Fantasy Baseball/MLB Bold Predictions for 2015

by Tyler Gettmann

We are almost there. The weather is finally warming up and teams are almost ready to travel up North to begin the season. The last article I will write before the season starts is my bold predictions for this year. I believe this year I am going more out on a limb than I did last year. This was a harder year to look over because there are a lot of intriguing stories being brought up this early. Here are my top ten bold predictions for 2015 (in no particular order).

Bold Predictions

1.  Max Scherzer will not have the most wins as a pitcher for the Nationals this year.

The guy that is really sticking out of my mind to make this possible is Stephen Strasburg. The Nationals staff is ridiculous this year, but you already knew that. Strasburg is now set to be the third starter on the team. I feel like he finally gets over that hump with less pressure placed on him. This is no knock on the way I feel like Scherzer is going to do with his new ball club, I just feel like another pitcher will end of up having a better year for the Nationals. The Nationals are posed to take over the National League. Heck, I could see Zimmermann, Gonzalez or even Fister having a better year than Scherzer, but my pick for NL Cy Young this year is Stephen Strasburg.

 2. Troy Tulowitzki will be healthy all year and play at least 145 games.  

Credit: James Bailey

Credit: James Bailey

Tulowitzki finally had surgery at the end of 2014 for a torn labrum that he has been dealing with since 2008. Did this surgery finally fix Tulo? Well, I think it did. This prediction may be more of my inner child speaking because I have Tulowitzki on two of my fantasy teams. I actually feel sorry for him though. He is too good of a talent to not see on a daily basis. This year will be different for him. He will put the numbers up that he is capable of and make Tulo owners proud that they will not have to insert him in their DL spot.

3. Jorge Soler will be the Rookie whom everyone is talking about for the Cubs. 

It’s always Bryant, Bryant, Bryant. I am sure Soler is sick of hearing about the way Bryant is performing, much like Jane was sick and tired of hearing about Marsha. Well at this point Soler was kept on the squad and Bryant was sent down to start the season. I do see Bryant coming back up this season, but I do not know the exact point right now. I thought he would have just stayed with the ball club to begin with. Well anyway, Soler made the final roster and will be playing on an everyday basis. I believe that he is capable of over 25 HRs and 80 RBIs this year. I think he will be batting at the top of the order in front of Rizzo and Castro; which will allow him to score a lot as well.

4. Mark Melancon will have more saves than Craig Kimbrel and Aroldis Chapman

For this pick, I am strictly going off of how the teams will end up this year. I think the Pirates win that division and in return give Melancon more opportunities to get more saves. I can see him easily surpassing the 40 save mark and even end up getting close to 50 saves this season. After a large portion of his career in the minors, I believe Melancon has supplanted himself as one of the top closers in the game.

5. Dee Gordon will score the most runs in the majors. 

According to the team’s official site, Gordon will be used as the primary leadoff hitter for the Marlins. After having a great season for the Dodgers, Gordon now finds himself with a new ball club in 2015. He leaves a strong NL West division and comes to a weaker NL East division. Although he will not have the flashiest of guys hitting behind him like he did in Los Angeles, it is still going to be a productive lineup. By him creating havoc on the bases, he will get himself into scoring position. I can see him scoring close to 100 runs this year.

6. Michael Brantley will be a 30/30 guy. 

Credit: Keith Allison

Credit: Keith Allison

This is a bold prediction that I do not like. For some reason Brantley rubs me the wrong way and I refuse to draft him in any of my leagues. You know you have a player like this too. I don’t care how productive he is, but I do see him being a 30 homer and 30 stolen base kind of guy this year. In 2014, he hit 20 HRs and 23 SBs, so I believe this is a goal that can be reached in 2015. The thing that concerns me is the power number. Twenty home runs is the most he hit in his career. I feel though he is in the prime of his career and is capable of hitting the thirty mark.

7. Jose Altuve will continue to have the highest BA in the league. 

Altuve, the 5’5” second baseman, is often referred to as “Gigante;” which translates to giant. He came up in a giant-like way for the Astros last year. He recorded 225 hits which resulted to a .341 batting average. Statistically speaking, he basically hit 50 points higher than his previous best. When asked about what makes his swing so effective this was Altuve’s response: “I don't think too much about mechanics. I just like to go up there and swing. It's more than my swing, though. It's my mindset. I always go to home plate with a plan. [I had] 660 at-bats last year, and at least 659 times I went to home plate with a plan.” This is a plan that allowed him to lead the league and will continue to in 2015.

8. Starling Marte will be the best hitter on the Pirates. 

That’s right. Not Andrew McCutchen, but Starling Marte. I think the outfield of the Pirates is incredible and many are five tool players, but Marte will have the best year of them all. As many people are drafting McCutchen with a top-five pick, some are fine to wait on Marte more in the 3rd or 4th round. I am fine with that and believe you will be rewarded. To start the season, it looks like the Pirates will be having Marte hit in the five-hole. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, but I believe that Marte will pull through in the end. I can see him batting over .300 with 25 HRs and over 90 RBIs.

9. Todd Frazier will hit more HRs than Nelson Cruz, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez

I absolutely love Todd Frazier. Frazier hit the same amount of homeruns as Adam Jones. Also, he hit more homeruns than Miguel Cabrera, Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Gomez. I was trying to target him on all my leagues, but missed out on him in every one. It might not be a stretch that he will hit more homeruns than Nelson Cruz, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez (all guys who are at the end of their careers). I am just saying that there is a new era in baseball and Frazier is becoming one of the faces of it.

10. Giancarlo Stanton will be this year’s Fantasy MVP.

Credit: Corn Farmer

Credit: Corn Farmer

Stanton is just a bruiser of the baseball. He was hitting moonshots last year in Miami that made that field look like the size of a little league one. I am finally a believer of his success as well as the Marlins this year. I do not think the Marlins are going to be a push over like they have been in the past. With a new revamped lineup it is going to be hard to be able to pitch around Stanton this year. In one of my drafts, I had the fourth pick and off the board went Trout and McCutchen. I definitely thought I was going to be able to get Stanton at four, but the guy before me chose him at three. He sees the potential that he can bring to the table in 2015 and I do too. I am a believer.

Whether you agree with me or not, it is still always fun to predict what is going to happen. I am sure you have formulized your opinion on what your expectations will be in 2015. I will be looking back at this article at the end of the season to see how close I was with my predictions. Best of luck to you this season!

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