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2016 Fantasy Baseball Buy Low-Sell High: 50 Shades of Gray


fantasy baseball buy low-sell high

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Now entering the middle of the month of May, the baseball season is in full swing, and so has the fantasy season. The days of drafting in 2016 are over and whether you are leading your league or bringing up the rear, at this point in the year there is still time to make a move. But it has to be the right move, at the right place, and at the right time.

So who do you target that could lead your rotation to the top or take your lineup to the next level? Here are a few options to consider that wouldn’t break the bank, but could give you the break you need to inch your way toward that championship.

Fantasy Baseball Buy Low-Sell High

Buy Low

Sonny Gray, SP, Oakland Athletics

Gray has been the victim of two bad starts in the month of May. Those two starts inflated his ERA from 3.81 to 6.00. Therefore it is still likely that will come down between now and the end of the season.

The reason being that his career ERA sits at just over three and in his four years since coming up to the majors he has finished with an earned run average over three just once. But because his numbers are so inflated right now, it would be the perfect time to go after him if you don’t have him. It isn’t every day that you have the opportunity to acquire an ace and his asking price will be much lower than his value suggests.

Julio Teheran, SP, Atlanta Braves

I’ll just preface this by saying if you are looking for a pitcher who is going to rack up 15+ wins, I’d look to someone else. But Teheran’s numbers are solid. Despite sitting with an 0-4 record, he has a 3.17 ERA with 44 strikeouts, both of which rank in the top 40 in the MLB.

In his last 26 innings he’s given up just three earned runs and in the last month, Teheran ranks sixth in the majors in ERA. He plays in Atlanta, which hurts his value, but Teheran is a pitcher who is going to give you innings and productivity in those innings with an asking price that will be much lower than other number one pitchers would have.

Adam Jones, OF, Baltimore Orioles

Slowly but surely, Adam Jones is becoming himself again. He is healthy and it has shown. He has four home runs in his last six games and in that span is hitting .520.

He obviously won’t maintain this pace all season, but it does show that he is back to playing at the level we are used to seeing Adam Jones play at. This would be one to buy soon because if you wait to long, his asking price will no longer be as low as it is right now.

There are also some players who are playing extremely well right now that might be in your interest to sell while they still have an inflated value. Here are a few options that if you have them, it may be better to look to deal them.

Salvador Perez, C, Kansas City Royals

Catchers are hard to come by in Fantasy Baseball, but Perez has made a name for himself in Kansas City. This season he has struggled, managing only a .236 batting average.

The silver lining is that Perez holds a career average of .276 and even if he only makes up half of that between now and the end of the season he would still finish in the top half of catchers.

He is trending up, getting a hit in seven of his past eight games. On top of that he is one of only a handful of catchers who have etched out an almost everyday presence in the lineup, which means he will have plenty of opportunities to produce.

Sell High

Rick Porcello, SP, Boston Red Sox

If you took Porcello in the later rounds of your draft, you’re probably patting yourself on the back right now. He’s been great so far this season. However, his ERA right now sits at 3.11. His career ERA is 4.34 and he has only had one season with an ERA under 4.00.

Another thing to look at is who Porcello has faced. He only has faced one team that isn’t currently below .500 in the Blue Jays. I’m not saying that what he has done isn’t impressive, but given his history, his value will go down before it goes up.

Jean Segura, SS/2B, Arizona Diamondbacks

Segura seems to have found a new life in Arizona, and while he is a player with a great story, he is also a hitter with a below average track record.

He has never finished above .300, yet here he is with a .340 batting average and five home runs. I love Segura and

I hope this trend continues, but it seems too good to be true for an entire season of this production.

Ben Zobrist, 2B/OF, Chicago Cubs

Zobrist is someone that I would only sell if someone made a really enticing offer, but his value right now is higher than he has proven he is worth in his 11-year career.

Middle infielders aren’t necessarily easy to come by, but at age 35 Zobrist is someone who should start to plateau. He has never hit over .300 and the last time he hit 20 home runs was 2012.

He is a solid player, but with the way he and the Cubs are playing right now, it might be the best time to sell a player like Zobrist.

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