Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks 06/26/14

by Jesse O'Connor

Fantasy sports is a tricky business. The only way to have success is to study the historical stats of the current match ups, and laden your lineup with proven producers. The rest is gut feeling and hot streak riding.  Let’s take a look at today’s match ups and put together a six pack of players who have upside.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing I do not have a bead on the weather or any confirmed lineups. Do your bankroll a solid and confirm these major variables.

The Bargain Bin
Domonic Brown (OF – PHI) Fanduel $2,400 - Brown has the potential to put up big numbers now and then, and tonight is shaping up to be one of those nights. Facing Miami's Tom Koehler has been a pleasure for Domonic in the past at 3 for 4 with a HR. A two hit night with the possibility of a souvenir swing, isn't hard to imagine for the affordable fielder this evening.

J.A Happ (SP – TOR) FD $5,900 – Happ had a horrid outing Saturday, yielding 8 runs in 4 innings. This is a sneaky play, and I'm using that stinker as camouflage. The Whitesox are a strikeout prone team, and the Jays are heavily favored to win. I'll bank on a bounce back game from a bounce back pitcher, and make some room for highly priced sluggers tonight. I'm projecting 6 innings, 6 SO's and the W for Happ.

The Staples
Pablo Sandoval (SF)Pablo Sandoval (3B – SF) FD $3,500 - I'm stacking this tilt between the Reds and Giants, but the spark for this fantasy firestorm likely will be the Panda. The over/under is set at 7.5, so I don't blame you for being dubious. Just know that Pablo has owned Mike Leake historically at 11 for 17 with 2 HR's.

Lucas Duda (1B – NYM) FD $3,300 - Duda is one of those guys I usually look past because his name turns me off. But he's been producing fantasy fodder over his last three starts, and tonight he'll get a lefty/righty match up he's exploited in the past versus Vance Worley. Lucas (rhymes with mucous) Duda (where's my bat?) has a 5 for 11 history vs Lance (ants in my pants) Worley. That got as out of hand as Duda's fantasy production should tonight.

Quality Product
Corey Dickerson (OF – COL) FD $4,700 - The 25 year old slugger is on a tear right now, and although his success has mostly been procured at home in Coors Field, I like Dickerson tonight in hitter friendly Miller Park. The price is steep but well worth it for this promising match up vs the right hander Willy Peralta. They've met once before and Corey got the better of that showdown going 3 for 4 with a HR.

Spoiled Goods
Troy Tulowitzki (SS – COL) The guy has over produced so much in the past that his price tag is through the roof. Lately the short stop hasn't come close to reaching what he's valued at on fantasy sports sites, and tonight should be no different. He's 2 for 8 vs Peralta, but that's not the main deterrent. Tulowitzki simply isn't worth all that cap space at the moment.

Bonus Bats; Jay Bruce, Billy Hamilton, Tyler Colvin

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