2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Mid-Year Review

by Nick Zaniboni
2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Mid-Year Review

Welcome to the 2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Mid-Year Review!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers and the baseball season!

The trade deadline has come and gone, and boy was that a good one! Not too often do you see a player of Juan Soto's caliber on the move, yet here we are! I can't wait to see Tatis back in the lineup, and the Padres make a real run.

Along with the trade deadline comes the home stretch of the Fantasy Baseball season. I want to look back at some guys I already looked at this season. Today, I will look at three misses and three misses on who I've covered this year.

Before we get started, you know the deal! Before we start, it's time for my shameless plug for the On Deck Circle Podcast and my guy Dave's Dynasty Baseball Rankings.

2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Mid-Year Review

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The Misses

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Let's just get these out of the way here! Here are a few guys I thought could be significant Fantasy contributors this season that has been performing less than I hoped. 

Cody Bellinger is currently hitting .206 and hardly getting on base with an OBP of .264. Many took the gamble on Beli this season, myself included. The lone bright spot has been his 11 stolen bases this season. 

Garrett Whitlock: Oooof, what an odd year for someone who I pegged as the Red Sox closer or even a solid SP. However, the sox never could define a role for him, and they continue to flip-flop his role as SP or RP. I don't want to take the blame for this, but since it's the Sox, it is my cross to bear. 

Byron Buxton: He has been decent with 26 homers; however, the OBP is sub .300. Obviously, I will take the power output, but I was expecting Buxton to be the Fantasy MVP and this he is not. Another bright spot: he has been predominantly healthy this season.

The Hits

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Now, let's give me some sort of credit, here!

Bobby Dalbec: Funny that Bobby Dalbec is being associated with being a hit because he cannot actually hit. Surprisingly I was able to put my Sox hat down and tell the truth that Bobby should be sold. He is wildly inconsistent and is barely hitting over .200. Bobby is not a cornerstone to any sport, professional or Fantasy. I am sorry, Bob, I once loved you, but now is time to set you free (until September when he hits like .325 and 12 homers).

Julio Rodriguez: I mean, obviously! J-Rod has been an absolute monster this season. He is indeed the real deal, and I can't wait to see the type of career this dude has! The dude could legit have a 30/30 season! He has 18 homers and 21 stolen bases. This past week he got injured, so let's just hope Julio is good to go! 

Dylan Cease: This might be my swan song, although I am not nearly the first person to predict a Cease breakout. I just need to finish on a good note here! He has reached his ceiling as an SP1, and I think he is here to stay. He is striking out every one; he's got an ERA just over 2.00 with 2.01! Enjoy Cease. He will indeed be a dude for the foreseeable future.

The Incompletes

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Note: most of these incompletes are considered as such due to injuries. 

Seiya Suzuki: Suzuki could be close to a miss, but he has missed some time with injuries. The first month or so, he was looking like a possible league winner. However, the injury bug hit him, and he has yet to regain his footing. He has been an average player this season, but I did expect more. 

Shane Baz: This one is simple! Got hurt, came back, got hurt! I still love Baz.

Jonathan India: Another guy with just not enough availability this season! 

Thank you guys for reading! Pumped to jump into next week with a fresh new face for the Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week!

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