Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 RB

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 16 RB

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 RB Edition!

How many of you value your time? I am talking about free time spent alone. From what I have seen most of us have families, careers, and busy schedules. So, any shred of free time is spent handling our regular everyday lives. With fantasy sports, we can disconnect and free our minds.

Not to be crass but in the morning, I enjoy looking over my teams in the bathroom. Almost certain I am not alone on this one. Then again in the evening when I get into bed. In a way, fantasy sports have this uncanny ability to make us slow down and stop what we are doing to concentrate on one thing, our fake football teams!

Daily fantasy sports have changed my life. In the best possible way. It has opened an entirely different world to me. It has helped me connect with so many. It has helped me get out of my comfort zone. It has made me change the way I approach fantasy sports.

Money has never been my motivation when it comes to writing and broadcasting. It is just a byproduct of it all. The joy is watching the light bulb go off in a new DFS player's eyes when helping. The excitement of comparing daily rosters and having a plan of attack is unbelievable. Looking forward to each daily slate has meant more to me than just winning money or entering lines. It has helped me plan better, share more, and help others.

There are about a handful of running backs that I would be comfortable spending up on this week. CMC, Etienne Jr., Austin Ekeler, Breece Hall, and Isiah Pacheco. Aside from that, it's a wild landscape for Week 8. No need to get all nervous and overwhelmed. I have done the work for you! Let's talk about the Bottom of the Barrel runningbacks for Week 8 of the NFL season!

Christian McCaffrey 49ers vs. Bengals(17th)


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McCaffrey collected 96 all-purpose yards from scrimmage with a rushing and receiving touchdown in Week 7. Despite dealing with an oblique injury CMC did what he does best, dominate on the football field. Why would we think Week 8 would be any different?

I do like the idea of a shootout. A back-and-forth affair between Joe Burrow and Brock Purdy. However, Brock may have a tough time passing through all five phases of the protocol for head injuries in a short week. So it could be a Burrow and Sam Darnold Sunday afternoon game. If Purdy is out this week that only further affirms our usage of CMC!

Realistically, 19-20 carries, 90-95 yards, and one touchdown. I have an odd feeling that 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan turns Sam Darnold into Mr. Check Down Charlie. So, let's add on 4-5 catches, 35-40 yards, and another touchdown. San Francisco cannot lose this game. No how. No way. CMC will be fed like it's Christmas dinner!

Miles Sanders Panthers vs. Texans(23rd)


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Miles Sanders missed Week 6 against the Dolphins due to a shoulder injury. Panthers were on their bye in Week 7. So now, on the cusp of Week 8 Miles Sanders looks ready to rock against the Texans. The only issue is the presence of Chuba Hubbard. Which is a fair concern. Yet, I see it as an opportunity.

"Sanders is a fairly risky play in Week 8 against the Texans." This blurb is taken directly from a competing website. Again, it is a fair assessment but exactly why Bottom of the Barrel exists. In the world of running back talent would it be fair to also say Miles Sanders is a bit better than Chuba Hubbard? Regardless of your answer, my point is Miles, if truly 100% healthy, will pull away and assert his dominance in this Panthers backfield.

In Week 8 I have Miles around 13-14 carries, about 60 yards, 3-4 receptions, 25-30 yards, and one touchdown. Don't be afraid of Chuba. Heck, toss him in the same entry.

Najee Harris Steelers vs Jaguars(11th)


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Najee Harris accumulated 53 yards on 14 carries with a touchdown! Harris also caught 3-of-3 targets for 15 yards. In a weird fantasy football voodoo land, I am hoping that one touchdown scored last week now opens the floodgates. All of you seasonal fantasy freaks who jumped shipped are probably sweating a little. Uh oh and oh boy!

Harris stays back on top of it all this week! I am thinking 13-14 carries, 55-60 yards, 2-3 receptions, and another 15 yards. The game stays close but the Steelers win and Harris scores twice!

Chuba Hubbard Panthers vs. Texans(23rd)


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Yes, I am aware of what I say in the Sanders blurb. Truthfully, I see no reason not to stack up both Panthers RBs against the Texans on Sunday. Hubbard carried the ball 19 times for 88 yards and a touchdown in place of Miles in Week 6. Chuba showed well and it only fires me up more to have both backs rolling in the same game!

Look for Hubbard to get 9-10 carries, 40-45 yards, and another reception or two for 15 yards. Plus, Chuba finds pay dirt too! So instead of this media bullshit trying to split them apart Bottom of the Barrel is bringing them together! Lastly, this article isn't just for show. I will be stacking up Sanders and Hubbard in plenty of my DFS lines on Sunday.

Tyler Allgeier Falcons at Titans(12th)


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Tyler rushed 21 times for 59 yards while also catching three passes for 53 yards in Week 7 against the Buccaneers. I have no clue what was going on with Bijan. If he was sick then just say so. Then they did give the kid a carry in the 4th to make matters even more weird. Come to find out Bijan had a nasty headache or something. Regardless Allgeier's number was called and he did his best. Look for more of the same in Week 8.

Let's say 12-13 carries, 55-60 yards, and a catch or two for another ten yards. To be honest, I think the Falcons hang 20, or more points, against the Titans. Tyles scores and the Falcons win!

Alexander Mattison Vikings at Packers(30th)


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There has not been one point in my life when I thought Alexander Mattison was going to be a stud RB1. All those years playing behind Dalvin Cook that is all we heard. Soon as Cook is gone this Mattison kid is going to run wild. Do you remember those few times over the past few seasons when Cook was out, it was the fantasy playoffs, and we needed Mattiston to step up for us. What did he do? He bent us over and sent us packing. So why, on Earth would he suddenly become this outstanding RB1 in 2023? Give me a break. We are allowed to make our own choices. We don't have to follow the lead of some douche telling you Mattison is a league winner. He's not.

However, he can help us, in spots, just like this one here! Against an awful Packers defense! Alex is good for 12-13 carries, 50-60 yards, and another 25 yards on 2-3 catches.

Javonte Williams Broncos vs. Chiefs(5th)


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Was a beautiful thing to witness in Week 7 as Williams had the best game of the season as he stocked up 82 rushing yards on 15 carries along with three receptions for 14 receiving yards. Tough opponent this week with the Chiefs but I think that's a great thing! We can pull the playing from behind or the playing catch-up card! Meaning, I'd expect Javonte to be on the field more than he has all season thus far.

I have him at 13-14 rushing attempts which seems fair to start for 65-70 yards. To go along with 3 or 4 catches for 25-30 yards. I do love that playing catch-up card!

Darrell Henderson Jr. Rams at Cowboys(7th)


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Henderson, fresh off the practice squad, had 18 carries for 61 yards and a touchdown in Week 7 against the Steelers. What an absolute stud! Seriously! Holy shit! LA's backfield is a bit of a mystery right now. Which I love! We can plug in D-Hendy and Freeman into all our entries! Seeing how they will both be sharing all of the running work. Too good to be true!

I have Henderson at 14-15 carries for 55-60 yards. While he should be good to catch 2-3 passes for an additional 15-20 yards.

Jaylen Warren Steelers vs. Jaguars(11th)


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Why are people always fighting over fantasy football players? Who cares if it's Najee Harris or Jaylen Warren? In my world, I can have them both. So, that is exactly what I am going to do this week. Feel free to follow suit! I would never ask you to do anything I wouldn't do myself. I have proven that face time and time again.

I am cool with Warren getting around 8-9 carries, averages aside he breaks one, and we're sitting with 45-50 yards. Jaylen should easily catch 3 or 4 passes for another 35 yards. I am not kidding here. I will 100% be building lines with both Harris and Warren in them.

Zeke Elliott Patriots at Dolphins(18th)


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The Patriots are going to have to throw the kitchen sink at the Dolphins in order to have any chance to compete with Miami. Not to sound like a rude asshole but no way New England wins. Their only hope is to not get embarrassed. The Dolphins should, at minimum, score 30 points. So, if you're in Bill's shoes what do you do? Try and slow this sucker down. How do you do that? Try and shove Stevenson and Elliott down their throats. Ah-ha! See? Now we're onto something!

There are still some treads left on Zeke's tires. We will get to see them! I think 9-10 carries, around 40 yards, and a catch or two for another 10 yards. Great DFS play here, seriously! The Dolphins should win 35-14ish.

Emari Demercado Cardinals vs. Ravens(16th)


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Demarcado worked as the Cardinal's number one running back in Week 7, rushing 13 times for 58 yards and had four receptions for 17 yards. Demarcado appears to have taken over as Arizona’s No. 1 running back. Woah. Wait. What? Why though? What about Keaontay Ingram? Guy had 9 total snaps Sunday, all on special teams.

Just another case in point of listening to the wrong people. The same people who just want to be first. They don't give two shits if they're right long as they are first. But, why Chris? For fake internet points on social media! C'mon now! If got screwed over by starting Keaontay Ingram last weekend then there are only two people to blame. The dummy you listened to and, well, you.

In Week 8 I'm looking forward to seeing what this kid can do against an awesome Ravens team. My best guess is 13-14 carries, 65 yards, 3-4 carries, and about 20 more yards.

Royce Freeman Rams at Dallas(7th)


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Oh yes, baby! Now we are talking! Another combo platter coming your way! D-Hendy and Royce Freeman stacked up in the same entry just make my loins tingle! Even in an awful match-up! That is, without a doubt, the number one reason why I love this combo so much. What other idiot beside me thinks this way? I know a ton of idiots. Those idiots aren't the same as me though. At least I'm giving you some fun actionable advice.

Stafford is playing better. Cooper Kupp and Puca are killing it. I could make a case that the Rams actually go right into Dallas and beat the Cowboys! For that to happen Royce Freeman and Henderson would have to be heavily involved and working in perfect unison with Stafford, Kupp, and Puca. So, what do you say? Are you with me? Yet, another entry with two running backs from the same team!

Devin Singletary Texans at Pathers(31st)


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No way Devin Singletary is better than Dameon Pierce, right? I mean, last season Dameon was this golden boy workhorse for the Texans. Now the ex-Buffalo Bill RB comes to town and eats away at everything Damon had done last year. Oh well, I guess? That was last year. This is Week 8. I am going where the money, match-ups, and workloads take me!

I have Devin at 11-12 carries, 55-60 yards, and a catch or two for no more than 12 yards.

Justice Hill Ravens at Arizona(29th)


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Justice Hill was only given four carries in Week 7 for 46 yards. He also caught one pass for two yards. After some quick math that means Hill averaged 11.5 yards per carry. Why in the hell would you toss him, or that average aside? Looking ahead to the Cardinals I see the Ravens have little to no issue beating up on them. Let the high-priced studs get there's then in the second half you feed Hill. I've made money on a lot less wacky ideas.

Pierre Strong Jr. Browns at Seahawks(14th)


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Here he is! You're looking at him! At who? The direct backup to Kareem Hunt! Strong had season highs in snaps (23) and carries (eight) in Week 7. Given how rough and tough the Browns have been lately they will absolutely make room for Strong Jr. this week against the Seachickens.

Cam Akers Vikings at Packers(30th)


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Holy smokes! Around 3 eastern last Sunday, the Vikings folks were having meltdown after meltdown about Cam Akers. "Where is Mattison?!?" or even better, "Has this f*cking bum Cam Akers taken over as the Vikings RB1?" Those were the only ones I could find on short notice but it does raise a concern. Do the Vikings even know who their RB1 is? Does that even matter, to be honest?

Again, given the opposing match-up, Green Bay, I love the idea of once again doubling down on two running backs from the same team in a single entry! I have Cam for around 7-8 carries, 35-40 yards, and 2-3 catches for another 15-20 yards.

Jamaal Williams Saints at Colts(27th)


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Again, once I write a player's name down in my notebook I never go back on it. I certainly don't delete it. I just don't understand what happened last week with his usage. I actually watched this entire game. The ending was great! Foster really screwed up at the end there but oh well. It's football they live to fight another day. What about J-Will?

The match-up is just too sweet. In all seriousness, the Colts could get overwhelmed in this one. Or would it be the Saints getting overwhelmed? Any way you take it there is just no flipping way J-Will isn't a factor this week.

Tyjae Spears Titans vs. Falcons(2nd)


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Just an odd gut feeling here with Tyjae. This is King Henry's team. Spears could do some damage on a screen pass or two. Or a few carries, like 5 or 6 let's say. Right after Derrick Henry has ripped a few 30 or 40-yard runs they get Spears the ball on the next play and catch the Colts standing up or on their heels.

Jerick McKinnon Chiefs at Broncos(32nd)


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Please! I just want a 2 or 3 touchdown game from Jerick this season. Thats it. That's all I want. I am a simple man. No joke I think KC wins 42-7. There should be plenty of action for McKinnon in this one. The kind of action you really want in on! Trust me!


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