DRAFT Best Ball Championship Pick Analysis – Pick #4


As part of a new series, I want to go through a 2019 DRAFT Best Ball Championship entry from each draft position.

I will keep a live journal of the draft for the first 10 rounds or so as anything more is plain excessive!

ADP’s are starting to smooth out, and will continue to do so as training camp (!) is right around the corner.

The time for perceived value is ticking away! This hopefully gives you a feel on what to expect from each draft slot, 1-12.

DRAFT Best Ball Championship Pick Analysis – Pick #4

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The First Three Picks

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Picking at four might be the easiest first-round selection out of all the slots. The unanimous top four is Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott, and Alvin Kamara. Kamara was the last one standing this time, and I’ve seen them all fall to four with my own eyes.

The next two picks are extremely important in the direction this draft takes you, and options are aplenty.

You can take your second running back at 2.09 or your WR1. This, for me, determines the entire direction of the draft. If I have two stud RB’s, I’ll either wait on the rest and take whoever falls a bit or stack up. But taking a RB like Kerryon Johnson, Josh Jacobs or Leonard Fournette seemed a tad too risky for my taste.

There was a big RB run, which pushed a lot of receivers down the board. I took my favorite pick in the late second round – Antonio Brown. Hoping for Derrick Henry with the next pick, and would consider Zach Ertz as I don’t have many shares and he is an elite talent in an elite offense. Henry was gone by my pick so I selected Ertz.

Rounds Four and Five

I was praying for David Montgomery in the fourth round, as I don’t have much exposure and I loved him as my 2nd running back. He was sniped the pick before me, so I pivoted to Mark Ingram.

I am very invested in Ingram in the fourth round in this tournament as my RB2.

On that little turn for the fifth round, it was between Chris Godwin and Tyler Lockett for me. I took Godwin, but there are a ton of receivers where you just have to decide what your favorite flavor of the night is. I have gone Lockett in that same scenario before.

There were no running backs that caught my interest in that spot. While I considered Hunter Henry, I thought it might have been a small waste of resources with Ertz already in tow.

Rounds Six and Seven

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In the sixth and seventh rounds for DRAFT Best Ball drafts, I am just looking best player. If I draft a WR and a non-QB, that will effectively fill out my “starters”. I might take a second TE here to get people scrambling if it proves good value. Evan Engram comes into mind, and he was selected as I typed this.

There is a little run going on, so I went with Alshon Jeffery. He is good for a few top 10 finishes throughout the season, and I will be targeting his quarterback. Deshaun Watson went right before me, and Andrew Luck went right after. I will be taking Carson Wentz with my next pick, 7.04.

This is a tad earlier than Wentz typically goes, but since I had Alshon in tow I figured why not. With 16 picks to go until my next, I wanted to secure my QB1, and I have Carson Wentz as my QB4.

There are people laughing at the pick! These emojis are ruthless, but with my strategy of having two top QBs, this is typically a time. I like to have two QB’s after 10 rounds in a DRAFT Best Ball Championship.

Rounds Eight, Nine and Ten

I wanted the best available skill player here, so I went with Curtis Samuel at 8.09 and will be looking at Ronald Jones (who I discussed at the beginning of summer) or Jordan Howard with the next pick.

I needed a starting RB for my RB3 more than anything else right now. So, I passed on my second quarterback (Russell Wilson) to take Samuel and Howard. Not too thrilled about that, in immediate hindsight.

I drafted Jameis Winston with my next pick, Jared Goff went 10.07 with Dak Prescott going 10.08. Three QBs in a row.

I can either take another top QB or I can fill out the roster, and I do love me some James Washington. This was an interesting run – I could have gone Ben Roethlisberger to really squeeze those left out a QB, but Washington was a better fit for my team and a better value.

Final Roster – DRAFT Best Ball

1.04 Alvin Kamara
2.09 Antonio Brown
3.04 Zach Ertz
4.09 Mark Ingram
5.04 Chris Godwin
6.09 Alshon Jeffery
7.04 Carson Wentz
8.09 Curtis Samuel
9.04 Jordan Howard
10.09 Jameis Winston
11.04 James Washington
12.09 Jimmy Graham
13.04 Justice Hill
14.09 Jamison Crowder
15.04 Duke Johnson
16.09 Darren Waller
17.04 Gus Edwards
18.09 JJ Arcega-Whiteside


This particular draft went a little funky due to Aaron Rodgers being taken in the third round, and that insane run on QBs that luckily played out well for me. It pushed a ton of talent down, and I had taken Wentz a bit earlier than others would.

I love it. Pick #4 might be my favorite selection in the draft. You don’t have to think much for your first round pick, and you are close enough towards the middle of a draft where you can dictate runs. I always felt like I had control of the board in this one to do as I pleased, and never felt forced to go in a certain direction.

Since you have one of the top four running back studs, there is no pressure to go ahead and take your second. I like to have at least two running backs after the first four rounds, and you can really play the board and take whichever RB you like best in that next tier.

At pick #4, you are locked into one of the elite, workhorse backs, and will get two more studs in the next two picks. Some of the running backs are a bit riskier than the receivers in rounds two and three, but that is the price you have to pay if you really want to load up on backs.

The biggest “what if” here is not taking a tight end in the third round. What if I took a Kerryon Johnson or Josh Jacobs instead of Zach Ertz?

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I really like the core of my team, and I have drafted WAY worse ones. I hope I get the 4th pick more often.

You can find out more on the DRAFT Best Ball championship here. If you are new to DRAFT and want to check it out, feel free to sign up with draft.com/elite19 link and use the code FINKYTOWN. We will be maxing out entries!

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