Fantasy Baseball Most Added and Dropped Reaction: Week 2

by Joe Bond

I'm back this week to do more analysis using the ESPN Most Added/Dropped list. Last week I nailed Wilin Rosario and of course the closers, but appear to have missed on Taijuan Walker and Trevor Bauer. I'm still confident that Drew Pomeranz and Brandon Belt will figure things out.

It is still early, but we are finally getting to the point where I believe it is getting to the point where you can safely give up on some players, who you took chances on in your drafts as 'flyers'. In some cases where your team is struggling bad, it might even be time to drop those players you had really high hopes for, or who are usually reliable starters, if they are having a bad enough start. Jed Gyorko and Adam Eaton come to mind initially as those types of players.

Most Added and Dropped

Closer changes lead the way again for this weeks discussion, but there are some new names to the Fantasy Baseball that appeared on the list this week that I found very interesting.


Credit: Mark Runyon | Baseball Schedule

Credit: Mark Runyon | Baseball Schedule

Adam Ottavino (RP - COL) 85%, +83.9%/ Wade Davis (RP - KC) 95.6% Owned, +67.6% - I find it very interesting that Davis is owned in more leagues, considering he got the closer job just a couple of days ago when Greg Holland landed on the DL. Another reason why it is interesting is because Davis being the closer is temporary. This means one of two things, possibly both:

1. There are a lot of holds or saves+holds leagues.
2. There is not enough trust in the Rockies closers.

The fact of the matter is Ottavino should be owned in 100% of leagues as well as Davis. They are both elite relief pitchers and anyone getting saves should be owned, especially Ottavino.

Devon Travis (2B - TOR) 86.0%, +67.2% - Before the start of the season, not a lot of people knew who Devon Travis was, as evidenced by the fact that he was the 40th drafted second baseman on average according to FantasyPros. Not even the "experts" seemed to know much about him rankings him around 30 on most sites.

The fact of it is, Travis has done nothing but impress this early season, hitting .356, three home runs and 12 RBI. Some regressing is expected since his BABIP is rather high at .371, but he has a long way to go before his batting average would hurt you, so I would have no worries about that

Stephen Vogt (C/1B - OAK) 70.3%, +59.7.1% - Vogt finally got his catcher eligibility in most leagues and now becomes a must own. He is continuing last season success in limited at bats into this season now in a full time role. Vogt should continue to be a top 10 or even top 5 catcher this season.

Marcus Semien (3B/2B/SS - OAK) 63.6%, +54.4% - I'm sure the position eligibility has a lot to do with his ownership percentage climbing, but I'm not ready to make him a must add after a fairly average start to the season. Sure he is useful in deep leagues or if you have injuries to your main middle infielder or third baseman, just don't have to high of expectations.


Rusney Castillo (OF - BOS) 40.4%, -49.0% - Castillo is a highly touted prospect after signing with the Red Sox for $72.5 million and even though he got injured in the spring, he was still drafted in near 100% of leagues. I can understand why he was drafted in early March, but after the injury and especially when he was sent down to start the season in the minors, there is no way this should have happened. Unless of course you were in a deep or dynasty league. Now he is injured again and in my opinion can be dropped in all standard sized redraft leagues.

Credit: Keith Allison

Credit: Keith Allison

Mike Napoli (1B - BOS) 29.1%, -35.9% - Naps had a less than ideal 2014, riddled with injuries, and now is starting out the 2015 season poor as well. I get the reason for dropping him, but I am not giving up yet. Despite a poor 2014, his on base percentage was .370, so in OBP leagues you definitely want to hang onto him. He had a great spring, hitting six home runs and batting .400, so the talent is still there, he just needs to get out of a cold spell.

Shin-Soo Choo (OF - TEX) 68.7%, -30.0% - I'm honestly not sure what to think about Choo at this point. He has been declining steadily for a couple of  years now and a horrible start to the year is making owners give up on him. I think if you can place him on your bench, I'd hang onto him to see if he can get turn things around soon, but do understand if you want to cut bait.

Phil Hughes (SP - MIN) 67.2%, -32% - I don't usually pat myself on the back too much, but don't say I didn't tell you so by recommending to avoid Hughes this season. I called him one of my busts this season after he had a record setting 2014 with a 11.63 strikeout to walk ratio, helped mostly by his 0.69 walks per nine rate. Hughes's home runs per nine were down by quite a large margin as well from his career numbers. None of this was sustainable in my opinion and now he is 0-3 with a 5.30 ERA and 1.39 WHIP after three starts this season.

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