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The Fantasy Baseball Impact of the Andrew McCutchen Trade


This is the slowest moving offseason in recent memory. One of the only teams making moves is the San Fransisco Giants. The Giants have added two franchise players in Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutchen.

First, they had to part ways with prize prospect Christian Arroyo to receive the Gold Glove Third Baseman Evan Longoria.  Then, just a few days ago the Giants pulled off another trade for former MVP Andrew McCutchen.

Fantasy Baseball Impact of the Andrew McCutchen Trade

Real Baseball Impact

The Giants finished last in the standings last year as well as last in runs scored. Longoria and McCutchen should dramatically increase the runs scored for the ball club. The elephant in the war room is each players age, 31 and 32.

The core of the Giants will be near 30 years old if not older. As the former championship Giants teams come to together late in the season this years team as the recipe to do the same if everyone stays healthy.

Cutch’s History

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Health has not been a concern for McCutchen, he has played 150 seven out of his eight career seasons while only hitting the DL once. The ball club already informed him he would be playing a corner outfield position to preserve his legs.

McCutchen proved the doubters wrong last season after being done and out during the first two months of 2017, McCutchen then proceeded to post two consecutive months of over 1.000 OPS baseball.

Those numbers will compete for Top 25 Outfield spot. Age is a concern but the Giants are poised to have a breakout year with a cast of veteran players that have already been in the limelight.

2018 Fantasy Baseball Outlook

This is not the first time a former MVP from Pittsburgh downed the Bay Area Orange. Coming off an MVP season, Barry Bonds Jr. decided to high tail it West and sign a six year/$44 million dollar contract. Wow w, at a bargain in today’s landscape.

Let’s get back to the present before one gets lost in Barry Bonds stats.

Andrew McCutchen is not coming off a MVP season and his career seems to be coming to a close soon, or at the very least headed in the wrong direction. The Giants traded two low-end prospects to bring the former NL MVP to the Bay Area for one year, if all goes well maybe more.

As mentioned before, McCutchen has already been told he will play a corner outfield position. You also might remember he was also told this at the beginning of last season too. That did not pan to fruition because of Starling Marte suspension. However, McCutchen did play a baker dozen worth of games in right field last year resulting in a lackluster .250 AVG and .714 OPS.
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Expect McCutchen to be penciled in the near the top of the Giants lineup.  In fact, I have him at the top of my projected lineup.

Projected Lineup

  1. Andrew McCutchen
  2. Joe Panik
  3. Buster Posey
  4. Evan Longoria
  5. Brandon Belt
  6. Brandon Crawford
  7. Hunter Pence
  8. Steven Duggar
  9. Pitcher

There are rumors that McCutchen could bat leadoff because of his above average on-base percentage. This will result in less RBI this season but more runs and a slight chance McCutchen hits 15 stolen bases.

Last year McCutchen spend the majority of his time in the three hole resulting in 20 home runs and 64 RBI. Although he did bust out of his first two-month slump by hitting .380 in the six hole for 28 games resulting in a OPS over 1.100.

Conclusion & Projection

While McCutchen is not the MVP caliber player he once was he is still able to put up multiple months of 1.000 OPS once he is comfortable in the new environment. McCutchen should still be looked be looked at as a Top 25 OF.

The road may be rocky at times but McCutchen is as professional as they come, he will overcome the adversity to deliver another strong fantasy season.

2018 Projection



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