Dynasty Football Debate: Justin Fields

by Taylor Michel
Dynasty Football Debate: Justin Fields

Yeah...I am not watching the rest of that Thursday Night Football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers. Hopefully, Jakobi Meyers gets a few more catches for me, though, and I can get a few points ahead in my fantasy playoff matchup, which just so happens to be against a massive Bears fan. Which made me want to write this article tonight. This is the Dynasty Football Debate: Justin Fields.

In recent weeks I have become pretty passionate about this topic because we are hearing more and more about how the Bears are going to draft a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft and trade away Justin Fields. While I do think this is hugely probable, what I do not agree with is the smear campaign some have chosen to promote in regards to Fields.

The guy is playing good ball right now, and if the Bears do move on I think it will be less about their belief in him long term and more about the potential money they would save over the next four years by having a rookie QB as opposed to a QB entering his fourth season in 2024.

Let's get into it.

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Dynasty Football Debate: Justin Fields

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Honest Truth

I have seen a lot of "this will be Fields last season as a starter" and "Fields can't read a defense" in the media recently and it's just hogwash. Fields can throw the ball contrary to what you may hear or see on X. Not only that but his legs are a lethal weapon, and I can think of at least a dozen teams that could use his services in 2024 and beyond.

If you play fantasy football you know how valuable a QB with rushing upside like Fields is. Please do not let the question of whether or not he will remain a starter in the future enter your mind and lead you to make a rash decision like trading him away for pennies on the dollar.

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The major concern for Fields following the 2023 NFL Season and entering 2024 was whether or not he could process at a high enough level, and if he could get the ball out of his hands faster.

Fields was sacked a league-leading 55 times in 2022, and that was in large part due to his offensive line, but he also was not getting into his drops quick enough. This is something he is still occasionally struggling with. But you can tell Fields and the Bears have made a conscious effort to improve this by utilizing the screen game and shorter developing routes to get him in the habit of getting rid of the ball sooner.

With a little more nurturing and assistance from offensive-minded coaches, Fields will continue to improve in this area.

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Coaching and Scheme

When Lamar Jackson entered the league in 2018 he was nowhere near the complete player that he has become today, and he is still improving.

The Baltimore Ravens, from the first day they knew Lamar was their guy, built a system around his strengths. Since then, they have slowly introduced more complexity and allowed him to grow.

The Chicago Bears did not do a great job of that with Fields at the start, and although it's better than last year ,the offensive scheme is not doing Fields any favors. To quote J.T. O'Sullivan on The QB School on YouTube, "This is an incomplete offense." Fields is being too restricted by the system at times.

Fields in a new system with better coaching and an offense that is more designed around him will absolutely flourish. Then I think we will see an MVP caliber player year in and year out.

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Weapons and Protection

The addition of D.J. Moore and the restructuring of the offensive line has massively helped Fields this season. Just look at Mahomes in Kansas City. He is still great, but he's a far cry away from the Patrick Mahomes we're used to seeing. No weapons puts way too much stress on the quarterback, and then sacks, fumbles, and interceptions happen.

Imagine Fields in an offense with Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Bijan Robinson. Even Arthur Smith can't screw that up (violently knocks on wood).

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Dynasty Value

Prior to the 2023 NFL Season Fields was viewed as a top-eight quarterback in Dynasty. According to sites like KeepTradeCut.com his value has plummeted. What happens if he is traded to a QB-needy team like the Falcons or the Steelers in 2024?

In my opinion, his value will likely skyrocket again, and we will be right back to drafting him as the QB6 or QB7 again in startups next year. He's either going to be traded and become a starter elsewhere, or the Bears are going to draft Marvin Harrison Jr. and commit to Fields as their franchise leader. Either way, it is a win for us as dynasty managers.

If you have Justin Fields hold onto him. If you do not have Justin Fields I would be making a serious effort to buy low on him as we move into the early fantasy offseason.

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