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Fantasy Basketball 2013-14 Point Guard Preview


By: Joe Bond

Point guard in my opinion one of the deeper positions in fantasy basketball. You have two options, spend your early round pick on the guys that can get near 10 assists a game, then add another good point guard later to back him up. The other options is to grab three mid level guys who will average 6-7 assists each, but can also bust out for that 10-12 assist games. I tend to try and take a guy early who I know I can rely on for assists, so I don’t have to worry about it, but also don’t want to waste my first round pick on a PG, unless its a late round pick. Those early round point guards will also score you more points, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, John Wall etc. So there is more than just assists you are getting by picking those players early. Just keep in mind, there are assists to be found much later in the draft, you just can’t forget about the position for too long, or you’ll be left taking backup point guards.

1. Can Derrick Rose rebound to MVP form?
25 points, 7.7 assists, 4.1 rebounds, 1.6 3-pointers, 1 steal and the Bulls has the best record in the Eastern Conference. That is all Derrick Rose did the season he won MVP. Just the next season his scoring average dropped to 21.8 as well as everything else, except assists. Now a full season removed from basketball and you expect me to believe he will return to the MVP numbers? Don’t get me wrong, he is still an elite point guard, but he is already having knee soreness this preseason so sorry if I’m a bit skeptical that he will be able to post those kinds of numbers again. Either way you draft him in the first two rounds and enjoy one of the best in the game.

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2. What will Brandon Jennings be in his new home, Detroit?
Jennings is going to miss the first four weeks of the season due to getting his jaw immobilized. Regardless when he does come back I think he will be a very good player for a team that suddenly has a few weapons on offense between Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and even Andre Drummond. I think Jennings can be a player who can average somewhere close to 18 points and with these weapons 8 assists a game. He will hit the three, last two seasons 2 or more a game and steal 1.5 a game too. That is good enough to be a top 10 PG when healthy, so if you think you can handle stashing him and hes available in the middle rounds of your draft, I highly suggest you do so.

3. Deron Williams has already missed preseason games, how risky is he to take early in the draft?
Last season Deron dealt with ankle injuries all season and until the second half did not perform like the first round point guard I drafted. The season hasn’t even started and he is already missing time, due to ankle soreness, and there is talk he is going to miss time during the season already to keep him healthy. If he was healthy I would have him as a top three point guard, but instead I have him ranked as my #6 PG, and a second round pick. Even that might be a bit risky, given his health already.

4. What Rookie will make a fantasy impact at point guard?

Victor Oladipo isn’t really a point guard, but is going to have eligibility so I have to mention him here. He probably won’t give you a lot of assists like other point guards, because he doesn’t play the position, but Oladipo is going to fill the stat sheet. He is the type of player that will give you moderate points, rebounds, but also give you three, steals and blocks.

I originally would have mentioned Trey Burke as my best rookie point guard, since he was supposed to get the starting job in Utah, but a broken finger derailed that idea. Burke is going to sit out quite a bit of time to start the season, possibly up to 12 weeks. I won’t draft him, and neither should you, but when its time for him to come back I would pick him up, if I was in need of assists. He can rack up 5-7 a game easy if given the starting job back upon his return.

The last rookie I want to mention is Sixers, Michael Carter-Williams. The Sixers have one of the worst lineups in the league, so he is easily going to get the starting job, I’m not so sure I want anything to do with him though. He will likely just put up a lot of shots so he can give you a lot of points, but in college he wasn’t known for his shot, so all that shooting could wind up being a bad thing. Also because of the Pistons roster, assists may be hard to come by. He is worth a very late round flyer, but be ready to drop him quickly.

Kyle Lowry (TOR) – Lowry was a late round steal last season and I think he will be again this year. He is proof that you can find assists later in the draft, since you can get him in the 9th round or later and he averages over six assists a game. Lowry will also give you good steal and three point totals. His scoring was a bit down last season overall, but he is just one season removed from averaging 14.5 a game, so he has it in him to help out more in that department too. What else will help him this year that he doesn’t have to compete with Jose Calderon at all this season, so all of his totals should go up

Goran Dragic (PHO) – He had a fantastic second half last season posting 16 points, 1.1 threes, 2 steals and best of all 9.5 assists. He is being ranked around the 20 overall on, below plenty of players that will not give you the kind of stats he can. Don’t forget him when you are drafting a point guard after the top 10 are off the board. Dragic should be right in that mix.

Jrue Holiday (NO) – A trade on draft day, that surprised everyone, sent Holiday to New Orleans. Last season Holiday was the main threat on a very average Sixers team, one where his scoring average was a career high by almost four points. His assists were a career high too at eight a game. On a New Orleans team that has play makers Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans, I think the assists totals can be high again this year, but the points will take a dip making his value

Ty Lawson (DEN) – Lawson is clearly one of the better point guards in the league, my issue with him is his health. He has never played a full season, as he is always battling injuries. Just like any fantasy league i’m in, regardless of the sport, I avoid injury prone players, because they get that tag for a reason and it usually winds up hurting you in the end.

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