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I’m back folks, just as I said I would be on Tuesday when I posted my late first week grab bag article. I’ll get to my recommended pick ups soon, but I wanted to speak my mind about a topic that affects all of us that play fantasy sports. Trading. I’m not going to get into the do’s and don’t about trading, that is an article all on it’s own and honestly has been written about enough times I feel like I should’t have to do it. However what I want to say is that you must recognize the true value of a player. I get that everybody values players differently, and selling high is a good strategy, but trying to ridiculously oversell a player is going to do nothing but piss off your trade partner, and I’m going to be blunt, make you look like an ass.

I’m telling you this because I was in trade discussions yesterday, where I was trying to get a very well known pitcher, but one that went a little later this year in drafts than he normally does. I originally offered many,at least in my opinion, fair deals and kept being sent back offers where if I wanted said pitcher I would have to give up my first two picks, which are both top 10 outfielders. If I only gave up one of the outfielders then he downgraded the pitcher to his fourth best, a decent option still, but said pitcher went about five rounds later in drafts. His reasoning “I would need two (stud batters) to make losing a top end pitcher worth it overall for me”. I pretty much laughed at this comment and told him good luck in trading any of his pitchers if he wants that kind of value in return. Honestly I don’t think I’m alone here in thinking that being asked to give up my first two round picks for one good pitcher (drafted in the 5th round by the way) is a terrible trade offer and I’m surprised that it came from another “expert”. If you are going to value your players that much, you really need to tell the other owner immediately and not send back ridiculous offers.

I’m currently reading Matthew Berry’s book, Fantasy Life, and I think he says it perfectly “Trading is about understanding that a deal is not just about what you get. It’s also about what the other guy gets”. To me too many times trades fall through because one owner must “win” the trade, and to them winning the trade has to be a slam dunk. A trade is meant to help not only your team, but the other team too. Yes you want to feel like you improved your team more than the other team, but in the end both teams should feel that they improved. 

Anyway enough of my lesson/rant, lets get to business.

In The Batter’s Box
Michael Morse (OF – SF) Owned in 40% ESPN, 51% Yahoo – Morse is once again off to a hot start, .400 average, 2 home runs, 10 RBI and 7 runs. I’d pick him up and ride this hot streak for a little while. Then while his value is still high, sell him. He is a good hitter, with plenty of power, but I really don’t trust him to stay healthy at all since he has missed time a few times in his career already.

Jason Kubel (OF – MIN) 5% ESPN, 9% Yahoo – Chris Colabello is getting all the attention in Minnesota for his big start, but Kubel is playing very well too. Hitting a cool .448 with a home run, 5 runs and 6 RBI already he is quickly making himself worth a pickup. People forget that just two years ago he hit 30 home runs and had hit 21+ in the five consecutive season before that. If he continues to play this well he will see playing time even when Oswaldo Arcia and Josh Willingham return from their injuries.

Yangervis Solarte (OF – NYY) 30% ESPN, 33% Yahoo – Slowing down a little bit from his first week, Solarte still is worth a flyer in deeper leagues. Even with the cool down his average is .387 and remarkably has 7 RBI batting from the nine spot in the order. I don’t think this pace continues, not even close, but I’d grab him and hope he can continue to play at a decent level going forward

Tyler Flowers (C – CWS) 8% ESPN, 13% Yahoo – If I were to ask you who the 5th ranked catcher is in ESPN leagues on the season so far, I’m guessing Tyler Flowers wouldn’t be your answer. Well as you guessed by now, it is. A great batting average, .444, is a big reason why. Although he does have 5 RBI, 4 runs and a home run on the season too. He is finally getting regular at bats and is making the most of it. I would absolutely grab him in two catcher leagues and deeper one catcher leagues.

From The Mound
pinedaMichael Pineda (SP – NYY) 40% ESPN, 67% Yahoo – Cheater! I don’t really care if he uses pine tar or not, he is looking like the pitcher from 2011 in Seattle, if not better. A 1.50 ERA, 0.92 WHIP with 12 Ks in 12 IP against two good offensive ball clubs, Boston and Toronto, make me think he should be owned in all leagues right now. The Yahoo owners get it, time to wake up ESPN owners.

Travis Wood (SP – CHC) 6% ESPN, 48% Yahoo – Not going to lie here Travis Wood is surprising me so far. 2.92 ERA, 1.14 WHIP and a monster 17 Ks in 12.1 IP, he absolutely needs to be owned in more than 6% of ESPN leagues. The only thing holding back his value is the Cubs disaster of a bullpen, which already cost him a win this past Thursday against the Pirates.

Yordano Ventura (SP – KC) 45% ESPN, 76% Yahoo – The hard throwing rookie who won the fifth spot in the Royals rotation had a lot of noise follow him out of spring training and didn’t disappoint in his first start this past Tuesday. He threw six shutout innings while striking out six against the rays, and was apparently hitting triple digits throughout his outing. You might have to take some lumps with the good, as you normally do with any rookie, but he looks like he has the stuff to be worth owning in standard leagues so far. Once again ESPN owners are falling behind.

Shawn Kelley (RP – NYY) 8% ESPN, 44% Yahoo – More closer news, with David Robertson going on the DL Monday, Kelley appears to be the guy to hold down the job while he is out. This is only a move if you are desperate for saves and have a roster spot to play with because Robertson is on track to return as soon as his 15 days is up. But a save is a save so if you need them go get him while you can get a couple from him.

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