Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks 10-18-17

by Devon Frey
Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks 10-18-17

The NBA Season is finally here! After months of media frenzied discussions, the show down's begin!

With the opening of the NBA Season, means the opening of DAILY FANTASY PICKS! Going back to a particular favorite of mine, look for my lineups on DraftKings!

Being that there are two big-slated dates each week, which I will be overseeing the write-ups of. The good picks, in my opinion, and the honorable mentions. Without further adieu, let's see what the Wednesday Match-ups have in store!

Matchups for Wednesday, October 18th

  • Philadephia @ Washington 7PM
  • Charlotte @ Detroit 7PM
  • Brooklyn @ Indiana 7PM
  • Miami @ Orlando 7PM
  • Milwaukee @ Boston 7:30PM
  • New Orleans @ Memphis 8PM
  • Atlanta @ Dallas 8:30PM
  • Denver @ Utah 9PM
  • Minnesota @ San Antonio 9:30PM
  • Portland @ Phoenix 10PM
  • Houston @ Sacramento 10PM

Key Storylines

  • Harden/CP3 first game
  • New Big 3 in Minnesota
  • Kyrie's Home Opener in Boston

Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks 10-18-17

Point Guards

 John Wall, Washington Wizards

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John Wall, after signing his recent illustrious contract, looks to put the Wizards money to work.

The Wizards open their season at home against the youthful Sixers team. Look for Wall to make an impact game one and prove he's worthy of that super-max contract.

Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics

Kyrie is coming into this season to prove that he can run his team. He had a successful opening game against the defending Eastern Conference Champion Cavs.

Look for Kyrie to continue his run of dominance on the east by bringing in Giannis and the Bucks to Boston. Given that this is Kyrie's first home regular season game, expect him to play with a little extra flair and push the Celtics over the Bucks.

Honorable Mentions: Kemba Walker vs. Detroit; Chris Paul vs. Sacramento; Ricky Rubio vs. Denver

Shooting Guards

Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns

Embed from Getty Images
Phoenix opens their season at home versus Portland. Devin Booker and the youthful Suns look to make an impact and start off the season right. Look for Booker to make a statement against the Blazers, who gave up the 5th most points in NBA last season. The backcourt of the Blazers are not known for their defensive prowess so look for this game to be a high scoring affair.

Look for Booker to make a statement against the Blazers, who gave up the 5th most points in NBA last season. The backcourt of the Blazers are not known for their defensive prowess so look for this game to be a high scoring affair.

Victor Oladipo, Indiana Pacers

Same face, new place! Victor Oladipo has a chance to really shine after gaining several years of experience in the league. Orlando was a tough spot for him his first few seasons in the league. After being

Orlando was a tough spot for him his first few seasons in the league. After being the second option to Russell Westbrook, look for Oladipo to make the most of his opportunity.

Brooklyn has a reputation of being that pushover team. With a lot to prove, look for Oladipo to be the No. 1 option in the Pacers lineup.

Honorable Mentions: CJ McCollum vs. Phoenix; Kent Bazemore vs. Dallas; James Harden vs. Sacramento

Small Forward

Jimmy Butler, Minnesota Timberwolves

Similar to Oladipo, Butler is in a new system up in Minnesota. Working with Wiggins and KAT, Butler will have to share shots and minutes with some of the best talent to come over the next decade.

Expect Butler to take the veteran leadership role to start the season. He will dominate the Leonard-less Spurs as the T-wolves look to prove they will be a playoff contender this season.

Rudy Gay, San Antonio Spurs

Coming off of a season-ending injury in Sacramento, Rudy Gay looks to be a presence when developing Kahwi Leonard.

Starting off on the injury report, Leonard will be the face of the Spurs when he returns. Until then, look for Gay to make the most of the revitalization in San Antonio with the start versus Minnesota.

After only playing 30 games last season, Gay is sure to be itching to make the most of his minutes on the floor.

Honorable Mentions: Wilson Chandler vs. Utah; Khris Middleton vs. Boston; Evan Fournier vs. Miami

Power Forward

Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans

Embed from Getty Images
Starting off another year in New Orleans, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins will have their first full season together. Sacrificing some rebounds, AD will still be the number one option in New Orleans.

Marc Gasol is the lone big man who's trying to fight with Davis and Cousins in the paint. Look for the Pelicans to utilize this to their advantage en route to a win on the boards and on the court.

Harrison Barnes, Dallas Mavericks

After the Mavs had down season upon Barnes signing the lucrative deal, he needs to step up for the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks are in a weird spot in regards to their organization. They're a team that has a veteran scorer in Dirk who is in the midst of his final years, while also having rising stars in Barnes, Matthews, and Dennis Smith Jr.

Look for Barnes to take the lead as the number one option in Dallas and start the rebuild on his back.

Honorable Mentions: Aaron Gordon vs. Miami; Paul Millsap vs. Utah; Giannis Antetokounmpo vs. Boston


Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz

After a defensive player of the year performance, Gobert looks to fill big shoes as the go-to man in Utah.

With Hood hurt, it's on Gobert and Ingles to do the scoring while having Rubio dish them the ball.

Gobert was good for a double-double more games than not last season and look for him to have a similar effect when playing Denver. Although he will have to fight Jokic for boards, I still foresee him have a 20/10 performance.

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons

Embed from Getty Images
Despite the poor free-throw shooting, Andre Drummond is a solid pick up game to game. Like Gobert, Drummond is always a double-double guy and generally goes a 13/13 average each game, based on 2016-17.

Playing against Dwight Howard doesn't affect my choice in picking Drummond as I feel that it will only enhance his efforts.

Honorable Mentions: Nikola Jokic vs. Utah; DeMarcus Cousins vs. Memphis; KAT vs. San Antonio

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