Carolina Panthers 2024 NFL Draft Projections

by Andy Stitzer
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The Carolina Panthers had a disastrous 2023 NFL season, and they would want to forget it as quickly as possible. Coming into the season, they had high hopes and expectations; however, their hopes kept sinking as the season progressed. The Panthers could only win twice the whole season, culminating their horrible season with a record of 2-15. The last time they suffered 15 defeats in a season was in 2001.

The Carolina Panthers had a tumultuous home and away record last season. They were 2-6 at home while 0-9 on the road. Panthers allowed 416 points while allowing scoring 216 points in the 2023 NFL season. Their yards-per-game record was also immensely disappointing, as they finished 32nd at 265.3 points.

Since the Panthers traded several options to Chicago for the 2023 overall first-round selection in Bryce Young, they won’t be able to make their first pick this year. They will wait for the second round to see which players move to their side.

Considering they could not pose an offensive threat last season, they will look to strengthen their offense in the NFL Draft. Panthers will also aim to beef up their defensive roster by drafting a solid defensive player. Despite a poor last season, the Panthers will see it as an opportunity to improve their roster and prepare some valuable players for the next NFL season.


With NFL Drafts still about two months away, the Panthers are eyeing to elevate their roster quality by including talented rookies in all the key positions. In the second round of the NFL 2024 Draft, Carolina should hunt for offensive tackles, wide receivers, EDGE's, inside linebackers, cornerbacks, and running backs. Carolina holds six draft picks this year in total. Let’s see if they can make the most out of it.

Xavier Worthy

First up is an agile wide receiver, Xavier Worthy. The 20-year-old has earned all-conference honors in 2021 and 2023. He played football for the Texas Longhorns and has demonstrated exceptional skills and speed in the line of scrimmage. Not only is he a dangerous deep threat, but he can also cause havoc on slants.

Worthy played in 39 games over his three years at Texas, compiling an outstanding stat line of 2,755 receiving yards, 197 receptions, and 26 touchdowns. Panthers have been following him closely, and he is projected to be one of their top picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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Kris Jenkins

Kris Jenkins is another formidable prospect for the Panthers. Considering their topsy-turvy defensive performance last season, the Panthers can utilize his defensive abilities. He played college football for Michigan from 2020 to 2023 and led them to a national championship last year. He has played an exceptional role in the EDGE position for the Michigans.

The 22-year-old is 6'3 and 305 pounds and is a force to be reckoned with in the defense. Even though he might not be the most reliable pass-rusher in the draft due to his unmatched explosive power, he is still a serious contender because of his inherent leverage and anchoring skills. Given his fantastic potential, Jenkins is certain to significantly influence the Panthers.

Tanor Bortolini

The Wisconsin center is also the hot favorite to make it to the Panthers 2024 Draft Picks for the upcoming season. With some gap concepts principles, Tanor Bortolini is a two-year starter in Wisconsin's balanced, zone-based run scheme. Bortolini has a well-rounded build and possesses impressive athleticism.

He was Wisconsin's top-performing center in 12 games and 868 snaps in 2023. He only gave up one sack, two quarterback hits, and eight quarterback hurries during this time.

Tanor is a player to be reckoned with on the pitch and has incredible potential. He can solidify the Panthers' overall offensive and defensive structure.

Tommy Eichenberg

The 23-year-old linebacker from Ohio State is also an intriguing future pick for the Carolina Panthers. Tommy Eichenberg brings a lot of physicality to the attacking department. His size aligns perfectly with the modern standards of football game. He still has to improve on his understanding of zone coverage, though.

He participated in ten games in 2023 and finished with 82 tackles and one sack. He can become a valuable receiving weapon for the Panthers next season.

Final Thoughts

The Carolina Panthers have plenty of time to improve their roster and compete on the highest level in the 2024 NFL season. Including the talented rookies will help the team’s confidence going into the preseason.

anthers fans will undoubtedly demand a better performance next season after a poor run in the 2023 season. NFL Drafts will play a massive role in the team’s balance and performance next season, so they must make intelligent decisions in the upcoming drafts.

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