Can Joe Burrow Be Crowned QB1? | 2024 Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Draft Guide

by Mike Bonni
Can Joe Burrow Be Crowned QB1

In this article, I will be answering questions you may have surrounding the Bengals' offense.  This includes, can Joe Burrow Be Crowned QB1? Are Zack Moss and Chase Brown good Zero-RB targets? Can Ja'Marr Chase take the WR1 crown? All this and more in the 2024 Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

I'm hooked on a feeling. That feeling is that the Cincinnati Bengals are coming for the throats of the champions (Kansas City Chiefs). Not only will they dethrone the Chiefs, the Bengals will bring the 'chip home. I'm sure there are a few shocked faces right now. You can revisit this article when it happens.

*Last time I had a feeling like this about the Bengals, they made it to the Super Bowl. Weird, huh?*

The Bengals will have a new-look offense in 2024. The "franchise" RB (Joe Mixon) is gone. Not only is Mixon gone, but the Bengals also told Tyler Boyd to hit the road. In comes Zack Moss (see below) and Jermaine Burton (see below). Speaking of Jermaine Burton, let's do a quick hit on him. As of right now, Burton is strictly a dynasty asset. There is a chance he is a top waiver wire pickup during the season (redraft). There is a chance Burton sees 90 targets, but don't expect it. Trenton Irwin (leave on waivers) should see the targets early on, with Burton breaking out later in the year.

The Bengals have also been dealing with a (un) happy Tee Higgins. Will this affect the team in 2024? Only time will tell on that one. As for Tee Higgins, he is what he is. That would be a mid WR2 (at best). Treat him as such.

If the Bengals can keep everyone happy, they have the tools to defeat the champions. As for fantasy, the Bengals have a ton of fantasy assets. So again, continue reading the 2024 Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Draft Guide to see all your questions answered.

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Can Joe Burrow Be Crowned QB1?

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Can Joe Burrow do it?

Joe Burrow's best finish is QB4 (2023). This was done with Ja'Marr Chase missing four games. Would Chase being healthy have propelled Burrow to the QB1 finish? In an alternate universe you can find that answer.

In this universe, it doesn't seem possible. Not because he isn't elite, it's because his rushing prowess will leave him out of the QB1 conversation. In his QB4 season, Burrow had to rush the ball more than he ever has in his career (75) and score the most rushing TDs he has in his career (5). I don't expect that to happen again when he has been going through so many injuries.

This alone will hamper his QB1 expectations.

Barring an absolute killer year in the passing aspect, Joe Burrow will always be nothing better than QB3-4.

Is Ja'Marr Chase Next in Line For The WR1 Crown?

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There are only four wide receivers that can compete for the WR1 overall. The four contenders are CeeDee Lamb, Tyreek Hill, Ja'Marr Chase, and Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Let me throw some history at you real quick.

  1. There hasn't been a repeat WR1 finish since Antonio Brown (4 in a row, 2014-2017). Safe to say that this eliminates Lamb.
  2. Since 2013, no previous WR1 has returned to the WR1 overall (barring Antonio Brown). This eliminates Tyreek Hill (2019), Justin Jefferson (2022), Davante Adams (2020).

That leaves two options. Amon-Ra St. Brown and Ja'Marr Chase.

*Be on the lookout for the Detroit Lions article where I will be going over Amon-Ra St. Brown more in-depth.*

So let's talk about how Ja'Marr Chase will take the WR1 crown.

I have to mention that the two superstars, Burrow and Chase are struggling to put together full seasons. If they can do this, the sky is the limit.

With Joe Burrow under center:

  1. 30% Target Share (9.8 targets/game)

There will be 162 vacated targets (Mixon and Boyd), so expect the targets/game to increase for Ja'Marr Chase. 10+ targets or Ja'Marr Chase in 2024 is a guarantee. You can stamp it now. Let's not forget that in 2022, Ja'Marr Chase averaged 11.2 targets/game when he was healthy. That would put him as the most targeted player every year since Cooper Kupp in 2021 (finished as WR1 overall that year.)

If you think Higgins, Burton, and Moss/Brown will damper his expectations. Think again.

With those three on the field (Boyd not Burton and Mixon (not Moss) in previous years), Chase still averaged 10.6 targets/game (Tied for 3rd) and 18.8 FPPG.

  1. 30% of Burrow's TDs have gone to Ja'Marr Chase

Joe Burrow, when healthy, averages 35 touchdowns. This would mean 10-11 touchdowns for Ja'Marr Chase (4th in NFL in 2023).

  1. WR5 (2021), WR6 (2022), and WR7 (2023 w/Burrow) in FPPG.

It's not that Ja'Marr Chase will light up the world, we are just running out of options. As of right now, I like Chase more than St. Brown to take the crown.

As you can see above, repeating as WR1 overall is a tough task. Unless you are Antonio Brown, the chances are slim to none. Ceedee Lamb is talented, but he isn't prime Antonio Brown. Tyreek Hill (barring 2019) is usually a bridesmaid (3 WR2 overall finishes). Justin Jefferson has to deal with some weird QB situation, the same can be said for Davante Adams.

So again, the WR1 overall in 2024 will be Ja'Marr Chase. Draft away.

Are Zack Moss and Chase Brown Good Zero-RB Targets?

Embed from Getty Images

Bye-bye Joe Mixon, hello Zack Moss? What an interesting move for the Bengals. Can Zack Moss do what Joe Mixon did in fantasy? Does Chase Brown damper his fantasy value? Is there anyone else worth mentioning in the RB room?

Continue reading to find out.

Zack Moss should see most of the touches. Will he get the Joe Mixon role? No, but he doesn't need this type of workload to be relevant. In 2023 (when given the start), Zack Moss was an RB1 in four of his first five games (RB3). This was done with little receiving work (avg. 3 targets/game), which we can expect in 2024.

Currently being drafted as RB25 (RD.8), Zack Moss is a perfect pick for you zero RB truthers.

Chase Brown should be the receiving option and should be drafted. I will suggest not going out of your way to draft him though. He should be nothing more than just a solid depth piece on your team.

There is no one you want other than Zack Moss and Chase Brown in this RB room. So, what do we make of this RB room?

Zack Moss will be a solid RB2. For you zero RB players, he might be one of the best options out there. As for Chase Brown, he should provide solid depth on your teams. Let's not forget that he showed some flashes last year. He did have one RB1 finish in 2023 (RB10).

Final Thoughts

Like I said at the beginning, I've got a good feeling about this team. If everyone can stay healthy (for once), this team can do some damage in real football and fantasy.

Joe Burrow has a chance to push for QB1 overall but he will fall short. Ja'Marr Chase is the prime candidate to take the WR1 crown, and Zack Moss should be a great pick for zero RB fans. As for the rest of the crew, see above for Tee Higgins and Jermain Burton.

That should do it for the 2024 Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Football Draft Guide. I hope I was able to answer some hard-hitting questions.

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