Dynasty Football QB Draft Strategies

by Taylor Michel
Dynasty Football QB Draft Strategies

The quarterback is the most valuable position in the NFL today, and its significance has greatly influenced fantasy football in recent years. The value of quarterbacks can vary depending on your league's format. In some leagues, it's crucial to have multiple high-level quarterbacks, while in others, you might manage with a lower-tier player. Today, we'll explore some Dynasty Football QB Draft Strategies to help you secure the best quarterbacks for your team and league.

Almost every startup draft is different so there is no "one size fits all" strategy. Your league might value the quarterback position more or less than mine. It is still important to listen to what the value and your own rankings are telling you.

Today's NFL is stacked with quarterback talent so it makes it a little easier to develop different ways to build our dynasty teams. Of course, strategies will be very different depending on whether your league is single QB or Superflex. We will start with single QB strategies and then get into some Superflex strategies later.

Dynasty Football QB Draft Strategies

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1 QB Leagues

The quarterback position usually is not going to make or break you in a single QB league, but that doesn't mean drafting one won't have its advantages.

Early QB Approach

Drafting a QB early is very advantageous if you are playing in a league that has a more shallow starting roster. So if you only need to start 8-9 players every week taking an elite QB early is going to have more of a benefit because those points are not going to get muted the same way they would if you were starting 12-14 every week.

Target QBs that have high rushing upside early if you are going to go with this approach. They will yield the highest ceiling, and can really single-handedly win you weeks.

  • Pros:
    • Getting a younger player who will be in the league for a long time
    • Will give you an extremely high ceiling every week from your QB position
    • Won't have to worry about getting a new QB any time soon
  • Cons:
    • Not as valuable in leagues with deeper rosters
    • May miss out on an elite player at another position

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Late QB Approach

In 1QB leagues drafting a QB "late" does not mean drafting a 36-40 year old player on their last legs. Typically you will still be able to draft a top 12 fantasy QB if you wait until round 6-8 of your startup draft. This strategy is great because it allows you to really solidify your WR/RB/TE/Flex spots, and add some depth to you roster while still getting a capable QB.

  • Pros:
    • Allows for depth at other positions (great for deeper rosters)
    • Can still get enough production from the QB spot to succeed
    • Don't have to rely on your QB to win your weeks
  • Cons:
    • Miss out on the huge ceiling a top QB can give you

Remember every startup draft is a little different. If you get to the middle of the third round or later and one of the top three fantasy QBs are still on the board that is just great value at that point. I wouldn't necessarily consider that an "early qb" approach as much as just letting value find you. Listen to what the board is telling you, watch what your league mates are doing, and then draft accordingly.
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Superflex Leagues

Superflex simply means you can start two QBs every week so they importance of the position cannot be overstated. In a 12 team league there may be 24 QBs starting in your league. If one of your QBs get hurt you need to make sure you have a capable QB3 as well.

In my opinion, there is only one real QB dynasty draft strategy or superflex formats. Early and often. BUT there is a way to succeed without doing that as well.
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Double Early QB

Double Early QB is simply taking two QBs within the first 2-3 rounds of your startup draft. Quarterbacks are the most valuable pieces you can have in a Superflex format. Even if you really wanted to take a skill player with one of these picks you will still have a valuable trade piece if you want to make a trade down the road.

  • Pros:
    • You will be set at your QB position with two top 24 QBs
    • Secure two of the highest value assets for the long term or to trade away for more assets
    • Control your build
  • Cons:
    • Miss out on the top of the top WRs or RBs

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Early QB Early Skill

Taking one QB early and one skill player is also a very viable strategy, but it does not mean to just not draft a second QB until the 7-8th round. Definitely should try to secure a second QB before the end of the 4th round in my opinion. In my experience if I wait too long for my second QB I often find myself panicking and reaching for my third QB so I don't miss out again.

  • Pros:
    • Young QB and star skill player to build around
    • Can still compete now and for future
  • Cons:
    • In a shaky spot if a lot of QBs come off the board before your next pick
    • May have to settle for a mediocre QB2
    • Might cause you to reach for a QB3

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Late QB

In competitive or experienced dynasty leagues I would not recommend a late QB strategy, but in some leagues you can get away with it.

Essentially the idea is that you load up on skill players in the first 4-5 rounds of the startup and then take 1-3 QBs in the following rounds. This strategy is usually more successful on "win now" types of builds because you will most likely be drafting older QBs.

  • Pros:
    • Have a stacked team aside from QB
    • Be in a position to compete for a championship right away
  • Cons:
    • No QB for the long term future
    • Forced into a "win now" type of team build

There are many different ways to attack Dynasty Football QB Draft Strategies. These are just a few basic examples of different strategies that people currently implement. The most fundamental rule of any dynasty startup draft is to draft for value, and then trade for needs. If in a superflex league it may be better to take that second QB even though you really want that WR or RB. In a 1QB league it may be better to hold off on QB so you can build out depth at other positions. It ultimately will come down to your own league and your league mates.

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