. Moments after praising the guy. That is weird behavior for a group of folks who've had it so good the last few months. This loss was not 100% on the 49ers QB Brock Purdy. San Francisco lost cause the Browns' defense is awesome.  Did you know that Cleveland held the 49ers to 3.9 yards per play on Sunday? Frisco only converted 25% of their third downs and only allowed 107 total passing yards.

Let's look ahead to this week when the 49ers head to Minnesota in what will be a much more favorable match-up. Plus, Deebo Samuel is day-to-day. While CMC's status for Week 7 is iffy as his ribs/oblique heal up. Regardless of all this Brock should deliver in Minnesota on Sunday. To the tune of 21-22 completions, 250-260 passing yards, 2 touchdown passes, and around 10, or so, rushing yards.

Geno Smith Seahawks vs. Cardinals(29th)


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Geno Smith completed 27-of-41 pass attempts for 323 yards and two interceptions while also carrying the ball four times for 20 yards in a nasty gross 17-13 loss to the Bengals. A Cincinnati team who is finally finding themselves by the way so it's all good. However, this week, in Seattle against a 1-5 reeling Arizona Cardinals team. Could get bad. Could be bad. Yet, the Cards do put up a fight. The scrap so I will give them that.

However, a steady dose of Kenny Walker III, rookie back Zach Charbonnet, DK, Tyler Lockett, and JSN is just bad news. Too much to overcome. I love Mr. Smith for 22-23 completions, 250-260 passing yards, a trio of touchdowns, and one big Seattle win. Fade Geno at your own risk!

Matthew Stafford Rams vs. Steelers(12th)


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Stafford only completed 15 of 24 passes for 226 yards and a touchdown as the Rams won 26-9 over the Cardinals. Not exactly the output Dave and I had in mind prior to lock last Sunday but that is fine. Trust me, I promise. I have seen this Stafford many times here in Detroit. This is what I call the laying low portion of the season for Matthew.

Cooper Kupp is back at 100% as they work Puka into this offense with Kupp and Higbee. It's the calm before the storm. Stafford, as I said, is laying low and working things out on the fly. After that is over he becomes one dangerous QB. A guy you absolutely need in your entries on a weekly basis.

Pittsburgh is 3-2 and got their asses handed to them by Houston in Week 4. Barely beat the Ravens in Week 5 then take their bye week and bang ready to rock against the Rams. The Steelers do not scare me but this isn't about me. This is about the Rams and Stafford dogging them out on Sunday. Matthew should be good for 24-25 completions, 280 passing yards, and a pair of scores. I can already see it. So many folks are going to be freaked out or apprehensive about stacking up the Rams but listen to me do it. Stafford, Kupp, Puka, and Tutu and take it right to the bank!

Joshua Dobbs Cardinals at Seahawks(22nd)


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Arizona is plus 8 points in this game. My late father once told me anything double digits and you take a closer look. It's great advice but given the two teams at hand here, Arizona & Seattle, I took a closer look. Overall, this week the over/under are very low across the board. Five games are in the high 30s. While this game is actually in the top-3 highest over/under for Week 7.

Team point implied totals are useful, to a certain extent. I find them very useful in this game. Seattle is projected at around 26.3 points and the Cardinals are at 18.3 total points. So what the hell do we make of all this? Again, my article, and my thoughts but I can see Geno and crew jumping ahead double digits early. Then forcing the Cardinal's hand in terms of pushing the pace of play and who would lead that charge? Yes, exactly, Josh Dobbs.

Dobbs creates an absolute ton of risk for our entries with all his recent turnovers but it wouldn't be DFS without some risk, amirite? Give me Dobbs to complete 21-22 passes, 225-235ish passing yards, and 5-6 carries for another 25-30 yards. I am not expecting it but if Dobbs can find a way to be responsible for three touchdowns in this one then holy smokes we are in the money!

Kenny Pickett Steelers at Rams(17th)


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Kenny Pickett completed 18-of-32 pass attempts for 224 yards and one touchdown as the Steelers beat the Ravens in Week 5. Look, fantasy stats or not anytime you can beat a Divisional opponent like that it gets my blood flowing! Not to mention the AFC North and the hatred that the entire division carries for each other. If you're into Kenny or against him long-term or short-term I really don't care. I personally believe this kid has it. He has that anger or chip on his shoulder needed to succeed in Pittsburgh.

This is going to be one hell of a game folks and I want in on it. From the Rams side and the Steelers side. Plus, it looks as if the Steelers may get their stud WR1 Diontae Johnson back. All your rust this and rust that talk save it. These two teams are going to be banging heads all afternoon. Can we play Pickett naked? Sure, but I'd rather stack him up with Pickens and Pat Freiermuth. The Rams are 28th overall in defending opposing tight ends.

Give me Pickett to complete 21-22 passes, 230-240 passing yards, tuck it, and run 4 or 5 times for another 20 yards. All while being accountable for, at least, two total touchdowns. One of which to his stud TE Pat Freiermuth. Book it.

Sam Howell Commanders at Giants(13th)


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Sam completed 14-of-23 pass attempts for 151 yards and tossed three touchdown passes! Plus, the Commanders won! I mentioned Sam last minute in last week's Bottom of the Barrel because I loved the potential in what could have been in that game. I wasn't that far off to be honest. Howell had 3 TDs and Ridder and 2 TDs. So, to me, that call was not a complete bust at all! Yet, as I always say, that was then and this is now!

I do not know how you attack each DFS slate with the content you consume. Hopefully, you start with my stuff and then work out from there! I'd be very grateful if that was true. Bullshit aside, I look around myself and check in with certain sites and specific people. One of the biggest sports websites on this planet had this to say about Sam Howell this week; The Giants love to blitz and just slowed down Josh Allen and his skill weapons. Essentially, the floor isn't very stable for this first-year starter. That is flat-out embarrassing. Just say you don't care and move on.

Yes, Buffalo did just beat the Giants. Can the Commanders do the same thing here in Week 7? Absolutely! Stick around and I will tell you how in the Bottom of the Barrel running backs article along with the wide receivers article! Stay tuned!

Desmond Ridder Falcons at Buccaneers(20th)


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I cannot quit this kid. It's tough when he has Bijan Robinson, Drake London, Kyle Pitts, Tyler Allgeier, and even Jonnu Smith at his disposal. The Detroit Lions absolutely shredded Tampa Bay through the air last week. Goff had something like 353 passing yards. So, it only makes sense the Falcons do the same.

Arrows up for Ridder, Bijan, Drake, Pitts, and Jonnu this week.

Gardner Minshew II Colts vs. Browns(3rd)


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Minshew completed 33 of 55 attempts for 329 yards with one touchdown in Week 6. Yet, he had four turnovers! Typical Gardner right? Three interceptions and a lost fumble. If we have learned anything in the last two, or three, weeks then we know the Cleveland Browns defense is for real. Their front seven is ridiculous and even the rotation of players going in and coming out is making a difference. So maybe this is a blurb telling you to use the Browns DST in DFS formats in Week 7 hidden under a Gardner Minshew II blurb?

P.J. Walker Browns at Colts(26th)


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P.J. was sent back down to the practice squad Monday. However, Walker seemingly would be the top candidate to start again over rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson on Sunday in Indianapolis if Watson needs more time to recover. Who knows? If there is an update to be had during the week about any Browns quarterback I will make sure to update you!


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