Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 7 TE

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 14 TE

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 7 TE Edition!

We will be short and sweet with the opening of this article. Halloween is close! It is, by far my favorite time of the year. Just the fall in general! A luxury not many other gets to experience. The leaves change colors on the trees. The air is crisp. We can still wear shorts, kind of, with a big comfortable hoodie. Not to mention all the soup!

As we start to stare Week 7 of the NFL season in the face a few things have become clear. One of which, the most important, nothing makes sense. Get used to it. From here on out it is going to be utter chaos. If you follow me on Twitter @DetroitBeastie then you will see! I am nothing special but do my best to try and reign in that chaos to a certain extent.

The list of tight-ends I have put together is a who-who of nobodies. We are right back to that whole getting comfortable with being uncomfortable idea! Let’s get to digging, shall we? Realistically, I have done the digging! You are now able to reap the benefits!

Nothing wrong with a little Saturday night DFS action! Let's talk tight ends!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 7 TE!

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Travis Kelce Chiefs vs. Chargers(6th)


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Kelce caught all nine of his targets for 124 yards. What else is new? A stud tight end doing what he does best, being a stud tight end! The Chargers are 6th overall against TEs but we both know that does not matter.

Travis should be good for 7-8 catches, 80+ yards, and a touchdown. You could make an anytime TD bet with Travis but why bother? No money is to be made there.

Luke Musgrave Packers at Denver(31st)


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Musgrave led the Packers with six catches on seven targets in Week 5. Packers had their bye in Week 6 and now travel to Denver for Week 7. Luke appears to be a favorite target of QB Jordan Love and, while he hasn't scored a touchdown, it's good to know he's very involved in this Green Bay offense!

Given how bad the Bronco's DST is against the TE spot I am almost certain he scores his first professional TD! Unfortunately, I think the Broncos beat Green Bay this week!

Tyler Higbee Rams vs. Steelers(8th)


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Now that the 5-o'clock Stafford is back every Rams offensive skill positional player is in play! Including Tyler! Matthew has started to find his true form and I truly believe the Rams go on this wild run! Starting with this one!

Looking at 5-6 targets, 3-4 catches, and 35- 40 yards!

Donald Parham Jr. Chargers at Chiefs(13th)


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On paper, this game has the highest over/under of the Main slate. Opened at 48 and now it's down half a point to 47.5. Bet the over 100% and get any and all secondary pieces of this game in your DFS lines possible! Including Parham Jr.

Whether he splits reps with Gereald or not the most important thing here isn't yardage or catches. It's touchdowns. Which Donald will have by the end of this game.

Michael Mayer Raiders at Bears(22nd)


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I wanted to type Michael Myers so bad but I held bad. I can wait one more week! I also have this odd feeling of an under type of game here which would stink seeing how it's only at 37.5 points anyway. Mayer had the best game of his rookie season in Week 6, catching five passes for a team-high 75 yards. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come. Given his blue-chip pedigree, he can do it all!

While I do not think he gets to 75 yards this week, 50-60 yards is a reasonable idea.

Mike Gesicki Patriots vs. Bills(4th)


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Sometimes these Vegas numbers and player averages are so perfect that it gets freaky. The over/under in this one is at an even 40 points. I have the Bills to win 23-17. Which equals 40 points. What the hell? New England has been awful but the Bills won't blow them out as some folks think they do. Meaning, that New England will still be able to run their favorite two tight-end sets over and over.

Maybe it's Hunter Henry who finds the endzone. Maybe it's Mike Gesicki who finds the endzone too. Would anyone be shocked if the Pats actually do lose and score only 17 points? The only two touchdowns they do score from both their TE's?

Cade Otton Buccaneers vs. Falcons(30th)


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Quote taken directly from ESPN, "This team doesn't lean on the tight end often to move chains, as Otton saw only two targets on 37 routes last week." Sweet. As Jeff Bridges once said in The Big Lebowski, "That's like your opinion man!" 

I do not agree with the big shots over at ESPN. The Falcons are 30th overall against defending opposing TEs. Ridder has been known to make a mistake or two which could lead to an extra possession and a short field. Otton could get a red zone look here and don't be shocked if he makes good of it!

Dalton Kincaid Bills at Patriots(11th)


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Once again I have this odd feeling that all the scoring in this game comes from the most unlikely players. Let's make sure Dalton clears the NFL protocol first before we get all giggity.

Trey McBride Cardinals at Seahawks(3rd)


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I had a friend ask me just a few days ago, "What in the hell has happened to Zach Ertz?" I do not know! The wheels have completely fallen off in favor of Trey. Seattle is literally at the bottom of most DvP's except TEs! Yet, I think Trey has volume on his side!

Well, not a ton of volume but enough to return big-time value! I am thinking of 4-5 targets, 3-4 catches, and around 35-40 yards. If this kid finds the endzone then we're dancing nude in the street!

Connor Heyward Steelers at Rams(28th)


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Pat Freiermuth was just placed on IR. Thats awful. We wish him the best here at F6P. Yet, the world still spins and the games will be played. I am not a vacated targets kind of guy but Kenny has shown the ability to carry multiple offensive skill positions. Tight end being one!

Truth be told this play isn't much about Heyward as it is the Ram's offense. I do personally believe LA gets ahead two, or three, scores early leaving Pickett, Tomlin, and the Steelers playing from behind. That is where Heyward comes in. Realistically, he could see 4-5 targets, catch 2-3 passes, and hang 25-30 yards. Which would include a touchdown that helps no one.

Look for that segment on the NFL Network on Monday!

Robert Tonyan Bears vs. Raiders (17th)


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The Chicago Bears and Justin Fields had me fooled this year. they really did. As a big NFC North guy, I actually bought into all the hype surrounding them before the year. Meaning, back in August I had Tonyan pegged for an outstanding late-round sleeper!

Can you picture it? We all did! JF1 taking that next step forward and watching this offense flourish. Well, that hasn't happened, and now JF1 is out with a dislocated thumb. With Tyson Bagnet under center this week anything goes. Seriously! Anything goes for the kid! What does he have to lose? For DFS purposes I love a QB who plays like that. While Justin may have not looked Robert's way much who's to say Tyson won't? Just a thought.

Darnell Washington Steelers at Rams(28th)


Scroll up and read Connor Heyward's blurb. The same exact principles apply!


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