Dynasty Fantasy Football Startup Auction Draft Recap

by Michael Tomlin
2022 Fantasy Football Top 10 Riskiest Players to Draft

With the world in a pandemic/quarantine and professional sports put on hold, several contributors here at Fantasy Six Pack and I decided to start a Dynasty Fantasy Football league via a slow auction draft. Below members of the league recap their own auction drafts and share some thoughts about how the draft played out.

Dynasty startup drafts typically take place much earlier than normal redraft leagues. With dynasty startup draft strategy you are thinking about more than just this season. This means injuries, position battles, etc., in the preseason means less.

The league, Dynasty Six Pack, is set with a starting lineup for QB/2RB/2WR/SUPERFLEX/2FLEX with PPR scoring.

We decided to do a slow auction draft on Couch Managers, with a $300 budget. I then imported the rosters to Sleeper which is where our league will be hosted.

You had to draft 26 players, with a 21-man active roster and 5-man taxi squad. The taxi squad can be players in their first or second year.

We tossed all of the 2020 NFL Draft rookies in this startup Dynasty Fantasy Football Auction Draft, but after the first year, there will be a separate rookie draft with set contract values based of the inverse of the previous year’s standings.

All contracts will increase by 10% each year, a minimum of $1.

The following people took part in this dynasty startup: Myself @Tomlin3,  A.J. Applegarth @applegarthalgar, Dennis Sosic @CALL_ME_SOS, Dylan Clemons @dclemons2222, Jon Witt @JPW2542, Josh Mantel @MantelJosh, Keenan Keeling @theleafnode, Keith Lott @WeTlkFntsySprts, Kevin Huo @KevinMHuo, Mark Strausberg @MarkStrausberg and Taylor Lambert @TaylorSLambert.

Dynasty Fantasy Football Startup Auction Draft Recap

The Huo Dynasty, Kevin Huo

This was my first time doing a start-up auction draft so I purposely took it slow. I didn't want to blow my bank at the beginning and end up struggling to find players to fill out my squad. Generally, my strategy was to take shots on young, high-ceiling players. Since the salary only increases by 10% each year, the most valuable component of this league is to find a breakout star at a low price during the startup draft. This shows in how I drafted as I ended up with 13 first or second-year players.

Best Value: D'Andre Swift, RB, Detroit Lions ($13)

I was shocked I was able to land Swift for $13 while other rookie running backs like Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Jonathan Taylor went for $31 and $41 respectively. He has a chance to be a true bell-cow in a sneaky-good offense right from the jump and for years to come.

Overpay: Sam Darnold, QB, New York Jets ($12)

At $12, it's not a huge miss or massive overpay, but I regretted it as soon as the transaction went through. Darnold is talented, but I just don't trust him (and especially don't trust Adam Gase). And I don't like his face.

Regret: Mark Andrews, TE, Baltimore Ravens ($16)

Even taking away my homer-ism as a Ravens fan, Andrews at $16 is a fantastic value. At a position that is a fantasy wasteland, to secure Lamar Jackson's #1 target for the foreseeable future is great no matter how you look at it. When you consider that he only went for $1 more than Darren Waller and $2 more than Dallas Goedert, that's a steal.

Baby Charks, Dylan Clemons

Going into the auction, my plan was to try and stay young, but also stay competitive. I also wanted to make sure that I got “my guys” even though I probably overpaid for both of them (Kenny Golladay for $40 and D.J. Chark for $37). But I firmly believe those guys are future studs.

Best Value: Chris Carson, RB, Seattle Seahawks ($20)

Being able to get him as my RB2 for only $20, I was thrilled. He could be a borderline RB1.

Regret: Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia Eagles ($10)

As for someone who I wish I got at their price it is Zach Ertz, who Michael Bonni got for only $10. That is an absolute steal.

Michael Bonni, The Toon Squad

For my first auction draft ever I feel like I did very well. At first, my strategy was to get the players I like this year and go from there. That turned out to be a bad idea for me because those players got bid up very quickly. I had to change my strategy and I just started going for value, which worked wonders for me.

Best Value: Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia Eagles ($10)

He is the eighth-highest priced TE. For a bonafide top three tight end, I feel like that is an absolute steal.

Overpay: Derrius Guice, RB, Washington ($9)

I would have to go with Derrius Guice. Unfortunately, I was hoping for him to be a breakout player, instead, he gets cut for off-field issues. That hurts.

Regret: Michael Gallup, WR, Dallas Cowboys ($14)

The player I most want would be Michael Gallup on Kevin Huo’s team. I have a strong feeling Gallup is going to eat this year.

Mark Strausberg, Mark’s Miami Sharks

I knew some of my competition was going to go hard for rookies, and my strategy was the exact opposite. With the lack of preseason games, I had no intention of spending big on rookies this year. Plus, I was focusing far more on the short term than the long term, so I went big after some of the current studs like Lamar Jackson and Tyreek Hill, both of whom I like this year. I like Courtland Sutton and A.J. Brown, but I basically got caught price-enforcing on both.

Best Value: Mark Ingram, RB, Baltimore Ravens ($16)

The best value on my team is probably Mark Ingram. I don't think he'll be too valuable starting next year, but I really think he gets 70% of all the RB carries on the Ravens this year. The Ravens always bring their rookie RBs along slowly (look it up). I don't think this year will be the exception. I would have gone to $20, so getting him at $16 was a nice surprise.

Overpay: Tyrell Williams, WR, Las Vegas Raiders ($10)

My biggest overspend was probably Tyrell Williams. I think he'll return value (maybe +20%?), but I grabbed him early before the lower ends of the WR market was established thinking I was being sneaky. I was wrong.

Regret: Todd Gurley, RB, Atlanta Falcons ($21)

I would have much rather spent up just a little and got the incredible value that theleafnode got when he got Gurley for just $21. I don't even love Gurley that much, but he should have NEVER gone that cheap. It makes up for his overspend on Davante Adams, but no question in my mind that Gurley going for basically 25% of what CMac went for was absolutely larceny.

Keith Lott, Kyler the Creator

It was unintentional but pairing Kyler Murray with DeAndre Hopkins seems like a pretty solid strategy!

I sort of fell into Mike Evans for $34 but at the same price point as Robert Woods and Odell Beckham, while cheaper than D.J. Chark and D.J Moore, it seems like even more a bargain!

At tight end, I am happy with Mark Andrews at just $16 compared to $38 for Travis Kelce and $37 for George Kittle.

Overall, I am shocked at how non-aggressive we all were in the draft. With $78 being spent on Christian McCaffrey and just $50 on Michael Thomas the market was capped...except for theleafnode who decided that Davante Adams was worth $3 more than Thomas!

Best Value: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Kansas City Chiefs ($31)

Clearly landing Clyde Edwards-Helaire for just $31 right before Damien Williams opted-out has to be potentially the best pick of the draft. That, plus Nick Chubb as the 8th highest priced RB seems like one of the top RB pairings on a per dollar scale.

Regret: Drafting three players in the Las Vegas Raiders offense

Michael Tomlin, Dirty Randy Productions

My normal auction strategy is to be patient and find the best values. However, that all went out the door when I was just bidding up Christian McCaffrey and won him at $78. With a $300 budget, I had him valued at well over $80. After securing CMC and Michael Thomas, I laid low and bided my time.

I ended up getting some great values and pulled some cheap, solid quarterback play still. Overall, my roster has massive studs at almost every starting spot with some high-upside bench guys that could pay off in the future.

Best Value: Michael Thomas, WR, New Orleans Saints ($50)

He wasn’t even the highest-priced receiver, so it is automatically the best value. Tarik Cohen at $6 was pretty strong as well.

Overpay: D.J. Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers ($36)

While Moore is a Top-8 dynasty wide receiver, there was a severe drop off in wide receiver value later. I could have got two guys in the next two for less than the $36 I spent on Moore.

Regret: Adam Thielen, WR, Minnesota Vikings ($20)

I have Thielen behind Moore only because of age. That age discrepancy is not worth $16 though.

Startup Dynasty Fantasy Football Auction Draft


69Patrick MahomesKCBreesyLikeSunMornin'
64Lamar JacksonBALmstrausberg
51Kyler MurrayARIKyler The Creator
50Dak PrescottDALJudge Jeudy
48Russell WilsonSEAIkeB
48Deshaun WatsonHOUThe Huo Dynasty
33Tua TagovailoaMIAJudge Jeudy
32Drew BreesNOtheleafnode
32Josh AllenBUFCircle The Wagons
32Jared GoffLARPapa Burgundy
31Carson WentzPHIDennis The Menace
30Baker MayfieldCLEBaby Charks
28Daniel JonesNYGDennis The Menace
26Aaron RodgersGBThe Huo Dynasty
24Matt RyanATLtheleafnode
22Tom BradyTBIkeB
21Joe BurrowCINCircle The Wagons
20Dwayne HaskinsWAStheleafnode
18Gardner MinshewJACBaby Charks
14Matthew StaffordDETBreesyLikeSunMornin'
12Sam DarnoldNYJThe Huo Dynasty
11Ryan TannehillTENPapa Burgundy
10Cam NewtonNEDirty Randy Prods.
10Jimmy GaroppoloSFmstrausberg
10Kirk CousinsMINKyler The Creator
9Derek CarrLVJudge Jeudy
8Drew LockDENCircle The Wagons
8Philip RiversINDtheleafnode
6Justin HerbertLACDirty Randy Prods.
5Teddy BridgewaterCARCircle The Wagons
5Nick FolesCHIDennis The Menace
4Ryan FitzpatrickMIAJudge Jeudy
4Jordan LoveGBThe Huo Dynasty
4Tyrod TaylorLACDirty Randy Prods.
4Ben RoethlisbergerPITDirty Randy Prods.
3Jameis WinstonNOmstrausberg
3Jalen HurtsPHIDennis The Menace
2Taysom HillNODennis The Menace
2Jacob EasonINDBreesyLikeSunMornin'
2Jarrett StidhamNEDirty Randy Prods.
1Andy DaltonDALPapa Burgundy
1Kyle AllenWAStheleafnode
1PJ WalkerCARKyler The Creator
1Jake FrommBUFJudge Jeudy
1Robert GriffinBALmstrausberg
1Colin KaepernickFAmstrausberg
1Marcus MariotaLVJudge Jeudy
1Mitchell TrubiskyCHIBaby Charks
1Jacoby BrissettINDmstrausberg

Running Backs

78Christian McCaffreyCARDirty Randy Prods.
61Alvin KamaraNOPapa Burgundy
59Saquon BarkleyNYGJudge Jeudy
58Ezekiel ElliottDALDennis The Menace
50Josh JacobsLVPapa Burgundy
50Joe MixonCINPapa Burgundy
49Miles SandersPHIThe Huo Dynasty
46Nick ChubbCLEKyler The Creator
44Dalvin CookMINtheleafnode
41Jonathan TaylorINDCircle The Wagons
41Austin EkelerLACDennis The Menace
35Derrick HenryTENBreesyLikeSunMornin'
35Kenyan DrakeARIBaby Charks
34Aaron JonesGBIkeB
31Clyde Edwards-HelaireKCKyler The Creator
28Leonard FournetteFAmstrausberg
27Le'Veon BellNYJCircle The Wagons
23J.K. DobbinsBALCircle The Wagons
23Melvin GordonDENCircle The Wagons
23James ConnerPITJudge Jeudy
21Todd GurleyATLtheleafnode
20Chris CarsonSEABaby Charks
16Cam AkersLARDirty Randy Prods.
16David MontgomeryCHIBaby Charks
16Mark IngramBALmstrausberg
15Damien WilliamsKCBreesyLikeSunMornin'
13D'Andre SwiftDETThe Huo Dynasty
12Matt BreidaMIAmstrausberg
11David JohnsonHOUThe Huo Dynasty
11Devin SingletaryBUFThe Huo Dynasty
11Raheem MostertSFmstrausberg
9James WhiteNEDirty Randy Prods.
9Kareem HuntCLEmstrausberg
9Derrius GuiceFAIkeB
8Tony PollardDALIkeB
8Zack MossBUFBreesyLikeSunMornin'
7Phillip LindsayDENJudge Jeudy
6Tarik CohenCHIDirty Randy Prods.
6Ronald JonesTBDennis The Menace
5Kerryon JohnsonDETIkeB
5Devonta FreemanFAJudge Jeudy
5Carlos HydeSEABaby Charks
4A.J. DillonGBThe Huo Dynasty
4Alexander MattisonMINtheleafnode
4Ke'Shawn VaughnTBIkeB
4Tevin ColemanSFIkeB
4Marlon MackINDIkeB
4Duke JohnsonHOUIkeB
3La'Mical PerineNYJBreesyLikeSunMornin'
3Nyheim HinesINDBreesyLikeSunMornin'
3Justin JacksonLACThe Huo Dynasty
3Latavius MurrayNOIkeB
3Jordan HowardMIABaby Charks
3Chase EdmondsARIThe Huo Dynasty
3Sony MichelNEBaby Charks
3Damien HarrisNEBaby Charks
2Joshua KelleyLACBaby Charks
2DeeJay DallasSEAmstrausberg
2Benny SnellPITBaby Charks
2Anthony McFarlandPItDennis The Menace
2Darrell HendersonLARThe Huo Dynasty
2Dare OgunbowaleTBDirty Randy Prods.
2Darrynton EvansTENKyler The Creator
2Boston ScottPHIKyler The Creator
2Eno BenjaminARIBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1LeSean McCoyTBPapa Burgundy
1Frank GoreNYJPapa Burgundy
1Mike DavisCARDennis The Menace
1Jamaal WilliamsGBBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Malcolm BrownLARPapa Burgundy
1Mike BooneMINDennis The Menace
1Reggie BonnafonCARCircle The Wagons
1Trayveon WilliamsCINCircle The Wagons
1Justice HillBALmstrausberg
1Raymond CalaisTBBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Brian HillATLtheleafnode
1Bryce LoveWASPapa Burgundy
1James RobinsonJACmstrausberg
1Dion LewisNYGtheleafnode
1Gus EdwardsBALtheleafnode
1Jerick McKinnonSFDennis The Menace
1Ty MontgomeryNOJudge Jeudy
1Jaylen SamuelsPITKyler The Creator
1Giovani BernardCINPapa Burgundy
1Rex BurkheadNEPapa Burgundy
1Rashaad PennySEADennis The Menace
1Ryquell ArmsteadJACmstrausberg
1Chris ThompsonJACBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Jalen RichardLVDennis The Menace
1Royce FreemanDENIkeB
1Lynn BowdenLVKyler The Creator
1Adrian PetersonWASJudge Jeudy

Wide Receivers

53Davante AdamsGBtheleafnode
50Michael ThomasNODirty Randy Prods.
49DeAndre HopkinsARIKyler The Creator
48Chris GodwinTBDennis The Menace
45Tyreek HillKCmstrausberg
43Julio JonesATLtheleafnode
40Kenny GolladayDETBaby Charks
37D.J. CharkJACBaby Charks
36D.J. MooreCARDirty Randy Prods.
36DK MetcalfSEABreesyLikeSunMornin'
34Robert WoodsLARPapa Burgundy
34Odell BeckhamCLEIkeB
34Mike EvansTBKyler The Creator
32Calvin RidleyATLIkeB
31JuJu Smith-SchusterPITDirty Randy Prods.
31Terry McLaurinWASPapa Burgundy
30Amari CooperDALJudge Jeudy
29Courtland SuttonDENmstrausberg
29Cooper KuppLARThe Huo Dynasty
26Stefon DiggsBUFCircle The Wagons
26A.J. BrownTENmstrausberg
25Tyler LockettSEABaby Charks
23Allen RobinsonCHICircle The Wagons
22DeVante ParkerMIAIkeB
20Adam ThielenMINCircle The Wagons
20Keenan AllenLACJudge Jeudy
20Tyler BoydCINDennis The Menace
20Marquise BrownBALtheleafnode
19Darius SlaytonNYGBreesyLikeSunMornin'
18Curtis SamuelCARJudge Jeudy
17Anthony MillerCHIBaby Charks
15Jerry JeudyDENJudge Jeudy
14Michael GallupDALThe Huo Dynasty
13Diontae JohnsonPITDennis The Menace
13Henry RuggsOAKKyler The Creator
12CeeDee LambDALThe Huo Dynasty
12Julian EdelmanNEIkeB
11Jalen ReagorPHIDirty Randy Prods.
11T.Y. HiltonINDPapa Burgundy
10Jarvis LandryCLECircle The Wagons
10Larry FitzgeraldARImstrausberg
10Tyrell WilliamsLVmstrausberg
9Justin JeffersonMINThe Huo Dynasty
8A.J. GreenCINIkeB
8Mecole HardmanKCIkeB
8Emmanuel SandersNOJudge Jeudy
7Deebo SamuelSFThe Huo Dynasty
7Michael PittmanINDDennis The Menace
6Tee HigginsCINKyler The Creator
6N'Keal HarryNECircle The Wagons
6Marvin JonesDETDirty Randy Prods.
6Brandin CooksHOUIkeB
6Will FullerHOUThe Huo Dynasty
6Christian KirkARIBaby Charks
5Laviska ShenaultJACCircle The Wagons
5Brandon AiyukSFThe Huo Dynasty
5Jamison CrowderNYJtheleafnode
5Hunter RenfrowLVKyler The Creator
4Antonio GibsonWASKyler The Creator
4DeSean JacksonPHIDennis The Menace
4Bryan EdwardsLVThe Huo Dynasty
4Antonio BrownFAIkeB
4Golden TateNYGIkeB
4Sterling ShepardNYGThe Huo Dynasty
4Preston WilliamsMIABaby Charks
4Mike WilliamsLACThe Huo Dynasty
3Denzel MimsNYJPapa Burgundy
3Dede WestbrookJACDirty Randy Prods.
3Parris CampbellINDBaby Charks
3Antonio Gandy-GoldenWASIkeB
3Breshad PerrimanNYJCircle The Wagons
3Robby AndersonCARBaby Charks
3Sammy WatkinsKCtheleafnode
3Randall CobbHOUBreesyLikeSunMornin'
3John BrownBUFtheleafnode
3Corey DavisTENmstrausberg
3Devin DuvernayBALDirty Randy Prods.
2Cole BeasleyBUFKyler The Creator
2John RossCINIkeB
2KJ HamlerDENCircle The Wagons
2Russell GageATLKyler The Creator
2Riley RidleyCHIBaby Charks
2James WashingtonPITIkeB
2Allen LazardGBDirty Randy Prods.
2Alshon JefferyPHItheleafnode
2Steven SimsWASDirty Randy Prods.
1Marqise LeeNECircle The Wagons
1Darnell MooneyCHIPapa Burgundy
1Albert WilsonMIAtheleafnode
1Isaiah HodginsBUFCircle The Wagons
1Devin FunchessGBCircle The Wagons
1Chris ConleyJACDennis The Menace
1Trent TaylorSFPapa Burgundy
1Jakobi MeyersNEKyler The Creator
1Hakeem ButlerARIKyler The Creator
1Duke WilliamsBUFtheleafnode
1John HightowerPHIBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Allen HurnsJACJudge Jeudy
1Auden TateCINBaby Charks
1Kelvin HarmonWAStheleafnode
1Tre'Quan SmithNOKyler The Creator
1Phillip DorsettSEAJudge Jeudy
1Demarcus RobinsonKCDennis The Menace
1Quintez CephusDETDennis The Menace
1Andy IsabellaARIBaby Charks
1Jalen HurdSFCircle The Wagons
1Tyler JohnsonTBCircle The Wagons
1Olabisi JohnsonMINBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Josh ReynoldsLARDennis The Menace
1Donovan Peoples-JonesCLEPapa Burgundy
1Joe ReedLACJudge Jeudy
1Keke CouteeHOUKyler The Creator
1JJ Arcega-WhitesidePHItheleafnode
1Van JeffersonLARBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Chase ClaypoolPITmstrausberg
1Kenny StillsHOUKyler The Creator
1Josh GordonFADirty Randy Prods.
1Tajae SharpeMINJudge Jeudy
1Mohamed SanuNEPapa Burgundy
1Willie SneadBALJudge Jeudy
1Kendrick BourneSFBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Geronimo AllisonDETDirty Randy Prods.
1Danny AmendolaDETKyler The Creator
1Miles BoykinBALmstrausberg
1Marquez Valdes-ScantlingGBDirty Randy Prods.

Tight Ends

38Travis KelceKCBreesyLikeSunMornin'
37George KittleSFBreesyLikeSunMornin'
16Mark AndrewsBALKyler The Creator
15Darren WallerLVBaby Charks
14Dallas GoedertPHIDennis The Menace
11Evan EngramNYGThe Huo Dynasty
11Hunter HenryLACmstrausberg
10Zach ErtzPHIIkeB
8Noah FantDENCircle The Wagons
8T.J. HockensonDETCircle The Wagons
7Hayden HurstATLDirty Randy Prods.
7Tyler HigbeeLARDennis The Menace
7Rob GronkowskiTBJudge Jeudy
6Mike GesickiMIAKyler The Creator
6Austin HooperCLEBaby Charks
5Jimmy GrahamCHIBreesyLikeSunMornin'
5Jared CookNOtheleafnode
4Jonnu SmithTENDirty Randy Prods.
3Blake JarwinDALKyler The Creator
3O.J. HowardTBIkeB
3Jack DoyleINDtheleafnode
2Chris HerndonNYJmstrausberg
2Ian ThomasCARThe Huo Dynasty
2Irv SmithMINThe Huo Dynasty
2David NjokuCLEDirty Randy Prods.
1Rhett EllisonFAPapa Burgundy
1Darren FellsHOUPapa Burgundy
1Vance McDonaldPITPapa Burgundy
1Brycen HopkinsLARPapa Burgundy
1Will DisslySEAPapa Burgundy
1Dawson KnoxBUFmstrausberg
1Devin AsiasiNEBreesyLikeSunMornin'
1Thaddeus MossFABaby Charks
1Adam TrautmanNOPapa Burgundy
1Jace SternbergerGBCircle The Wagons
1Gerald EverettLARtheleafnode
1Cole KmetCHIJudge Jeudy
1Eric EbronPITDennis The Menace
1Delanie WalkerFAtheleafnode
1Tyler EifertJACJudge Jeudy
1Jordan AkinsHOUThe Huo Dynasty
1Jason WittenLVJudge Jeudy
1Cameron BrateTBDirty Randy Prods.

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