Bronx Blockbuster: Stanton Traded to Yankees

by Dennis Sosic
Stanton Traded to Yankees

The Yankees added to their mystique and acquired the 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins for second baseman Starlin Castro and two prospects. More accurately, this trade was more about money. The Marlins wanted to unload as much of Stanton's contract as possible. The Yankees happily took on a big chunk of it while giving up no one they will really miss. The deal was too good to pass up.

Stanton is owed $295 million over the final decade of his record $325 million, 13-year contract. The All-Star outfielder led the majors in homers and RBI.  His salary will rise to $25 million in 2018, which made him too rich for the revenue-starved Miami Marlins to keep. It's not like the Marlins were in the playoff hunt, even with Stanton hitting 59 homers. It's not a great feeling to trade a marquee player like Stanton, but it was necessary.

The Evil Empire has struck again. The Bronx Bombers will put Stanton in the middle of a physically imposing lineup that will have all the key players from the 2017 run. A run which saw the Yankees surpass just about everyone's expectations and were one win away from the World Series. The expectations for the 2018 season will be World Series or bust. There will be added pressure to win now!  Along with a new manager with zero managerial experience in Aaron Boone jumping into the hot seat, this will make the hype great for baseball.

Does this move hurt Stanton's fantasy value? How does this add to the Yankees lineup affect the runner-up in the AL MVP Aaron Judge? Is this the best lineup in MLB? Where does Starlin Castro end up and does it matter? The answer to those fantasy questions and more will be answered as I analyze the...

Stanton Traded to Yankees

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The scary part of the Stanton trade for the rest of the MLB is that the Yankees are NOT done yet. The Yankees gave up their starting second baseman in the trade in Starlin Castro, who was a solid player and brought stability to the position.

Will they go with Major League Baseball's number two prospect Gleyber Torres? Will he be ready to play after missing half of 2017 with an injury? Do the Yankees just secure a cheap veteran free agent such as Howie Kendrick or Brandon Phillips to hold the spot warm for Torres? What about at third base? They traded Chase Headley and left a gaping hole for young players Ronald Torreyes or Tyler Wade to show if they are ready for the big leagues.

Please view below for the projected 2018 New York Yankees batting lineup might look like Opening Day 2018:

Projected Yankees 2018 Lineup

1Brett GardnerLF/DH
2Aaron JudgeRF/LF/DH
3Giancarlo StantonRF/LF/DH
4Gary SanchezC
5Greg Bird1B
6Didi GregoriusSS
7Aaron HicksCF
8Ronald Torreyes3B
9Gleyber Torres2B

Since the Yankees don't have a full-time DH on their roster, they can essentially rotate Judge, Stanton, Gardner and Hicks between the OF and DH. It gives new manager Aaron Boone the flexibility to rest players. Jacoby Ellsbury is the big loser as he becomes a very expensive bench player unless the Yankees can trade him. Prospect Clint Frazier becomes trade bait for pitching help.

Furthermore, the Yankees are looking to add starting pitching to solidify their rotation. This will make this team even more of a juggernaut for 2018 and beyond. The gap between the Yankees and the rest of the teams in their division continues to grow immensely. They are forcing other teams in taking a step back to rebuild with a younger, cheaper player's core.

The New Bash Brothers: Judge and Stanton

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The Yankees were hardly short on right-handed power, but when you have a chance to acquire Stanton at that price, you must take it. Only once in history has a team had two players hit 50+ homers in a season--Maris (61) and Mantle (54) did it for the 1961 Yankees--and Stanton and Judge will have a chance to do it 2018.

Additionally, Judge ranked second in the majors in OPS in 2017 at 171 while Stanton ranked fourth at 165. They ranked first and second in home runs. They have a chance to become the sixth pair of teammates to combine for 100 home runs.

Take Me Out to The Ballpark

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Giancarlo Stanton should benefit from moving from Marlins Park-the seventh-toughest home run park in 2017 to Yankees Stadium, the second-easiest home run park.

Stanton does not go to the opposite field as much as Judge with 11 home runs to right field in 2017. Most of his home runs go so far that it will not matter which park he plays in (he hit 31 of his 59 home runs at home).

He also has the opportunity to play a huge portion of his road games in the hitter-friendly stadiums in the American League East Division. We could see Stanton hit 60+ home runs for several seasons, providing he can stay healthy.

Will Stanton stay healthy?

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Stanton had his best season in 2017 not because he changed his stance or his diet. It had all to do with him staying on the field.

He played in 159 games last season after averaging 115 the previous five seasons. This was just the third season in his eight-year career that he was able to play more than 123 games.

Injuries have robbed baseball fans of the opportunity to see what he can do with a full complement of plate appearances until 2017. I expect that we will see more healthy season as his injuries before were more flucky than recurring.

Where should you draft Stanton?

The trade to the Yankees undoubtedly bumps up Stanton's value. Most owners will actually overvalue Stanton and take him early to mid-first round.

I believe Stanton is a first round pick but geared more to the later half of the first round due to the devaluation of power hitters. There are plenty of home runs available throughout the draft. Please let someone else pay for another career season from Stanton.

What to do with Starlin Castro?

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Starlin Castro is a solid contributor from the second base position. However, it's highly doubtful that Castro will remain with the Marlins.

Who will be left on the Marlins' roster?  Marlins are gutting their roster and will have a minor-league equivalent lineup. This will definitely be a roster to stay away from.

Regardless of his final destination, Castro's value doesn't fluctuate in any fashion. Similar to past seasons, Castro is best used to fill MI in roto leagues.

Check out the rest of our great Fantasy Baseball content as the 2018 season approaches.

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