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Fantasy Baseball Top Ten Multi-Position Eligibilie Players


Flexibility is such a nice option to have not only as a real manager, but as a fantasy manager as well. Position flexibility is one of the highest coveted tactics in fantasy play. I enjoy picking players with multiple positions especially in an everyday league where those players that are off positions (mostly Mondays and Thursdays) can be filled. All of the position eligibilities for each player are based off of Below are my top-ten players that have multiple position eligibility.

1. Buster Posey (C/1B) – This is most arguably the number one catcher in the offensive game. I do believe he is less likely to get hurt this year because of the new no contact rule at the plate this year too. Rumors have it the Giants may even be playing him at 3rd base this year. I see this helping his bat play, if they are true. He is in my top tier for catchers, naturally, but it would be hard to put him in the top tier for either first baseman or third baseman. If you select this guy, you could open up getting a lower tier/flier catcher to enhance your lineup.

Zobrist2. Ben Zobrist (2B/OF/SS) – I haven’t really talked about this guy yet this pre-season. Zobrist, although on the Rays, is as steady as they go. I really compare him to a younger version of Carlos Beltran. As you are going through the draft Zobrist is one of those players you drafted because he is one the highest on the board, not because he fits a certain need on your team. He did have kind of a down year last year only hitting 12 HRs and 71 RBIs, but did have one of his higher average season hitting .275. Mr. Consistency will be ok again in 2014.

3. Matt Carpenter (2B/3B) – As is the St. Louis Cardinals forte, they love breeding players that can play in multiple positions. With David Freese now in Los Angeles, I look for Carpenter to mostly play 3rd base. He would probably be my Multiple Position MVP for 2013, if there were a type of an award, but the reason I have him dropped a few spots is because of a few things. A lot of his value is tied to how many runs he gets. Well he got 126 runs last year; which was outstanding, but he lacks the power and running ability to have a repeat in 2014. In 2013, he also led the league in hits with 199 and posted a .318 Avg. He has power to all fields, but this is what he leans on the most. I still see a successful year, but do not think he will put up numbers as high as he did in 2013.

Allen Craig

4. Allen Craig (1B/OF) – Well looky here another Cardinal cracking my top ten. It must be something in the water in the St. Louis area. I honestly think it would be fun to be Mike Matheny, Cardinals Manager, for a night. It is like having a jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces can go together. It is very difficult for me to judge what type of production Craig is going to have this year. I do think he is a risk/reward type of player depending on where he is drafted. He finished the 2013 season with an Avg of .315, 97 RBIs and 71 Rs. The power surge from 2012 went down. He would probably still warrant a fifth round pick in most formats. I do see him staying healthy all year, but monitor how many times a week he shows up in the Cardinals lineup. Keep in mind if you are still interested in Craig, that this year the OF and 1B position are very deep this year.

5. Mark Trumbo (1B/OF) – I talked about this move earlier in my Winter Meetings article. I do like this move for the Diamondbacks, but only in the offensive category. Most likely to keep Trumbo’s bat in the lineup he will have to play in the outfield because the first base position is occupied by Paul Goldschmidt. And guess what? You do not have to worry about drafting him because of his defense. You will not be drafting Trumbo because of his average (.234 in 2013), but for his power. His slugging percentage and homers per fly ball have been consistent for the past three years. This is why you own him. Remember he is still only 28 and still has a lot of potential. His discipline at the plate is what lowers him down my rankings though.

6. Carlos Santana (C/1B) – Santana has been featured in the section entitled “Player(s) on the Rise” of my article on Fantasy Baseball 2014 Catcher Preview. One point I made there is I enjoy his versatility as a player and for the Indians. Santana is starting to grow on me and could move up this list as the season goes on. I enjoy that he is going to be the listed as the full time DH entering the season, with still holding the catcher and first baseman position eligibilities.

7. Evan Gattis (C/OF) – Gattis is another player who I am very high about in 2014 and have talked about before. Gattis has full reigns of the catching duties for the Braves this year, while still being able to play the outfield every once in awhile. With this versatility, I see him getting over 500 ABs this year. As I have already started some mock drafts, I am seeing Gattis fall down in the later rounds. He is a great steal in the tenth round or later, especially if you are one to wait on drafting a catcher.

prado8. Martin Prado (3B/2B/OF) – For me, Prado is one of those fantasy players that when on your team you love him and when he is not on your team you hate him. I would not look past Prado on your draft day. I do say that he had more productive years as the Braves leadoff hitter than being featured as the Diamondbacks main number two hitter. A good eye and contact hitter will put you in the two-hole spot. I do think Prado is on the decline, but still warrants praise in his position versatility. He is worth a late round flier to fill a last spot that you haven’t drafted yet or even as a solid bench spot.

9. Brandon Moss (1B/OF) – Moss is one of those players that the Athletics get and drown as much talent that he has out of him. From 2012 to 2013, there was increase of power for Moss. He went from 21 HRs to 30 and from 52 RBIs to 87. The aspect of his game that concerns me is his Avg. He reminds me a lot of a poor mans version of Trumbo. Moss should still be drafted in all leagues as either a backup player or if you waited really late for a first baseman.

10. Jed Lowrie (SS/2B) – Another Athletic player cracked my top ten, but could fall out of it by the end of the year. I am not too high on Lowrie this year. I think that his 2013 performance was a fluke and will not be matched in 2014. Right now in his career, he would only be a backup player on my fantasy team this year.

I hope this helps you when you go through the decision making for your draft. Other players that I want to discuss are Joe Mauer and Miguel Cabrera. As of right now ESPN has Mauer as strictly a catcher and Cabrera as a third baseman. Look for both of these to change as the year goes on. Mauer and Cabrera are both hopefully expected to get first baseman eligibility. If this ends up the case, Mauer would end up as my #3 and naturally Cabrera would end up my #1. Both guys you want to key on in your draft.

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