Chris Olave 2022 NFL Draft Profile

by Bob Van Duser
Chris Olave 2022 NFL Draft Profile

Welcome to my Chris Olave 2022 NFL Draft Profile! The NFL Draft and Rookie Fantasy Football Communities are very divided on Chris Olave. I'm very excited to dive in and see if I can't pull apart this polarizing prospect!

It's time to fill you in on a rookie wide receiver that could be coming to a team near you, or someone you should be targeting in your own rookie drafts!

Chris Olave 2022 NFL Draft Profile

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Speed, Burst, Quickness, Agility

When it comes to Olave's athleticism I really have no concerns. This right here contributes to every aspect of his game. He's a smaller wide receiver so it's kind of expected, but hey, it's not always guaranteed.

But his ability to stop and start quickly makes him a tough cover alone, not to mention all the other things he does well.


His ability to get off the line quickly forces defensive backs to give him a large cushion. Before the play begins Olave already has an advantage. With this in mind, he can quickly release from the line, set up his route, and already have separation from the defensive back.


Continuing on from the previous point, he's just about always open. Whether it's via set up from his release or just working his route. He gets in and out of cuts quickly, although I'd say he could improve there a bit and sharpen his cuts. Improvement here could mean the difference between being an elite separator at the next level and a good one.

He can separate on all levels, short, intermediate, and deep. Give him an inch, he'll beat you by a mile.

Sideline Awareness

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This is something special. I can't tell you how many times I saw him make a ridiculous catch right on the sideline and manage to stay in bounds. It seems at minimum that it was a once-per-game occurrence.

This is something that I undoubtedly believe will show at the NFL Combine and it will be something evaluators fall in love with.


A lot of people will try to tell you that he's only a slot wide receiver at the next level. First, that's not a bad thing. Second, they're wrong. Olave gives me Justin Jefferson vibes in this regard.

He's utilized plenty on the outside in college and he's beating everybody consistently. I truly believe this will continue at the next level.

The big takeaway here is that he's viable all over the field. Which in today's NFL is so important. Offensive schemes today thrive off getting players into mismatches and coverage overload.

I can see it already, he's set up inside, then motions to a bunch on the outside then he has the route tree to run a curl, a flat underneath, a post, or literally whatever you want.

He's not an X, Y, or Z receiver. He's an XYZ receiver.

Question Marks

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Contested Catch & Physicality

This is something that's less of a concern and just something I didn't see much of. He creates so much separation that contested catch opportunities are rare for him.

However, seeing that he has a smaller frame is reasonable to be concerned when it comes to his overall physicality after the catch.

I'll point you towards his blocking. While he's "smaller" he still puts in plenty of effort and gets in the way of guys. Sure, he's not bowling anyone over, but he's putting in the effort which gives me hope.



Per Chris Olave is being mocked at Pick 22 in the First Round of the NFL Draft. To me, this is going to be shockingly accurate. If he falls any further he'll be considered a steal of the draft in years to come.

Team Fits

The same site has him mocked most commonly to the Raiders. If we move down the list we see other fits being Tampa Bay, Green Bay, and Kansas City. All of these are awesome fits in my opinion, and situations we could see Olave shine.

Fantasy Outlook

If he gets First Round draft capital like I think he will you'll see his value skyrocket. Especially if he lands in any of those landing spots listed above.

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I'm a big fan of Chris Olave. I think he gets outshined a bit by Garrett Wilson and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Sure he's less flashy but he's the type of guy who does everything really well and flashes the ability to get open. Which, in the NFL today is becoming more and more important.

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