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The Case for Tim Lincecum: Is He Fantasy Relevant?


Tim Lincecum

Credit: Sieve Shupe

Tim Lincecum signed a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on Friday. This posed the questions how good can Lincecum be and what kind of fantasy impact can Lincecum have with the Angels?

The Case for Tim Lincecum

The Good

Lincecum seems confident that the work he has done in the past year will pay off. In his 41-pitch audition, he reached 91 miles per hour on his fastball and was consistently in the high 80s and low 90s, which is an improvement from where he was last year. He threw all of his pitches for the scouts and the Angels liked what they saw. On top of that, he has something to prove. He only signed a one year contract, so if he wants to get paid this winter, he has to be able to show that he is someone who warrants that money during this season.

The Bad

The two-time Cy Young Award recipient has not been good during the past few seasons. He hasn’t had an ERA under 4.00 since 2012. His velocity is nowhere near what it used to be and with that his K/9 rate dropped as well. He missed half of last season with a hip injury and has not made a start since June 27th of last year. This could raise some red flags of how he will be able to respond to major league bats after almost a year in between starts.

Should you pick him up in fantasy?

Tim Lincecum

Credit: Dinur

Unfortunately, he is not someone who is going to make an immediate impact even with a major league contract. Lincecum could spend almost a month in the minor leagues getting ready to pitch again at the big league level.

The good news is that he signed with the Angels who are in desperate need of pitching after losing Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney to injuries. They added Jhoulys Chacin in a trade with Atlanta, but Lincecum is still a pitcher who signed to be in a starting rotation.

The Verdict

I would recommend picking up Lincecum only if you have somewhere to stash him for a while. If you drafted and are still holding onto someone like Michael Pineda or Shelby Miller just hoping they come around then you might consider dropping one of them for Lincecum because he has shown that he can be a top tier pitcher in his career. Although he won’t be the same Tim Lincecum that won back-to-back Cy Young Awards for the Giants, he still could be a serious asset, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you are kicking yourself for not picking him up when you had the chance.

Lincecum has the potential to be a solid third starter for the Angels and should get the opportunity to prove himself in that rotation, so for that reason I would pick up Lincecum, even if he isn’t going to be a dominant force on the mound like he once was.

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