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Early 2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Five-Stars


One? Pssst. Not two. Not even three like some other websites. We are a five-star establishment here at F6P, so we do a little more for our readers and put together a  five-round early fantasy football 2020 mock draft!

Is it early? Uh, yeah. Is it too early? Well, that depends on how you define early.  If you need to start making keeper decisions now, it’s not too early. If you are a person that needs to see how free agency and the draft unfold, yes, it’s way too early.

The draft and free agency discussion brings us to one rule we had to decide mid-draft: no rookies. We came to an agreement that no rookies would be selected in this five-round mock. With the exception of maybe Joe Burrow, we just don’t know who is going to land where. We didn’t want anyone speculating as such when making their picks.

Not that there wasn’t some speculation on player movement outside of rookies. You will see that from some of the staff’s comments below. While I have included some of my perspectives, for the most part I tried to allow the drafters to speak for themselves.

Maybe it’s too early, but I feel like I’m stalling. Here you go

Early 2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Before we get into the analysis, click on the draft board to see the results for yourself.

Early 2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Draft order:

  1. Keith Lott @WeTalkFantasySports
  2. Michael Tomlin @Tomlin3
  3. Mark Strausberg @MarkStrausberg
  4. Joe Bond @F6P_Joe
  5. A.J. Applegarth @AppleGarthAlgar
  6. Jonathan Chan @JChan_811
  7. Richard Savill @RRSSavill
  8. John LaPresto @TheJohnLaPresto
  9. Dave Eddy @CorporalEddy
  10. Kevin Huo @KevinMHuo
  11. Jon Witt @JPW2542
  12. Dennis Sosic @CALL_ME_SOS

Five Round 2020 Mock General Observations

No surprise, but the mock is dominated by running backs and wide receivers. What might be surprising however is that four tight ends were selected. After a few down years, are we seeing a revival at the tight end position?

It’s also worth noting that two quarterbacks were selected. There is always going to be some debate as to how soon quarterbacks should be drafted in fantasy football. The bigger takeaway, however, is that Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes are clearly in a tier to themselves, with no other quarterback even within 30 picks of them. Not a single quarterback who’s been in the league for five years even made our 5-round cut.

Speaking of time spent in the league, notice how “young” the draft board is? Julio Jones is the only player picked within the first 50 players to have hit his 30s. More than 90% of the picks above have been in the league less than six years. ‘Nuk is actually the elder statesman of the first round!

It depends when you drafted, but essentially nine of last year’s 12-team first-round picks return to the first round. Methinks the discussion of this past year’s first-round being full of busts seems a little overblown, no? Newcomers Derrick Henry, Lamar Jackson, and Aaron Jones may or may not reach their new expectations, but I guarantee you that all will be picked earlier in 2020 than they were last year.

Five Round Mock Round by Round Analysis

Round 1

The picks in this round went as one might expect. The one pick that some of our Twitter followers took issue with was when Richard took Lamar Jackson. Even internally, we have some disagreement on Lamar.

Richard might be a year behind me in predicting greatness, but here’s his rationale:

“It’s not often you get a two-fer deal on a quarterback. I think we can dial back some of that 1200+ yardage he gained in 2019, but another 1000+ yard rushing season? It’s very possible.”

Truth be told I am Raven fan, so I can’t rationally discuss Lamar Jackson. Draw your own conclusions. But I would expect these results to look pretty similar to the results of your first round later this summer.

Round 2

Embed from Getty Images
The Tight End seal is broken in this round with John LaPresto’s pick of Travis Kelce. When asked about his pick, John said:

“I think there’s a legitimate case to be made that Kelce is worthy of a first-round pick. He and Kittle are an automatic weekly advantage.”

Well John, I couldn’t agree more with your second sentence. But I’ve got Kittle as my top tight end this upcoming year. And I’m not convinced either are worthy of a first-round pick, but I do love them both in the second. In fact, had I been Kevin I would have taken Kittle over Leonard Fournette. But he makes the case for the Fournette pick:

“Fournette finished 13th in fantasy points per game despite scoring only three touchdowns on the season, in part due to his improved prowess as a receiver. He caught 76 of his 100 targets for 522 yards, fifth-best among running backs. At only 24 years old, this addition to his game coupled with a likely positive touchdown regression gives him a massive ceiling to go with a relatively safe floor if he can avoid injury.”

Meanwhile, the most chin-rubbing stop-and-make-you-think pick of the round, however, might have been Jonathan Chan’s pick of Austin Ekeler. It is too early to tell what happens in the Chargers backfield with both Gordon and Ekeler as free agents in 2020. Nonetheless, Jonathan’s thought:

Melvin Gordon or not, Ekeler was a monster all season thanks to the work he sees as a pass-catcher. He finished as RB6 in 0.5 PPR with 1,550 total yards, 93 receptions and 11 total touchdowns.”

Interesting, but expect at least one if not both of Ekeler and Gordon to go early.

Round 3

Embed from Getty Images

As also might be expected, this round was nearly all WRs, finishing with Dennis Sosic’s pick of A.J. Brown. I couldn’t agree more with Dennis who says, “Brown was a top 15 WR after Tannehill took over at QB. He finished with over 1,000 receiving yards and 8 tds. Very solid WR2.”. 

I really like A.J. Brown, but I do also really love my own pick this round. Even with Stafford missing a quarter of the season, Golladay had nearly 1200 receiving yards along with 11 TDs. An improvement on those numbers is certainly possible and even a 10% regression is great production when picking at this point.

Another wide receiver who I expect to bounce all over draft boards between now and the start of the season is JuJu Smith-Schuster. Jon Witt grabbed him and said what I believe we are all thinking:

“I know he had a rough year and some may feel burned by him, but with a better QB under center, the uber-talented 23 year old could be a steal this late in the third”

Some might not have liked Richard’s first two picks, but how can you not like his third of D.K. Metcalf. Richard nailed it when he said, “He notched 900 yards and seven TDs in his rookie season. Metcalf should claim his first 1000+ yard season 2020. NFL teams who passed on this guy in the draft are now kicking themselves. Big height (6-4), big weight (230), big speed (4.33) and plays the game. We have a new star receiver going on here. WR1 deluxe.

Round 4

Embed from Getty Images
With the WRs going in round 3, the running backs once again dominate the round 4 picks. I expect second-year players to dominate the fantasy draft, including Devin Singletary who is unlikely to fall to 37 like he did to Dennis. Todd Gurley will be hotly debated this offseason but he’s pretty well known by even the casual fan. Kerryon Johnson, however, will also be debated by the fantasy pundits and Dave Eddy makes his opening statement on Kerryon Johnson:

“Maybe I’m a Homer or maybe I’m a genius. Kerryon doesn’t have much wear on his body and when healthy, plays for a decent offense that wants to focus on running the ball.”

Meanwhile, Joe was a little more tethered than Dave and supported his Leveon Bell pick thusly:

“Bell finished as an RB2 despite playing behind one of the worst offensive lines and for one of the worst offenses in the league, 30th and 29th respectively according to Pro Football Ratings. There are strong rumors that he will be somewhere else next season, which would be fantastic for his value. Even if he isn’t the Jets have to do something to improve the OL which to me says he can only get better right?”

Of course, Bell’s old team had a rough year but running back was far from the worst of their problems. I personally had James Connor queued up when Keith selected him and hard to argue with Keith here:

“Much like the OBJ pick, the Steelers can only get better in 2020…right?! An offseason of rehabilitation and a healthy 16 games could return Conner to his RB1 status from this past season.”

Round 5

Very little surprised me the first four rounds. I felt good about my first four picks. However, here is where things got interesting and I had this line running through my head:

I, of course, have trouble focusing when thinking about Sarah Michelle Gellar in this movie. But here is where your draft will become very interesting and you need to focus. Your league is likely to be won or lost starting around the 5th round. That went for us too, including Keith stealing Stefon Diggs to start the round. But that was an easy pick to make.

Mike Tomlin’s picking of DeVante Parker had a little more edge to it. Parker, in his words, “…ended up with 1,200+ yards and 9 TD’s and really exploded late in the season. He’s currently the 36th highest-ranked player per Fantasy Pros but I think he will climb into the early Round 3 discussion.”

Meanwhile, I don’t love my TY Hilton pick. However, I do have a hard time picturing a healthy Hilton not finishing in the top 50. Yet my pick was not the only one I didn’t like in this round. While I love what AJ did with his first two picks, I feel less enthused about his last three picks. I like some of the picks that went later in the round more, but he defended his Robert Woods pick:

“Among WR’s In 2019, Woods finished 8th in both Receptions (90) and Targets (139), and 14th in Receiving Yards (1,134). But, factor in his 115 RuYds (3rd-most among WR), and that pushes Woods to 4th overall in Total Yards. Goff was garbage for most of the season, which aided in Woods nabbing only 3 Total TD’s. I’m banking on a bounce-back in scoring for 2020, making Woods a solid WR2 option in the 5th Round.”

The very last pick of our five-round mock was Terry McLaurin. McLaurin has huge upside and is typical of the player you will find in this round. McLaurin rounded out a strong team for Dennis. In fact, if I had to choose one team I like the best, it is probably Mr. Sosic’s.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. Let us know your thoughts on the five-round mock, either here in the comments section or on Twitter.

Check out the rest of our offseason Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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