Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 QB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 17 QB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 QB Edition!

Some folks are starting to scale down their content as the NFL regular season is nearing its halfway point. Some people have just quit and walked away. However, for a daily fantasy sports player, it’s time to redouble our efforts! This week is the first chance where we can start looking ahead a little to the seasonal fantasy football playoffs. On the other end, some folks are realizing that their seasonal teams are awful and it’s over.

It happens this way every single year. The seasonal fantasy crowd jumps ship and swims up to the wonderful world of DFS! The huge spike in daily fantasy sports is here. If you are new to DFS, and Bottom of the Barrel, hello! Glad you are here!

Everything moves so fast in today’s fantasy sports world. If you are not careful the fantasy football community will pass you by. Your content will shrivel up and die. Your projections will turn to dust. I fully understand the fast-paced mentality but at what cost?

We must be comfortable in our skin and our interactions and output. Once a week or realistically every day you will see a new site or new person pop up and post a thousand articles/video combos. I used to get jealous. Then I realized that it was their business! Trying to keep pace with others was the source of my anxiety.

When I came to this conclusion and realized I was not competing with others I had a breakthrough. Moving at my own pace whether it is fast or light. I can only do so much and that is ok!

Its time. Let’s chat about this week’s options at quarterback. One thing I have never done to you is lie or mislead you. So, why would I start now? This week is ugly at quarterback. It is grimy and nasty. You may need to shower after reading this.

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 QB

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Jalen Hurts Eagles at Washington(32nd)


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It is being reported that Jalen Hurts' knee, which had a brace on it to end the game Sunday night, is nothing that would keep him out of a game. The Eagles have taken it a step further to say that his knee issue won't even keep him out of practice this week. Jalen will be a full go come Sunday. Which, at first glance, is bad news for the Commanders.

I hate to be nitpicky but if Jalen could cut down on the turnovers it would be greatly appreciated. Last week with an interception and a lost fumble. In the grand scheme of things, it's all good. We can look past those mistakes cause we know he's good for 280+ passing yards, 30+ rushing yards, and at least two touchdowns a week.

Should be no different this week against a reeling Commanders team. I have Jalen for about 22-23 completions, 270 yards, 10-11 carries, another 45 yards, and two touchdowns. Personally, those could be floor numbers for him in Week 8.

Gardner Minshew II Colts vs. Saints(6th)


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Minshew completed 15 of 23 passes for 305 yards and two touchdowns. Read that again. He had 305 passes yards on only 15 completed passes. If we divided 305 by 15 that equals 20.33333333. So, in theory, each completed pass was for 20 yards. That is pretty cool! A much tougher task lies ahead, the Saints.

Whenever called upon it seems as though Minshew will just get it done. No questions asked. I just picture him sitting around at his locker with a bandana on jamming out with a Walkman and the coach walks up and says, "Hey, Shew we need you Sunday can you play?" Gardner stops his Guns N' Roses tape looks up and says, "Sure than hauss!"

Last week was something else though. He made a massive impact in both spots of this game. First, he bombed a pair of long touchdown passes that went for 59 and 75 yards to Josh Downs and Michael Pittman. Minshew also showed up and showed out, once again, with his legs, rushing for two more touchdowns. The first one was 17 yards and the second only four yards. I mean, seriously I'm legitimately excited but we shall see. the Saints have risen and have been hunting folks down on defense. So tread carefully with Gardner in Week 8.

Sam Howell Commanders vs. Eagles(22nd)


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Howell and Ridder I can't get over them. Rightfully so but let's talk about Sam. I am scared for Sam's well-being in this game given his propensity for getting sacked and the Eagle's affinity for sacking QBs. Fun fact: Howell is on pace to take in a record-breaking 97 sacks. The current record is 76 taken by David Carr in his 2002 rookie season with the Texans. Sam is just holding onto the ball too long. Any good QB will tell you there needs to be an internal clock in your head. After hits 0.0 you throw it away. So, where the hell is Howell's internal clock?

The Commander head coach Riverboat Ron Rivera is on the hot seat. I'd imagine it's directly linked to losing and Sam Howell getting sacked and not showing any signs of growth. It is now or never for Sam. As an optimistic glass-half-full kind of guy, I am going to bet on Howell this week against the Eagles. I am not predicting a win just simply saying start using this talented roster of offensive skill positional players to your benefit! McLaurin, Samuel, Dotson, Robinson, Gibson, and even Logan Thomas for God's sake. From the "hut-hut hike!" to the ball being thrown to Terry, Curtis, or Dotson should take 2.5 seconds.

Let's start there! Hopefully, they've been implementing those packages this week at practice and it translate to the field on Sunday! So, "hut-hut hike!" BOOM the football is on Terry. Or, "blue 42 blue 42 hike!" BOOM the football is on Samuel. If Sam Howell can start there then this week will be wonderful for all involved!

Desmond Ridder Falcons at Titans(10th)


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Ridder and Howell I can't get over them. The difference here is the fact Desmond has hung some major yardage totals in the past few weeks. Granted it was against Houston, Washington, and Tampa Bay but these are still professional football teams! Desmond completed 19 of 25 passes for 250 yards, zero touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

The bad news was the fumbles. He did total up 38 yards and one touchdown on six rushing attempts. Again, the bad news was the fumbles. Three of them. In the red zone. Just absolutely game-killing kind of mistakes but guess what? The Falcons still won 16-13! Wild and nasty all at the same time! I am fully expecting Desmond to redeem himself in Nashville on Sunday. To what extent thought?

How about 19-20 completions, 235ish passing yards, and another 4-5 rushing attempts for 25 yards. While being accountable for two total touchdowns. One in the air. One on the ground!

Mac Jones Patriots at Dolphins(28th)


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This is the part of Bottom of the Barrel that is ugly. Actually, nasty but that is the draw of the article. "Chris will dig and tap into places other folks wouldn't dare go!" I do not know if anyone has ever said that about me and my article but it sounded cool! Everyone on Earth bet on the Bills to hammer the Patriots last week. Except me. Well, kind of. I had no lean one way or another in terms of the outcome but I was vocal about using the Patriots DST in DFS formats!

Back to the game action, Mac completed 25 of 30 passes for 272 yards and two touchdowns Sunday as the Pats beat Buffalo 29-25! Mac is just one of those players, man. You don't hate him but you can never really get behind him with your full support. Maybe Bill laid into his ass. Maybe the offense cornered him in the shower. I do not know but he limited his mistakes and hit Gesicki for a TD to win the game. I am hoping this carries over to Miami in Week 8.

I'm going wild with my projections for him this week. I'm thinking 24-25 completions, 250 passing yards, and two touchdown passes. Patriots still lose 35-14ish but Mac is a viable DFS start this week.

Bryce Young Panthers vs. Texans(19th)


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Bryce Young only completed 23 of 38 passes for 217 yards last week. He also tossed one touchdown pass and didn't turn the ball over. So, while he wasn't very efficient he was safe and surpassed 200 passing yards in three consecutive contests. It is all there for this kid. I really do see it. Once that lightbulb goes off Young will be off and running!

However, this week, against the Texans things could break his way where we see 250+ passing yards. Two, or more, passing touchdowns with another on the ground. He's cheap enough and flying under the radar right now. Week 8 is the absolute perfect time to plug him into your DFS entries.

Derek Carr Saints at Colts(20th)


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The Saints and Derek Carr looked awful last week for 3 quarters. Then, Carr tapped into something in the 4th quarter. He threw an awful pass that was intercepted by Foyesade Oluokun who took it 24 yards for a defensive touchdown. A short time later the Saints kicker, Blake Grupe kicked a 42-yard field goal. At this point, it was 17-9 and they went into the 4th quarter.

The Saints scored a touchdown on their first possession of the 4th, and we were off and running. After a series of punts between the two teams Carr went on to make three outstanding throws, 17-yards, 19-yards, and then his coup de grace. A 17-yard touchdown pass to Michael Thomas followed by a successful 2pt conversion by Alvin Kamara.

Why the silly game recap? I found that specific drive to be what this Saints offense can truly be. Risk and reward my friend. I am willing to risk that Derek Carr, as a leader, can tap back into that energy this week against the Colts.

Zach Wilson Jets at Giants(11th)


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The New York Jets playing the New York Giants in East Rutherford New Jersey. For some odd reason, the idea of MetLife Stadium has reminded me of the movie Cop Land with Sylvester Stallone, Robert DeNiro, Ray Liotta, and Harvey Keitel. It's about this small little town called Garrison, New Jersey right over the bridge, where it's completely populated by New York City cops. During the day they police New York then take the bridge back to New Jersey and it's all corruption. Great movie! I suggest you check it out.

Zach had an unbelievable game for a quarterback who didn't throw a touchdown pass! He didn't turn the ball over either. Yet, the Jets beat the big bad Eagles. A win like that alone is statement enough now they tussle with their, kind of. in-state rival Giants. Look, this is a tough ask I know. Wilson hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in two games. So why in the heck should he be on our radar in Week 8? The Giants are currently putting all their own pieces back together with Daniel Jones, Saquon, Waller, and Wan'Dale Robinson. What a perfect time for the Jets to take advantage of the Giant's current cohesive ineptitude on offense.

I have been called many derogatory names. None of which have even remotely bothered me. I say that to say this. the Jets are going to beat the Giants around 28-17 on Sunday. Zach Wilson adds to his Disney comeback allure and New Jersey can sleep tight on Sunday.

Kenny Pickett Steelers vs. Jaguars(26th)


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Pickett has a weird Week 7. Like beyond weird but the Steelers did win. Get this, Kenny completed 17 of 25 passes for 230 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions and netted zero yards and a touchdown on eight rushes last week. Pickett completed a season-best 68.0 percent of his passes while hitting the 230-yard mark for the third time in his last six games. I guess all that truly matters are the wins. The Steelers are currently 4-2 with the Browns nipping at their heels as they look up to the Ravens at 5-2.

One of these weeks, just like Bryce Young, this thing is going to pop and the breakout is on! I personally believe Week 8 will be that week for Kenny. Not only will the Steelers beat the Jaguars but Kenny will complete 22-23 passes for around 245-250 yards, and two total touchdowns. Slice them up any way you want. Two in the air, two on the ground, one in the air, one on the ground doesn't matter. Please, double-check your notes before it locks on Sunday at 1p. Make sure you have a sprinkling of Pickett in your entries!

Geno Smith Seahawks vs. Browns(5th)


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I've rarely used quotes or blurbs from other sites but an opportunity presented itself when it came to Geno in Week 8. If go and read Geno Smith's blurb on ESPN it says, "The Seahawks use play action at the third-highest rate in the NFL (28%), and Geno Smith has excelled with the aid of those play fakes. However, the Browns have been among the best defenses against play action this season. Which is to say, the fade is on."

Which is to say the fade is on. Holy shit do I love that! A massively large website telling folks to fade Geno is music to my ears. It's what I do! I pluck gems from the scrap heap. The NFL is so all over the place week-to-week, especially on Sundays. What is that saying, "Any given Sunday!" I am cashing in my "any given Sunday chip" with Geno and the Seattle Seahawks this week. I have this feeling I cannot shake that Geno leads this Seattle team to a beat down of the Browns. I have the final score around 28-14ish.

The fade is on, right? Nope, not for me. Not even close! Plug in Geno this week. We will most definitely be revisiting this blurb on Monday morning!

Matthew Stafford Rams at Cowboys(7th)


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Did you know Matthew Stafford was not born and raised in Texas? He was born in Tampa, Florida then moved to Georgia while his father finished graduate school at UGA. He merely adopted the state of Texas as he attended high school at Highland Park in Dallas. Oh, he is also best friends with Clayton Kershaw. You heard it here first!

Is Dallas the better team? The Rams are 3-4 while the Cowboys are 4-2. So, on paper sure, a little. Yet, they don't play football games on paper. They play them on a grass field. Regardless of the final score or outcome of this one Stafford is going to literally put his heart and soul right there on the field for all of us to see. That is the kind of guy I am going to back every single time, Without an ounce of hesitation. Once a Detroit Lion always a Detroit Lion.

Matthew has yet to have a true breakout game this year. Give me Stafford for 23-24 completed passes, 280 passing yards, and a pair of touchdown passes.

P.J. Walker Browns at Seahawks(23rd)


Embed from Getty Images

Yuck but hey, that's why this article exists, right? who the hell knows whats going on in Cleveland?


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