Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 WR

by Chris Robin
Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 15 WR

Welcome to the Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 WR Edition!

In the past, I have tried to do a million things at once. I have also turned my computer off and done nothing for a week. It has always been one extreme of another. The hardest part for me has been the balance in between. The time I put into everything you read or see is just a tiny microcosm of how long I am sitting here writing and taking notes.

Admittedly obsessive at times I still think it is time well spent. Some say the fantasy football season is won by playing the matchups or the defense's obligations to certain personal groupings. I tend to agree, and I will tell you why. Spending every night during the season feverishly crunching numbers and comparing players is just pure bliss

I find it to be an indispensable strategic advantage. It also helps to clear my mind after a long day of real-life stressors and anxiety. We can end our nights on a high note and then wake up in the morning with a feeling of excitement!

When we look at this week's crop of wide receivers it is a mixed bag of talent vs. opposing defense. Stacking some Commander's WRs against the Eagles ' ranked pass defense is one thing. Wanting to stack the Arizona Cardinals WRs against a thought Ravens secondary is another.

It is all based on how you think each game will go. Game theory with a little splash of personal gut reactions. For example, will Philadelphia beat the hell out of Washington? Sure, so how can we use that to our advantage in DFS? Stack up the underdogs who will be playing from behind. Not a hard idea to wrap your mind around.

Let's get into it. I have a large and long list of wide receivers In Bottom of the Barrel this week that should be on your radar. Here they are!

Bottom of the Barrel 2023 NFL DFS Week 8 WR!

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Tyreek Hill Dolphins vs. Patriots(14th)


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Tyreek is now the fourth player to eclipse 900 receiving yards in his team's first seven games of a season in NFL history. I'd say that's pretty cool. It also makes him a pretty good play every week. However, Bill Belichick has been known to create these wild schemes and ways to take away his opponent's best player.

Are you willing to take a chance on Tyreek Hill in Week 8? A.J. Brown is $800 less on FanDuel and his matchup is against the Commanders. A Washington team ranked 28th against opposing wideouts. The decision is yours. As far as Hill is concerned I don't think even Bill Belichick has what it takes to slow him down.

Josh Downs Colts vs. Saints(12th)


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Josh caught five of his six targets for 125 yards and a touchdown last week as the Colts and Browns put on one heck of a show. Indianapolis lost 38-39 but Josh has caught a touchdown in two straight games! The rookie from North Carolina has caught at least five passes in four of his past five games! He's started to take shape and come into his own.

I also saw a quick clip from Colt's locker room where Michael Pittman Jr. expressed his displeasure with his role in the offense. The Saints secondary is no walk in the park but I do believe both guys, Downs and Pittman Jr., can flourish now and long term.

This week I have Downs at 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, and around 55-60 yards!

Michael Thomas Saints at Colts(16th)


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This man still gets so much hate and I am still unable to figure out why. Was great to see that vintage version of MT last week against the Jaguars. The Indianapolis secondary is allowing 232 passing yards per game this year. We should be very excited based on the fact of how much Derek Carr has been throwing the ball lately.

In Week 6 Carr attempted 50 passes. In Week 7 Carr attempted 55 passes! In both weeks he was also over 300 passes yards. This means Thomas should be an outstanding GPP play in Week 8 with some massive upside!

I have MT around 7-8 targets, 5-6 catches, 65-70 yards, and a touchdown.

Rashee Rice Chiefs at Broncos(17th)


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Rashee Rice caught 5-of-6 targets for 60 yards and a touchdown last Sunday as KC beat the Chargers. Rice, in my opinion, is already the Chiefs WR1. Look, I am aware Travis Kelce is the number one offensive weapon in KC but in terms of specific positional eligibility, it's Rice.

Every sportsbetter and handicapper on Earth has the Pat the Chiefs to win big here. So do I. Somewhere in the realm of 42-7. So don't even think about it just add Rashee in your entries as a one-off. In cash games stack up the entire Kanasa City offense until the cows come home. However, in GPPs, I'd prefer Rice as my pick!

Tank Dell Texans at Panthers(13th)


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Tank was out in Week 6 due to a concussion, but he was able to log a full practice coming off of the team's bye in Week 7. So it seems Tank will be 100% active on Sunday. Tank seemed to be on the verge of a full-blown breakout after two big weeks against the Colts and Jaguars in Weeks 2 and 3. Then he went silent followed by the concussion in Week 5.

I don't think he's hit that "must start" status yet given his boom-or-bust production this season but that is why he makes for the perfect DFS play this week. If it matters I have the Texans scoring around 27-28 points this week and beating Carolina. Tank will have his hands all over this one.

Let's say 6-7 targets, 4-5 catches, 80 yards, and a touchdown. You might say, "80 yards? What the hell?!" So far this year Tank has averaged 17.1 yards per catch. Some simple math would give us 5 x 17.1 = 85.5.

Curtis Samuel Commanders vs. Eagles(30th)


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Per RotoBaller, "Washington Commanders wide receiver Curtis Samuel (knee) has officially received a questionable tag for the Week 8 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was unable to practice on Wednesday and registered a limited practice on Thursday, so Samuel's status is up in the air right now."

Curtis has never been a trusted asset in our seasonal fantasy lineups but this isn't seasonal fantasy football. It is daily fantasy football. Keep an eye on his status before the 1p eastern kick-off. If he's active then I'm riding with him and his cohort Dotson who is mentioned a little further down here.

If active, I have Curtis at 6-7 targets, 4-5 receptions, 45-50 yards, plus a carry or two for another 5-10 yards. Eagles win by 10+ but Sam Howell and the Commander crew will hang for a large portion of this game.

Jayden Reed Packers vs. Vikings(26th)


Embed from Getty Images

Green Bay vs. the Vikings. A classic NFC North black & blue divisional battle. This one could finish 6-9 with only field goals being the source of points or it could finish as a 31-28 final. Let's split the difference as I have the Packers winning 24-21.

So, for argument's sake, the 5'11 slot kid could be busy on Sunday. Which he will be. Reed was targeted four times and caught three passes for 21 yards and a touchdown last week against the hapless Broncos. This statement could be misconstrued as lazy but I honestly think Reed puts up an identical stat line this week against the Vikes.

The only difference is the yardage. Instead of 21 yards last week I have him around 40-45 yards and a touchdown.

Elijah Moore Browns at Seahawks(29th)


Embed from Getty Images

Elijah Moore caught four of seven targets for 59 yards on Sunday. It's starting to upset me, to be honest. The targets are there but the big plays simply aren't happening for him. Without those what are we left with? A measly 7-10 fantasy points a week? That's just not good enough given all the talent we've been promised he possesses.

If there was ever a week for the big plays to start flowing it's Week 8 against the Seahawks. So, let's try it with him one more time. If he duds out again this week then I am 100% out. I am willing to predict 7-8 targets, 5-6 catches, 75 yards, and a touchdown. That's the Eli Moore I am after!

Rashid Shaheed Saints at Colts(16th)


Embed from Getty Images

This is just silly. Like Moore above the targets are there but the big plays aren't. Shaheed snagged in four of eight targets for only 28 yards and logged one rushing attempt for four yards. Eight targets for 28 yards, that is embarrassing for a guy with the speed and talent. Not to mention, as I said above, Carr has attempted 50+ passes in the last two games.

Just like Moore, it is now or never for Rashid. I liked him better last year in my single-slate DFS videos where I'd go out on a limb and say Rashid has a 75-yard touchdown reception in him tonight. Right now I have him around 5-6 targets, 3-4 catches, and 40 yards. Nothing special but I am clinging to the hope he can find the endzone this week.

Michael Gallup Cowboys vs. Rams(4th)


Embed from Getty Images

Gallup had 10 targets in Week 6 and only caught 3 of them for 24 yards. What in the actual hell? That's bad news. The matchup in Week 8 stinks seeing how the Rams have a great secondary. The only idea I have here is the fact the rest of his offensive skill positional players are healthy. So maybe, just maybe, Gallup can sneak by once or twice for a long touchdown. This is DFS man, we follow our hearts and guts and see what comes out on the other end.

Jauan Jennings 49ers vs. Bengals(15th)


Embed from Getty Images

Jauan was the biggest recipient of Samuel’s absence in Week 7, establishing season highs across the board with 39 snaps, nine targets, five receptions and, 54 receiving yards. Samuel will be out again in Week 8, providing an opportunity for Jennings to continue his increased involvement.

Like several other WRs mentioned in this week's Bottom of the Barrel, it's all on a wing and a prayer. However, will it be Purdy at QB or Sam Darnold? Either way, given his lowly price tag I am going to take a shot with JJ here.

Let's say 5-6 targets, 3-4 catches, and 50 yards. The good news here is I have the 49ers to hang 30+ points so let's hope Jauan is in on a few of those.

Jahan Dotson Commanders vs. Eagles(30th)


Embed from Getty Images

I have always been a big Dotson fan. All the place holding crap aside this kid still has the talent to step up and be a star. Regardless, of whether Curtis Samuel is active or not Saw Howell should look Jahan's way often. I think Howell attempts 40+ passes in this game as they play catchup from the start.

Dotson should be very active this week. To the tune of 6-7 targets, 5-6 catches, 65-70 yards, and a touchdown.

Odell Beckham Jr. Ravens at Arizona(27th)


Embed from Getty Images

OBJ posted season highs across the board in Week 7, catching five of seven targets for 49 yards. I think we see a vintage version of Odell Jr. this week. This means 70+ yards and one, maybe two, touchdowns.

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